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Jermaine Royster Reporting

Smackdown comes to us live from the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida and tonight is the first episode of the New Year. Last week on Smackdown Live we saw Kevin Owens score a win over AJ Styles with the aide of Sami Zayn, tonight Styles will take on Zayn in non title action. Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable will have thier chance at gold as they battle The Uso’s with the Smackdown Tag Team Titles on the line. We hear the music of AJ Styles and the WWE Champion makes his way to the ring to kick off the show. Styles welcomes the crowd and wishes them a Happy New Year, Styles then says his goal is to take the WWE Title to the Royal Rumble and beyond. Next Daniel Bryan comes to the ring to explain why Sami Zayn is facing Styles but Shane McMahon comes to the ring instead. Shane says last week he wanted Sami gone from the match but Shane would apologize because of his actions. Shane then brings up the certain kinship that Daniel Bryan has with Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn. McMahon even asks Bryan is the “Yep” Movement the new “Yes” Movement? Shane then says he will be on hand for the Zayn/Styles match tonight. Bryan says if Shane will be at ringside then maybe he should be there too, Daniel Bryan then leads the crowd in a “Yes” chant.

Tag Team Match
Smackdown Live Tag Championship
The Uso’s(c) vs Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin
Shelton starts with Jimmy and Benjamin forces him into the corner allowing a double team with Benjamin hittin a spanish fly from the top rope then Gable scores with a moonsault right after. Gable now comes in and applies a leg lock to Jimmy then tags in Shelton and he works Jimmy over in the corner. Benjamin goes with a half Boston crab to Jimmy then tags Gable back in and he goes back to the leg lock submission bythe ropes. Benjamin comes back in and both men hit double knees to Jimmy then Gable gets another quick tag and goes back to working Jimmy left leg. Jimmy would come back with a kick after blocking Gable, Jay Uso gets the tag and scores with a suicide dive onto Shelton then another to Gable on the other side. Jimmy then tries a dive on Gable but as he goes through the ropes Shelton scores with a knee lift dropping Jimmy. Shelton then tags in Gable and they hit theyre double bulldog/powerbomb to Gable for the three count.

As Gable & Benjamin are celebrating we see another referee come to the ring saying the two members in the ring were illegal so the match be restarted. Benjamin & Gable then argue with the officials in the isle then the match then is restarted.

The Uso’s attack and Jay Uso starts with SHelton hitting a Superkick then a Samoan Drop, Benjamin gets the tag and hits a big Spinebuster. Gable & Benjamin try thier finisher again but it gets broken up by Jimmy Uso who scores Superkicks on both men. Jay Uso then gets the tag and comes off the top rope hitting the big splash onto Benjamin for the win.

Your Winners: The Uso’s retain the Smackdown Live Tag Team Championships

Tag Team Match
The Bludgeon Brothers(Harper & Rowan) vs Breezango

The action starts as the bell sounds as Fandango gets two splashes in the corner then Breeze is thrown to the floor. The Ascension then run in to try and save Breezango but they get dealt the same blow as Breezango.

No Match

1st Round United States Championship Match
Aiden English vs Xavier Woods

English starts off with a hammerlock then forces Woods to the mat, Woods leap frogs English then comes back with a kick. After a two count, Woods throws English to the outside but English would hit the Honor Roll onto Woods on the outside. Back in the ring we would see English go with a ground and pound with right hands then apply a reverse chin lock. Woods fights his way to break the hold then Woods scores with a big kick stopping Aiden, Woods comes back with chops then back breaker for a two count. Aiden blocks Woods in the corner then hits a fall away slam for a two count, English then goes to the top rope with Woods but Xavier back drops Aiden off the top. Woods climbs to the top rope and comes down with the Elbow drop onto English and Woods gets the win.

Your Winner: Xavier Woods

Xavier Woods moves onto the second round of the United States Championship Tournament and face Jinder Mahal.

Smackdown Womens Division
Six Women Tag Match
Natalya, Carmella & Tamina vs The Riott Squad(Sarah Logan, Liv Morgan & Ruby Riott)

Natalya starts with Morgan and Liv scores on a takedown but Natalya breaks the leg lock and we have a standstill. Natayla comes back with a discuss clotheline then teases the Sharpshooter but Morgan goes to the outside. Natalya attacks Morgan as she enters the ring but Ruby Riott comes in for the save. Natalya gets Riott in the corner and Carmella comes in and scores with the hellicopter swing. Riott comes right back then Logan gets the tag and she goes with a side headlock on Carmella. Tamina gets the tag and she clears the ring with Superkicks then hits a Samoan drop on Logan, Tamina then tries a top rope move but Morgan gets in the way. Logan then scores with a knee to the back and she covers Tamina for the win.

Your Winners: The Riott Squad

Smackdown Live Main Event
Singles Match(Non Title)
AJ Styles(c) vs Sami Zayn w/Kevin Owens

Styles come right out of the gate with a big clotheline then rams Sami off the turnbuckles. After a two count Sami gets the drop on Styles with right hands in the corner but Styles comes back. Zayn counters Styles with chops then Styles comes back again with chops of his own then a big drop kick to Sami off the ropes. The action spills outside and Bryan & Shane get into a shouting match but Sami scores with a Fisherman buster to Styles back in the ring for a two count. Sami then goes with a chin lock in the middle of the ring, AJ comes back with a striking combination then a fore arm. Styles hits another fore arm in the corner then a gut buster for a two count, Sami would escape to the apron then blast Styles as he approaches. Styles gets in a shot then scores with a neck breaker for a two count, Styles then teases the Styles Clash. Sami counters and hits the Blue Thunder Bomb for a two count, Sami then retreats to the corner but AJ blocks the Helluva kick and locks on the Calf Crusher. Sami tries for the bottom rope but AJ rolls over, Zayn would still get to the ropes causing a break in the hold. Sami throws a few right hands but Styles hits the Pele kick forcing Sami to the corner. AJ then goes for the Phenomenal Fore Arm but Sami rolls over then AJ tries a roll up but the referee gets bumped in the way. Owens holds up referee while Styles pins Sami in the ring, once the referee comes back in the ring Zayn escapes at two. Shane McMahon then comes around the ring to blast Kevin Owens for involving himself in the match, the referee then throws out Kevin Owens. Daniel Bryan then tells Shane if Owens is thrown out then Shane should go as well. This distraction allows Sami Zayn to hit The Helluva kick to Styles and Sami pins Styles to get the win.

Your Winner: Sami Zayn

After the match we see AJ Styles in the ring telling both Shane McMahon & Daniel Bryan to grow up and stop acting like children. Styles then sarcastically says he should just face both Owens & Zayn in a hanidcapped match. Bryan then says its a good idea then makes the match for the Royal Rumble, AJ will face both Zayn & Owens with the WWE Championship on the line.

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