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Monday Night Raw kicks off live from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and we have a new addition to the commentary team, Jonathan Coachman is back! The Elimination Chamber pay-per-view is just four weeks away and the winner will challenge the WWE Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar, at Wrestlemania 34 in New Orleans on April 8, 2018. The show will start off with the first of three qualifying matches for the chamber. First, it will be Braun Strowman against Kane in a Last Man Standing match!

Stephanie McMahon comes out first and welcomes everyone to Raw. She is very excited about the success of last night’s all women Royal Rumble. She also announce that in 4 weeks Alexa Bliss will defend her championship in the first ever Women’s Elimination Chamber match! She invites Asuka out to congratulate her and the Empress of Tomorrow vows that she will become champion at WrestleMania. Sasha Banks interrupts to congratulate her, but she quickly flips the script and challenges her. She claims that she is ready to break Asuka’s undefeated streak. The two women start to get hot and Stephanie makes the match for later tonight!

Strowman makes his entrance and wastes no time grabbing weapons from all over. We go to commercial and when we return the two behemoths are already tearing each other apart outside the ring. Kane smashes Strowman into the post and hit him unbelievably hard with a Kendo Stick. They fight into the crowd and Strowman gains control by smashing Kane with a chair in the back. Strowman smashes Kane with an equipment case and a chair. Braun then does the unthinkable and flips the entire commentary stage and table onto Kane! The match is stopped by the referee and officials rush to the aid of Kane. Corey Graves asks Strowman why he did that and Strowman screams that he just did his job. We cut to another commercial.

Returning, we cut to Kane being wheeled away on a stretcher. Strowman is walking through the back and GM Kurt Angle is furious with his behavior. Braun lets Kurt know he’d lucky that he didn’t do more. He will be the last man standing at Elimination Chamber and will be the last one standing over Lesnar at WrestleMania!

Braun Strowman defeated Kane in a Last Man Standing match.

Elias is in the ring and is going to play a song. He vows that John Cena will get what’s coming to him after he eliminated him from the Royal Rumble. Elias vows that he will win the chamber match and sings a song about it. ‘Woken” Matt Hardy makes his entrance by interrupting the song. The two exchange holds until Hardy gets Elias in a headlock on the mat. Matt lands a back body drop and several huge chops. Hardy continues working him until Elias fights out of a submission and lands a hard lariat. He smashes Matt in the corner relentlessly and smashes his arm into the post. Hardy is screaming in pain and Elias smashes his arm on the post again. We cut to a commercial and when we return Elias is wrenching the arm that he smashed on the post. Hardy fights back with headbutts and a leg sweep. He smashes Elias’ head into the turnbuckles like a savage animal, and then lands a flying elbow to the back of his opponents neck. Elias manages to kick out of a huge Side Effect. Bray Wyatt makes the lights go out and distracts Hardy causing him to get a gigantic boot to his face by Elias. He then falls to a Drift Away and is pinned. Elias is in the Elimination Chamber match! Wyatt comes onto the big screen and laughs hysterically at Hardy.

Elias defeated Matt Hardy via pinfall.

The Miz cuts a promo in the back about how he will smash Roman Reigns tonight and he’s getting a rematch for the title that he doesn’t even deserve.

Up next, Roman Reigns tries to reclaim the Intercontinental Championship against The Miz

We return from commercial break and The Miz makes his entrance flanked by The Miztourage. “The Big Dog” Roman Reigns makes his entrance next. The bell rings and Reigns lights Miz up with a thunderous uppercut and quickly takes control. After a quick reversal in the corner, The Miz tries to chop Reigns in the chest and he is met with another vicious right hand and a first class flight over the top rope. Roman quickly follows him outside the ring and drives him shoulder first into the ring steps. The Miz makes it back into the ring and is clotheslined right back out over the top rope. Reigns exits the ring and grabs a steel chair and scares the Miztourage away from ringside. The referee pleads with Roman to not beat Miz unmercifully with the chair and he abloges, only for Miz to quickly gain the upper hand by driving the challenger face first into the ring post.

Returning from the commercial break, Miz is controlling Reigns with a headlock in the middle of the ring. Roman fights out and drops the champ with a Samoan Drop. They trade shots as they work their way back to a vertical position and Reigns lands a series of lariats, followed by a huge boot to the skull. The Miz chop blocks the knee of Reigns as he is going for a Superman Punch and quickly moves into a barrage of “It” kicks. Reigns tries to reverse and gets caught in a Figure Four leg lock. Through the torture, the challenger manages to roll over and reverse the hold and grabs the rope for the break. Reigns is seriously favoring his left leg and manages to avoid a second leg lock with a ridiculous powerbomb. The Miz tries to remove the turnbuckle again and the referee catches him in the act. However, the champ manages to jab a thumb into Roman’s eye without the ref seeing it. He lands the Skull Crushing Finale and pins the challenger, but he kicks out! He goes for another but ends up getting cold cocked with a Superman Punch from Reigns, and both men are down. Miztourge comes back out and Roman flattens both of them, but The Miz sneaks behind Reigns and rolls him up for the 1-2-3 pinfall victory!

The Miz retains the Intercontinental Championship against Roman Reigns via pinfall.

Next, The Revival make their entrance for tag team action. Coming back from a commercial break, Rhyno and Heath Slater are controlling Dash Wilder. After some regrouping outside The Revival regain control and start to really beat down Slater. Wilder works an arm and goes for a suplex, but Slater reverse into a neckbreaker. Rhyno tags in and cleans house quickly but ends up getting chop blocked in the leg by Dawson. He tags his partner and they quickly finish the wounded Rhyno with a “Shatter Machine”. After the match they cut a short promo about how they are the best tag team and the “E-C-DUB” chanting crowd can’t stop living in the past.

The Revival defeats Heath Slater and Rhyno via pinfall.

We cut to a shot of Asuka doing some shadow boxing and preparing for her match in the back and go to a commercial break. Returning, we see a video package of the newest inductees to the 2018 class of the WWE Hall of Fame, The Dudley Boyz!

We see a short video backstage of Balor Club talking about how Finn lasted 58 minutes in the Royal Rumble until John Cena cost him the Wrestlemania opportunity. He will face Cena in a Elimination Chamber qualifier later tonight and he assures us that will step up to John and then step over him. Sasha Banks is backstage and says she is ready to break Asuka’s undefeated streak. We go to commercial as Sasha will make her entrance. We return and Asuka makes her entrance. The match starts and the two women go back and forth trying to gain control. Sasha manages an armlock and works Asuka to the corner. Sasha gets on the apron but Asuka manages to kick her in the face and knock her off the apron with a flying body attack. Banks beats the countout but Asuka quickly drives her leg into her opponent’s head and then beats her down a little bit in the corner. She wears Banks down with an arm lock and bends her fingers back for a little extra pressure. Back on the feet, Sasha catches the kick and delivers a boot of her own that drives Asuka back onto the canvas. Banks immediately lands the flying double knee to Asuka’s chest. When we come back from the commercial, Asuka is taking it to Sasha with kicks on the ground but Banks manages to reverse and land the double knees in the corner. She works a submission on Asuka in center by driving her knee into the center of the back. Banks lands a suplex and a near fall, followed by a slap to the face that seemingly awakens the beast within Asuka. However, Sasha quickly reverses a head scissors and gets her in the Banks Statement. Asuka breaks it, but Sasha reverses and gets her back into the submission. She breaks it again and rolls out of the ring. Sasha attempts a suicide dive through the middle rope and gets caught up in what is a brutal fall to the outside. Asuka gets her back into the ring and takes complete control with strikes and knees. She climbs to the top rope and lands a huge missile dropkick followed by a near fall. Sasha goes for a roll up and Asuka kicks out. Asuka misses a hip attack and gos flying out of the ring in another nasty fall. Sasha lands a set of flying double knees, a backstabber and another Banks Statement. Asuka reverses into the “Asuka lock” and gets the tapout. These women left EVERYTHING IN THE RING!

Asuka defeats Sasha Banks via submission.

John Cena is backstage and claims he is just getting started and his Road to Wrestlemania starts with him beating Finn Balor tonight! Up next, Apollo Crews and Titus O’Neil will challenge The Bar for the tag team championship.

The Bar make their entrance first, followed by Titus Worldwide making their entrance. Crews quickly goes for a roll up on Sheamus to start the match but Sheamus kicks out. The two go back and forth until Apollo lands a nasty dropkick and tags in Titus. They land a double team elbow on Sheamus. Titus is getting the better of the exchange until Cesaro gets tagged in. Cesaro absolutely lights O’Neil up with strikes and an uppercut. Titus fights his way back until Sheamus is tagged in without him seeing and he gets absolutely floored by the Celtic Warrior. The Bar is now in complete control of the tag team championship affair. We come back from a commercial and Cesaro has Titus in a submission, but he manages to reverse with a backdrop. Sheamus is tagged in and they double team O’Neil. Cesaro works him with a submission. Sheamus tags in and tosses Titus out of the ring. Cesaro and Crews both tag back in and Crews is on fire. He is laying the smack down on Cesaro and finishing his flury off with a standing Shooting Star Press. Sheamus gets tagged in and Crews lights him up as well. The Bar manages to regain momentum by slamming Crews shoulder first into the ring post and executing their tag team finisher, a version of the “White Noise”. Crews has no chance as Sheamus pins him.

The Bar retain their championship belts against Apollo Crews and Titus O’Neil via pinfall.

After the commercial we will look back at the arrival of “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey at last night’s Royal Rumble event. We are informed that after Kane was transported to the ER he sat up and crawled out of the hospital. Doctors and orderlies tried to stop him but he made to his feet and left the facility.

Next, Gallows and Anderson make their entrance to the ring. The leader of Balor Club, Finn Balor, makes his way down the ramp for his qualifier match with John Cena. After a quick commercial Cena makes his iconic entrance. The match starts and the crowd in instantaneously chanting “let’s go Balor!” The two men exchange holds in the middle of the ring. Balor lands a few quick arm drags and gets Cena in an arm lock. Cena floors Balor with a shoulder block and works a headlock. Finn works his way out and Cena rolls out of the ring and is obviously frustrated. They get back in the ring and try to test each other’s strength with wrist locks, but Cena wins that battle easily. Coming back from commercial and Cena is in complete control but can’t seem to put Balor away. Cena launches Finn into the corners as hard as he can with frustration. Balor is in pain and the fans are not happy at all. Finn reverses in the corner with a big boot and takes control over Cena. After a quick reversal, Cena goes for a Five Knuckle Shuffle that Balor rolls away from. He executes a nice neckbreaker style move and Cena is down. Cena desperately goes for and AA once back on his feet but just doesn’t have it in him. The two exchange punches but Cena lands a hard kick that crumbles Balor. Cena tries to pull off another AA, but Finn gets out and hits him with a Sling Blade. He sets up in the corner for the Basement Dropkick but Cena wipes him out with a huge lariat. Cena lands a huge AA and Balor kicks out at the last second! John is now very frustrated and obviously can’t believe he hasn’t been able to put away Balor. Finn regains control with a huge kick, but misses the Coup de Grace. Cena gets an STF, but Finn gets a rope break. Finn lands another kick and goes back up top, but Cena jumps to his feet and scales the corner to get himself in position for a Super AA. Balor can’t go anywhere and gets completely brutalized with the finishing move from the middle rope! Cena quickly covers and gets the win.

John Cena defeats Finn Balor via pinfall.

We go off the air with Cena celebrating and pointing to the WrestleMania sign that hangs above the crowd.

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