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205 Live
Legacy Arena

Birmingham, Alabama

Air Date: January 9th 2018

Tonight on 205 Live, as 2018 marches forward so does Cedric Alexander’s quest to become the next cruiser-weight champ. The show begins with a Raw recap video of Alexander getting his opportunity to take the title from current champion, Enzo Amore. The video shows Amore going to the floor and injuring his ankle leading to a count-out victory for Alexander. The opening credits roll and we are underway!!

Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show. Tonight, we will hear from Amore on the state of his ankle plus an eye injury he suffered last night as well. In addition, Cedric Alexander will be in action against Tony Nese.

TJP makes an entrance. His opponent, Gran Metalik returns dressed in all black complete with a black mask. During Metalik’s entrance, a video is played showing Metalik getting a pep-talk from Kalisto when TJP shows up and tells them the talk won’t help.

Match 1: TJP vs. Gran Metalik

The match starts very fast by both men. TJP gets caught by an arm drag and slides to the floor. Metalik tries to follow-up with a baseball slide kick but TJP ducks and tries to throw Metalik into the ring steps. Metalik is able to jump over the ring steps and comes back with a rana on TJP.

Metalik throws TJP back in and wants to go the top rope. He takes too long making his climb and TJP catches him in the Tree of Woe. TJP follows up with a baseball slide dropkick and a one-count. TJP tries to seize momentum and comes right back with a springboard forearm and gets a two-count from the move.

TJP keeps the pressure up by punishing Metalik by grinding a boot in his face, followed by an over-the-rope senton splash for a two-count. TJP tries next for a back-suplex but Metalik lands on his feet and counters with a roll-up for a two-count. TJP catches Metalik with snake eyes and then tries to move the offense to the top turnbuckle. Metalik is able to fight free and nail TJP with a sunset flip power-bomb off the ringpost for a near-fall!! Metalik follows up with a kick, a bulldog and a springboard dropkick for a near-fall.

TJP blocks a springboard back-elbow with a dropkick to the back and follows up with a double gut-buster for a near-fall. Metalik blocks TJP with a kick to the head, nails an elbow off the ropes and finishes things with a Metalik Driver for the three-count.

Winner: Gran Metalik

After the match, Kalisto comes out and celebrates with Metalik while TJP watches and steams over his defeat. When Metalik and Kalisto leave, TJP is upset that the ringside fans appear to be heckling him so he gos bezerk and destroys the ringside announce area before storming to the back.

A video from last night’s Raw shows Amore in the training room getting his ankle looked at when Nia Jax walks in to quickly check on him. We also see him taking six stitches to close a gash in his eye.

He lets his ankle is feeble and his eye is a baseball but he’s built tough and would defend his title against Alexander if cleared. Tony Nese interrupts Amore and says he learned his lesson and wants back in the “Zo Train” as second in command. Amore says its not that easy but Nese promises to earn the spot when he beats Alexander tonight. The show goes to commercial.

We return to Jack Gallagher making an entrance. On his way to the ring, we revisit with pictures of Hideo Itami injuring Gallagher’s partner Brian Kendrick. We also see action shots of the altercation between Gallagher and Itami from last week when Gallagher injured Itami.

Gallagher says its a shame Itami is not around this week because he would ruin his life. Itami’s music starts and he makes his way to the ring. Gallagher tries to rush him but Itami ducks and fires away with rights and lefts. Gallagher tries to swing his umbrella but Itami catches it and tries to use it on Gallagher but Jack bolts through the crowd and lives to fight another day.

Cedric Alexander is interviewed in the locker room. He says he wishes he was the champ but knows he will get another shot when Amore is healthy. Goldust enters and lets Alexander know that Amore will be at ringside but Alexander is not worried. The show takes a commercial break.

We are back to see Amore make his usual entrance limping to the ring. He introduces Tony Nese. Alexander makes his entrance.

Match 2: Cedric Alexander vs. Tony Nese

Nese starts out fast with a ground and pound attack. Alexander comes back with a rana and a dropkick causing Nese to roll to the floor. Alexander wants to fly but instead lands on the apron. Nese is there to take out his legs and throws him into the barricade. Nese throws him back to the ring and goes for the pin but only gets a one count. Nese yanks Alexander down by the hair and goes for a pin again and gets a two-count. Nese is not through and lands a clothesline and another two-count.

Alexander starts to fire back after he sidesteps a corner charge by Nese. Alexander lands a Flatliner on Nese sending Tony to the floor. Alexander performs a suicide dive on Nese and goes for a pin and gets a near-fall.

Nese is able to block the Lumbar Check and counter with a rollup attempt for a two-count. Nese tries to send Alexander up and over the turnbuckle but Alexander hops on the ropes and delivers a clothesline for a two-count. Nese comes right back and drops Alexander’s throat across the top rope. Alexander is able to shake that off and try to deliver a handspring elbow but Nese is able to block it with a gut-buster and gets a two-count.

The two men trade shots in the middle of the ring until Nese picks up Alexander for a pump-handle slam. Alexander slips off but appears to hurt his ankle when he lands. Nese and Amore begin to gloat as the referee checks on Alexander. Nese then moves in to pick up Alexander but Cedric wraps Nese in a small-package for the three-count.

Winner: Cedric Alexander

Nese and Amore are beyond shocked at the loss but also when they see Alexander’s ankle is just fine. Amore berates Nese before ordering him to the back. As Nese leaves, Amore turns his attention to Alexander as he continues his tirade. Alexander, pays special attention to Amore’s ankle while Enzo just keeps screaming. Finally, Alexander kicks Amore’s bad ankle and lays him out with the Lumbar Check. Alexander leaves Amore looking at the lights to end the show for this week.

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