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205 Live

Amway Center

Orlando, Florida

Air Date: January 2nd, 2018


Does Cedric Alexander seek payback for not getting his Cruiserweight Championship last night on Raw? We find out tonight on 205 Live!!

We begin tonight with a Raw Recap outlining the fact that Cruiserweight Champion, Enzo Amore is sick and won’t be able to defend the belt tonight. To make up for it, Ariya Daivari and Drew Gulak challenge Cedric Alexander to a tag match and tell him his partner will be the next person to come down the ramp. That brought out Goldust!! The impromptu duo defeated the “Zo Train” members. The opening credits roll.

Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show and run down the card. Enzo is still not cleared to wrestle and is not here. The main event will be a rematch from Raw as Gulak and Daivari demand a rematch. So tonight, Gulak get their wish and will battle Cedric Alexander and Goldust.

In addition, Jack Gallagher gets a match with Hideo Itami and will try to seek retribution for Itami putting Gallagher’s friend and tag partner Brian Kendrick on the shelf for a couple of months.

We open with the Akira Tozawa open challenge. This is Tozawa’s quest to back in the title picture. He doesn’t know who he will face week-to-week. Tozawa makes his entrance and then watches to see who “walks the aisle.” The video game sounding theme music unmistakably signals the return of TJP!!!

Match 1: Akira Tozawa vs. TJP

Its back and forth early on between the two men. Tozawa gains the upperhand by slamming TJP’s head into the canvas then stomping him silly in the corner. A TJP counter-attack fails as a kick gets blocked and Tozawa answers with his own kick and senton. TJP rolls to the floor and stops an attempted dive by Tozawa with a kick to the shoulder. TJP runs Tozawa into the ring apron, shoulder first. Once they get back in the ring, TJP continues to work on the arm and shoulder. A side suplex on the bad shoulder leads to a two-count.

Shortly after, TJP tries to put him away with with a flying knee but Tozawa kicks out again. Tozawa escapes TJP control with a kick and a back-suplex. TJP rolls to the apron where a well-placed forearm knocks him to the floor. Tozawa takes him out with a dive. He rolls TJP back in the ring and gets a two-count.

TJP fights back and lifts Tozawa for a detonation kick but Tozawa fights off the attempt and connects with a roundhouse kick. Tozawa tries to climb to the top rope but it takes him too long and TJP rolls to the apron. Tozawa grabs him and tries to pull him back in when TJP slams Tozawa into the ringpost. A groggy Tozawa is easy pickens for the dentonation kick after that and TJP scores the win.

Winner: TJP

In the locker room, we find Cedric Alexander and Goldust. Alexander can’t believe that Goldust is on 205 Live and that they are teaming together again. Goldust says they are friends and Goldust always sees something through to the end on his quest for gold. They leave and the show goes to break.

When we return, Jack Gallagher makes his entrance and cuts a promo that paints Itami as a vicious torturer and not a fair competitor. He shows the highlights that show Itami breaking Brian Kendrick’s nose. Gallagher wants to use those images as fuel to go after Itami. Hideo Itami makes his entrance

Match 2: Jack Gallagher vs Hideo Itami

The match never starts as Gallagher tries to attack Itami with the umbrella. Itami is able to duck the first few shots but eventually Gallagher connects and a piece of pipe hits the canvas. Gallagher picks up the pipe and repeatdley nails Itami until officials come out and Gallagher decides to leave.

Winner: No Contest

Backstage, Ariya Daivari and Drew Gulak are interviewed. Daivari says he asked for the rematch because they were not ready to face a non-Cruiserweight. Gulak was right with him saying he meant Cruiserweights only whn he said the “next man to come down the ramp.” Gulak said he was going to dedicatetheir victory tonight to his best friend. Goldust interrupted and did his signature deep breath and bite move. When Gulak tried it, Godust said Gulak has bad breath.

The two teams make their entrances and the main event is ready to go!!

Match 3: Goldust & Cedric Alexander vs. Ariya Daivari & Drew Gulak

Alexander and Gulak start the match and Cedric and Drew exchange some holds until they run the ropes and Alexandwe hits his signature dropkick. Alexander locks in an armbar and makes the tag to Goldust. As the tag is made, Gulak goes to the corner and tags Daivari. Daivari doesn’t stay in long and tags Gulak. Goldust freaks out Gulak who goes to the corner and tags Daivari in.

Goldust and Daivari run the ropes until Goldust calls time to catch his breath. Daivari stops briefly and Goldust does his bite move in Daivari’s face prompting Daivari to bury a knee in the gut to Goldust. Daivari shoves Goldust to the his corner where the “Zo Train “ members work him over. Daivari hits Goldust with a neckbreaker but Goldie is able to escape more punishment by avoiding Daivari with a leap frog. He makes the tag to Alexander.

Alexander opens up the offense on Daivari until he tries to go to the top rope where Daivari knocks him off the ropes. Daivari drags Alexander back to his corner where he and Gulak work him over. Gulak tags in and works over Alexander and tags in Daivari. Daivari locks in a rear chin-lock. Alexander is then tossed to the floor and into the steps. He is thrown back in the ring and covered for a two-count.

Daivari locks in another rear chin-lock Alexander fights up and out and hits the Neurolizer. Gulak and Goldust tag in. Goldust takes control with a powerslam on both Daivari and Gulak. Alexander makes a blind-tag and hits a top-rope clothesline on Gulak. As Gulak and Daivari take cover on the floor, Alexander flies as Goldust helps him by pulling down the top rope. Alexander gets Gulak back in the ring and hits the lumbar check for the victory.

Winner: Goldust & Cedric Alexander

The two unlikely partners celebrate their victory to close the show.

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