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Jake Roberts did an interview with The Wrestling Estate to promote his one-man show in Philadelphia at the ECW Arena on Saturday. Here are some excerpts:

On Mid-Atlantic footage added to WWE Network:

Roberts: “Oh yeah? Cool. I remember those days. I certainly do. Me and Steamboat tagged a little bit, tagged with Barry Windham a little bit. For me, Mid-Atlantic was really a waste of time. Yeah, he didn’t have a clue what was going on. They didn’t have a booker. No doubt. Ole Anderson was not a booker. Then they gave it to Wahoo, and Wahoo was certainly not a booker. Everybody just kind of tread water and waited for somebody to plug them in. Business went to crap there for a time, so I split and went to Florida with Kevin Sullivan for a while. I went back a second time after being promised things would be different this time. They weren’t.”

What can fans expect at his one-man shows:

Roberts: “My stuff isn’t really comedy. It’s me telling things that happened, you know? Maybe Andre sitting on me and farting for 40 seconds, which was amazing. It’s unbelievable that anybody can fart that long., It was rude, it was crude, I’m just grateful I lived through it. That’s just very, very mild for what I go for. I go for the most insane stuff that would happen. There were some crazy things going on back in the day. I didn’t help the situation much with that damn snake around all the time, always getting me in trouble. It would show up in the craziest places, whether it be the shower, strip joint or whatever. The good thing is I have 38 years to pull from. There are a lot of stories to be told. A lot.”

On a return at the Royal Rumble:

Roberts: “I’d love to, but I doubt it will happen. They choose what they want and I guess I’m not the right flavor right now.”

The full interview is here:

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