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John Osting reporting ..

205 Live

Laredo Energy Arena

Laredo, Texas

Air Date: January 16th, 2018

Get ready for a 205 Live where we find out Jack Gallagher’s plans for Hideo Itami and Goldust has a very special interview with Cedric Alexander.

The opening credits roll on this abbreviated version of 205 Live. Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuiness welcome us to the show and tease a “Golden Opportunity,” an interview segment featuring Goldust interviewing Cedric Alexander.

TJP makes his entrance as we see still shots of his loss last week to Gran Metalik and his subsequent meltdown where he destroyed the ringside area. Gran Metalik makes an entrance as we get a rematch from last week.

Match 1: TJP vs. Gran Metalik

TJP attacks Metalik from the opening bell but Metalik uses his speed to quickly recover and make a comeback and drives TJP to the outside. Metalik dives on TJP and throws him back in the ring for a pin attempt. He gets a two count.

Metalik tries a moonsault but TJP counters with a dropkick to his back. TJP keeps Metalik on the mat and pounds away. He nails a over-the-rope senton splash for a two count. TJP ties Metalik in the “Tree of Woe” and tries a baseball slide but Metalik sits up to avoid contact and Perkins crashes into the ring post.

Metalik takes to the ropes to get back into the match. A top-rope elbow from Metalik nets him a near-fall. Metalik sets for the Metalik Driver but TJP slips away. TJP sets for something but Metalik counters into a surprise roll-up for the win.

Winner Gran Metalik

As Metalik celebrates in the ring, a disgusted TJP stomps his way to the back.

Joseph and McGuinness tease Jack Gallagher revealing his plan to destroy Hideo Itami as the show goes to break.

We return to find TJP walking backstage. An attempt to interview him regarding his thoughts falls flat when he storms away.

Still shots are shown of the altercation between Gallagher and Itami from last week and we go to a pre-taped Gallagher interview. Gallagher says that not a day goes by that he doesn’t see Brian Kendrick’s bloody face and think of him sitting at home. He says, although Kendrick is gone, his spirit is with him and that he is the idea man now. He ends the segment saying he will find Itami’s weakness.

The Cedric Alexander is next as the show takes a short final break.

We return as Alexander and Goldust head to the ring. Goldust believes Alexander will fulfill his “Golden Dream” and defeat Cruiserweight Champion, Enzo Amore at the Royal Rumble.

That brings out Amore and the “Zo Train” Amore believes the friendship between Goldust and Alexander is an act so Cedric can get famous. Amore says he is more famous than Goldust ever was or that Alexander will ever be. Amore says, at the Royal Rumble, he will Alexander famous. He calls Goldust “funny.” Goldust asks, “Funny how, like a clown?” Amore tells Goldust to shut up. Goldust challenges him to come down and shut him up. Amore starts down but thinks better of it and challenges Goldust to a three-on-one handicap match. Goldust quickly accepts.

Match 2: Goldust (with Cedric Alexander) vs. “The Zo Train” (with Enzo Amore)

Gulak starts for the Zo Train but Goldust easily takes him down but gets distracted by the other members allowing Ariya Daivari to blindside him. The Zo Train works over Goldust in the corner until Tony Nese tags in and gets taken out by a spinebuster. Daivari tries to catch Goldust but Goldy sidesteps causing Daivari to crash to the floor.

Nese knees Goldust from behind sending to the outside. Nese attempts to dive on Goldust but Goldy pulls Daivari to shield him and take the dive instead. As Amore berates his henchmen for screwing a three-on-one match, Alexander performs a dive on him and takes out Enzo. Meanwhile, Gulak is watching this unfold from inside the ring allowing Goldust to sneak up behind him and nail the “Final Cut” for the three count.

Winner: Goldust

The show ends this week with Goldust and Alexander celebrating in the ring while the “Zo Train” tries to get back on track.

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