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Gonzo Shark’s WWE Mixed Match Challenge Report

The debut of the WWE Mixed Match Challenge kicks off with a 1st Round matchup between Monday Night Raw’s Sasha Banks and Finn Balor vs. Smackdown LIVE’s Natalya and Shinsuke Nakamura! We are greeted to this monumental event by the voice of Renee Young.

Finn Balor’s music roars over the speakers as he makes his entrance. We see some short backstage videos of each team during this entrance. Sasha Banks music hits and we are introduced to the announce team, Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix. Next, Natalya and Shinsuke Nakamura make their entrances respectively. We also see some funny short segments featuring different teams involved in this tournament during the entrance of Nakamura.

Natalya and Sasha will start the match. They lock up but Natalya runs away to the ropes almost immediately and makes a tag to Nakamura. Finn Balor has to enter the match. They trade holds in the middle of the ring until Nakamura lands a headlock takeover, but ends up in the headscissors between the legs of Balor. They continue to trade various holds and armlocks once they’re back to their feet. Both men are furiously trying to gain the upper hand on one another. Shinsuke gains control for what seems like a split second until Balor reverses into a headlock and works him as he tries to escape. Nakamura works him to the rope for the break and flamboyantly taunts, but Finn hits him with a chest shove and lets him know he won’t play into his mind games. Nakamura gets fired up and hits Balor with a knee to the gut, Finn stumbles to the corner. Nakamura goes for “Good Vibrations” but Finn trips him. They each miss a few kicks at one another and Finn taunts him. Natalya will then tag herself in which forces Sasha to enter the match. They talk some smack to one another and trade slaps. Sasha hits the double knee takedown and another slap. Natalya manages to regain control with an atomic drop and a running kick to the downed Banks. She goes for an unsuccessful pin attempt. Natalya then drives Sasha to the corner and lands a ton of stomps to her gut. Banks reverses in the corner, hits the double knees and then goes for a pin. Natalya kicks out and rolls out of the ring for a breather. She talks strategy with Nakamura for a minute just as Sasha goes for a dive through the ropes, but Nakamura catches her and places her back on the apron somewhat comedically. However, Sasha still lands the huge flying move on Natalya off the apron. Back in the ring Natalya manages to regain control with a high impact “Discus Clothesline” and then works the headlock. She wears on Banks in the middle of the ring. Nataya lands a huge slam and another pinfall attempt, but Sasha kicks out. Natalya works another painful submission in the middle of the ring. Sasha goes for the tag, but Natalya holds her leg. Sasha manages to land an enziguri! The men are tagged in and Balor gains the upper hand quickly with a ferocious pace. He then lands a slam with his elbow on Nakamura and goes for a pin, nut to no avail. Then the men trade more blows back on their feet. Nakamura lands a nasty kick to the back of Balor’s neck, followed by two huge knee strikes in the corner. He covers Balor but it’s a kick out! They trade more shots and Nakamura eventually lands a huge sitdown facebuster suplex. Balor somehow counters the “Kinshasa” knee strike with the “Sling Blade”. Balor lands the “Basement” dropkick and sends Nakamura flying into the turnbuckles. He climbs to the top rope for the “Coupe de Grace”, but Natalya knocks him off the rope at the last second! Nakamura smashes Balor’s face with a running knee and goes for the pin, but Sasha comes out of nowhere for the save! It turns into a melee with the women and they fight to the outside of the ring. Shinsuke and Balor are still legal. A second “Kinshasa” knee strike is attempted but Balor counters Nakamura by driving him shoulder first into the post! Sasha is tagged in and she’s fired up! She lands a flying double knee to Natalya at ringside and she tosses her back into the ring. Sasha and Balor “Too Sweet” each other in the ring. They hit a double team move on their adversaries. Banks lands a backstabber to get Natalya into the “Banks Statement” for the tapout victory!

Next week on WWE Mixed Match Challenge, The Miz and Asuka will take on the team of Carmella and Big E! We end the show with promo videos from each team

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