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Gonzo Shark’s 25th Anniversary Raw Report

The 25th Anniversary Edition of Monday Night Raw starts off Live from the Manhattan Center in New York City with Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler! We split over to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn and Shane and Stephanie McMahon are in the ring to welcome us to the historic show. They take the time to thank every superstar that has contributed to the show over the last 25 years. Shane also takes the time to thank the fans. We see a video package that highlights the last 25 years of Monday Night Raw. It is an excellent few minutes of montage footage.

Stephanie assures us that the show is really just getting started after all this time. She introduces the one person who had the vision and drive to make this all possible, Vince McMahon. He makes his iconic strut to the ring. Vince starts off by saying that the last 25 years were truly amazing and the fans start to chant “Thank You, Vince!” Stephanie tells him that her and Shane have a gift for him, a commemorative plaque for this achievement, which they started a “go fund me” to get it for him. Vince is not thrilled and he feels like it’s cheap. Vince declares that Brooklyn is cheap, and the fans who contributed to the plaque are cheap! Vince has only one person to thank… and the fans start chanting “Asshole” — Vince thanks himself and Stone Cold Steve Austin’s music hits! The crowd absolutely erupts as he walks the aisle to the ring and makes his ever so nostalgic entrance. Austin and Vince are face to face and McMahon tries to sort of sweet talk his way out of a can of “whoop ass”. Vince tells Austin he’s a senior citizen, but that Shane is still in his prime. Austin raises Shane’s arm and then hits him with a Stunner! Vince say’s Shane had it coming and he’s holding two beers to drink with Stone Cold. They toast each other, hug, and Austin raises Vince’s arm. Vince turns away, and then back to Austin. They toast again, and Austin hits Vince with a Stunner! Austin hit’s Shane with a second Stunner and does his beer chugging.

Brock Lesnar, Braun Strowman, and Kane will all be live. Also, The Miz will take on Roman Reigns for the Intercontinental Championship. The Undertaker returns tonight as well!

Up first, we have an 8 Women Tag Team match. Nia Jax, Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, and Alicia Fox will take on Sasha Banks, Bayley, Mickie James, and Asuka.

The women make their entrances and the match starts with Jax attacking Asuka. All of the women begin brawling in the ring. The referee tries to gain control and manages to split everyone up. Deville and Asuka begin the match and Asuka starts to light Deville up with strikes. Asuka hits her with about 6 or 7 kicks to the chest and Deville rolls out of the ring desperately as we cut to commercial. Upon returning, Asuka is now dominating Mandy Rose in the ring and she tags Sasha Banks in. Her and Asuka hit a double team suplex on Rose. Nia Jax is tagged in and Banks gains control on her, until she is reversed with a vicious spinebuster from Jax. Sasha manages to kick out of the subsequent pin. Banks is isolated in the corner and the women keep exchanging tags and beating on Banks. Alicia Fox is tagged in and has Banks in a submission in the middle of the ring, she is in complete control. Sasha manages to fight her way out but has her head almost taken off with a kick from Fox. Alicia continues to dominate and we cut to another commercial. Sasha manages to gain control until Deville knocks her off the turnbuckle. All of the women begin to fight outside and Sasha capitalizes on the distraction. She hits Fox with a “Backstabber” into the “Banks Statement” for the win. The women celebrate, until Asuka wipes them all out and tosses them from the ring ahead of the first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble match.

Asuka, Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Mickie James win via Submission.

We cut backstage to Kurt Angle with a referee. He is concerned about the Strowman, Lesnar, and Kane situation. Jonathan Coachman enters the frame and him and Kurt are happy to see each other. The Coach is thrilled to be back and can’t believe all the unexpected people he’s seeing. All of a sudden there’s a knock on a door and Harvey Wippleman comes into the room with The Brooklyn Brawler. Then, Theodore Long comes in and they all start dancing. Brother Love comes into the room, followed by The Boogeyman with worms in his mouth. He pulls the worms out of his mouth and puts them into The Coach’s hand! Everyone in the room is mortified! We cut to a commercial.

Returning, we have some iconic photos from the 25 years of Raw. We cut back to the Manhattan Center with Good Ol’ JR and The King. Jim Ross begins to talk about the legacy of The Undertaker, and we see a video package that spotlights Undertaker’s career on Monday Night Raw. After the video we hear the infamous music and The Undertaker makes his way into the arena. He stands in the middle of the ring and the fans are going crazy, chanting “Undertaker!”
He begins to talk about how he’s buried legends and everyone else over the last 25 years. He says everyone had to answer to “the reaper”, and they all failed. He declares that it is truly time that all who have fallen will finally “rest in peace”.

The Miz and Roman Reigns are up next after the commercial break. The Intercontinental Championship will be up for grabs!

We return to the “APA Protection Agency” playing cards in the back of Barclays Center with Slater and Rhyno. There’s a knock on the door and “The Million Dollar Man” tosses a ton of money down on the table to play. We are then introduced to some of the greatest GM’s in the history of Raw, including William Regal and Eric Bischoff. Renee Young then introduces the General Manager of Smackdown, Daniel Bryan. The Miz comes out with The Miztourage and he gets face to face with Bryan before heading to the ring. Roman Reigns makes his entrance as the proud champion.

The bell rings and Reigns tosses Miz back to the corner with serious power. The Miz rolls out of the ring to cause a distraction to Reigns and it doesn’t work. Reigns hits him with an uppercut back in the ring. He attempts the “Drive By” but Miztourage tries to get involved. Roman wipes them out but eventually gets slammed into the steps by The Miz and he is down and out! After the commercial, Reigns is gaining control with multiple clotheslines. He smashes The Miz with more clotheslines in the corner and a huge kick to Miz’s face. Miz rolls out of the ring only to catch the “Drive By.” Reigns misses the Miz in the corner and drives himself into the post shoulder first. The Miz is back in control and kicking Reigns in the chest repeatedly. He gets caught on the final kick and Reigns turns it into a sit down powerbomb. The Miz kicks out and rolls out of the ring again. Roman hits Miztourage with a “Drive By” and begins to beat down Axel and Dallas. Miz attacks from behind and tosses Reigns back in the ring, He goes for his finisher but Reigns reverses into the “Superman Punch.” Roman sets up for the “Spear”, but MIztourage distracts again and gives The Miz the upper hand. Dallas and Axel are ejected from ringside. Miz hits the “Skull Crushing Finale” off the distraction and pins Roman, but he kicks out! Both men are down and in pain. Miz goes for a second one but Reigns elbows his way out. The Miz then smashes Reigns head first into the exposed middle turnbuckle as he goes for a spear. Miz hits a second “Skull Crushing Finale” and get’s the 1-2-3 pinfall victory to become an 8-time Intercontinental Champion!

The Miz defeats Roman Reigns via pinfall.

There will be a DX reunion later in the evening and we cut to another commercial. Returning from the break, we see more photos highlighting Raw’s history. Now there is a huge card game going on with the APA, as Jeff Hardy, MVP, and The Usos have joined the fray.

In the ring, Christian introduces Raw Tag Team Champions, Jason Jordan and Seth Rollins, to the “Peep Show.” Jordan immediately cuts off Rollins from talking and the fans are booing relentlessly, to the point that Jordan is having trouble speaking. Jordan thanks the fans for the continued support anyways. Christian and Seth looked irritated as Jordan keeps talking about his dad, Kurt Angle. Sheamus and Cesaro’s music starts to play and they come out. Sheamus starts talking smack to Jordan and Rollins and they enter the ring. Jordan attacks them and Rollins backs him up. Jordan is holding Cesaro, but Rollins accidentally hits his partner with a flying knee to the head as Cesaro ducks out of the way. We have to question whether or not the Raw tag champs on are on same page going into the Royal Rumble.

In the back we have an interview with Raw Women’s Champion, Alexa Bliss. She assures everyone that she is a goddess and will remain champion. Smackdown Women’s Champion, Charlotte comes into the frame with her father Ric Flair. They both embarrass Alexa Bliss with some serious smack talk and we cut to another commercial.

When we return there are even more superstars involved in this card game and Heath Slater is losing his money to Natalya. Bray Wyatt is now making his entrance at the Manhattan Center. “Woken” Matt Hardy makes his entrance to the ring and the two bizzare, enigmatic forces will collide! Bray looks for “Sister Abigail” almost immediately, but Hardy gets out of it. Hardy gains control quickly and lands an elbow to the back or Wyatt’s neck. Bray regains control with a vicious body tackle that nearly finishes Hardy instantaneously. We cut to another commercial. When we return, Hardy gains control with a jawbreaker and rams Wyatt’s head into the turnbuckle multiple times. He then lands a side effect and pins Wyatt, but it’s a kick out. Wyatt then escapes a “Twist of Fate” attempt and hits the “Sister Abigail” for a 1-2-3 pinfall victory.

Bray Wyatt defeats Matt Hardy via pinfall.

We return to the Barclays Center and are introduced to some of the greatest female superstars of all time, including The Bella Twins, Lilian Garcia, Kelly Kelly, Jacqueline, Torrie Wilson, Michelle McCool, Maryse, Terri Runnels, Maria Kanellis, and Trish Stratus!

Next, Elias is backstage and he runs into Chris Jericho. Jericho asks to use Elias’ guitar because he wrote a song for him. Elias says no, but Jericho has a guitar of his own and plays the song for Elias anyways. He finishes by putting Elias and “his stupid scarfs” on the List of Jericho!

We are shown more photos covering the 25 years of Raw. Also, The top of the Empire State Building has been lit in red to acknowledge Raw’s achievement!

Back in the ring, Elias is playing a song on his guitar and asks, “who wants to walk with Elias?” He says it took Raw 25 years to find him, but finally the WWE has gotten it right…and WWE stands for “Walk With Elias!” The fans are chanting “stupid idiot” and preventing him from playing his song. Elias points out Jimmy Fallon in the crowd and tells him he’s going to show the current late night king how it’s done. He starts to play his song and insults many legends from the 25 year history of Raw. John Cena’s music hits and the roof of the Barclays Center practically flies away into the cold Brooklyn sky. Cena enters the ring and Elias is not happy, telling Cena to “shut his mouth!” He tells Cena that he ruined his moment and Cena gets right in his face. Elias tries to attack Cena but gets a “Five Knuckle Shuffle.” He goes for the “Attitude Adjustment” but Elias gets out and hits Cena with a low blow. He demolishes his guitar over Cena’s back, followed by a “Drift Away” for good measure. Elias stands tall over Cena less than a week before the huge Royal Rumble match!

Michael Cole, Booker T, and Corey Graves quickly go over the matches for the upcoming Royal Rumble event. The card game in the back has grown even more and Heath Slater is accused of cheating by Dana Brooke. Ted Dibiase gets a royal flush to win the pot and Ron Simmons looks at him and emphatically says “DAMN!” We cut to a commercial.

We return from break and Mark Henry is walking through the back. He runs into The Godfather and one of his ladies. Mark Henry tries to hit on “Olivia” and The Godfather tells Henry that she’s his wife!

Next, we have Titus O’Neil and Apollo Crews taking on Heath Slater and Rhyno. Titus and Rhyno start off exchanging blows. Titus works him to the corner with some vicious slaps and tags in Crews. Slater gets tagged in and is controlling Crews until he reverses with a dropkick. He holds Slater up for about a full minute and drops him with a huge vertical suplex. We return from the commercial break and all four men are battling it out in the ring. The Dudley Boyz music hits and the crowd goes bananas! Bubba and DVon make their way to the ring and everybody jumps out to ringside rather quickly. Slater gets tossed into the ring by the other three men. Bubba slams him and DVon hits the signature flying headbutt to his crotch. The Dudley Boyz get a table and flatten Slater with a massive “3D” through it!

Next, WWE Champion AJ Styles is in the back for an interview. He has arranged someone to do the interview with him in the back, Mean Gene Okerlund! Mean Gene asks Styles about his upcoming handicap match at Royal Rumble with Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. AJ is as confident as ever and vows that they will not take the title from him. After the commercial we have the DX reunion!

We return with more historic photos and head back to the Manhattan Center. The Degeneration X music hits and Triple H comes out with Shawn Michaels. HBK tries to tell stories about DX and Triple H keeps stopping him because they are all bad! Triple H pays respect to all the fans over the last 25 years. Triple H goes on to claim that him and HBK didn’t come alone and Road Dogg and Billy Gunn come out! Next, X-Pac comes out and the fans start chanting “1-2-3!” He claims they couldn’t have a Raw anniversary without this man, Razor Ramon. We cut to commercial as Razor makes his entrance. We return and Razor Ramon has the microphone and says that Raw can’t ever have a party without “The Bad Guy.” He claims that the anniversary show is “Too Sweet” and The Balor Club’s music hits. Finn Balor, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson enter the ring and stand face to face with DX and Razor Ramon. They all “Too Sweet” each other and The Revival comes out. Jim Ross informs us that The Revival has a match with Gallows and Anderson. They immediately attack The Club from behind and corner Anderson. Scott Dawson controls Anderson and hits him with a dropkick. Wilder is tagged in and controls Anderson until he gets sent chest first into the turnbuckle. There is a double tag and Gallows cleans house. The Club hits the “Magic Killer” for the 1-2-3- pinfall win. The Revival tries to attack the Razor from behind and they catch a beating from DX and The Balor Club! Billy Gunn screams, “If you ain’t down with that…WE GOT TWO WORDS FOR YA!”

Gallows and Anderson defeat The Revival via pinfall.

We head back to Barclays Center and Kurt Angle’s music hits. Kurt Angle leads a massive group of legends and current superstars to the ring because he doesn’t want to take any chances with Lesnar, Strowman, and Kane. We cut to commercial. Returning, Kurt Angle introduces the three combatants in the Triple Threat Match for the Universal Championship at Royal Rumble. Braun Strowman comes to the ring first, followed by Kane — and many superstars enter the ring to maintain control. Paul Heyman comes out and introduces the WWE Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar. Heyman claims Lesnar is looking for a fight. Strowman flattens Kane and rushes to the outside for Lesnar, but he is demolished by a vicious clothesline from Brock. When Lesnar enters the ring he hits Kane with an F-5! Stowman comes in and attacks Lesnar. He wastes no time and drives Brock through the announce table outside with a ferocious running powerslam! Braun Strowman stands tall as the 25th Anniversary Edition of Raw goes off the air!

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