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Continue to Ignite the Revolution

By: Steven Goforth

I did not hesitate to stand up and applaud when I heard the women’s division was receiving their own Royal Rumble match. This was an excellent move by the WWE to showcase and reward the hard work these ladies have put into reinventing their division. If you’ve read some of my past columns, I’ve openly expressed my desire to see more exciting action or TV time for the women’s division. I believe the ladies have earned it and deserve it. I believe it’s time to allow them to film their own show, similar to the way 205 Live is filmed. Sprinkle in some of their matches how it’s currently done on RAW and Smackdown, but showcase the bulk of their matches and storylines on their own show. Look at the popularity that surrounded the G.L.O.W. franchise in the 80’s and currently on Netflix. This was done during a time when women’s wrestling did not have the credibility, talent, or popularity it does today. If G.L.O.W. can be a success, so can a women’s show on the WWE Network!

I know I may upset a lot of 205 Live fans when I say this, but I would rather see the women get their own show over the Cruiserweights. Total Divas, although dramatic and entertaining, does not count. I want to see dramatic storylines combined with great in-ring action that further enhances the storyline and character. Don’t misunderstand me, I believe the Cruiserweight division is entertaining and possesses a lot of great talent. However, I do not believe it surpasses the talent and entertainment level possessed by the women’s division. When I see a Cruiserweight match come on RAW, I only want to watch the dynamic moves being produced in the ring rather than focusing on the character or the story being told. I understand 205 Live was created to enhance the characters and storylines; however it does not interest me. Take the money, energy, and production time fed into 205 Live and move it to the women. The Cruiserweights can continue to be showcased on RAW. They could even shift or create talent on Smackdown as well. If the budget and the ratings justify it, continue 205 Live and continue to entertain their fan base. At the same time, add the new women’s show. These are just thoughts and ideas running around in my cranium. Again, no disrespect to the Cruiserweight division, this is just my person opinion that I believe is shared by many others.

There are a lot of great storylines that could be developed from the women’s division. They have great entertainers and wrestlers who deserve to have more TV time to showcase these talents. As I’ve stated in a previous column, it’s time to introduce more championships for the women. Whether it’s a Women’s Intercontinental Championship, a Women’s United States Championship, Women’s Tag Team Championships, or a newly invented title name specifically for the women. I don’t care what it is; just create more championships to further enhance the pushes and storylines for the women. I’ve seen firsthand what the Women’s Division is doing for wrestling. It’s bringing in a new fan base and entertaining a current long-time fan like myself. The Mae Young Classic was a huge success and a brilliant idea. I actually enjoyed printing out the brackets and filling them out with my daughter. We sat and watched the brackets play out and awarded points for every match we chose correctly. The person with the most point won bragging rights. No matter who came out the winner of the brackets, we were all winners because we got to witness some incredible in-ring competition and we were introduced to some outstanding wrestlers. Why not do another tournament, on a smaller scale, to determine the winner for the new title(s) introduced?

Not only do we see tremendously talented women in the WWE, but we also see it in Ring of Honor, Impact Wrestling, and on the independent circuit. As we all know, the WWE is the grandest stage of all. Developing the ideas I’ve expressed on the biggest stage will only filter to the other wrestling outlets and spark an even bigger revolution that will last for many years.

As always, I welcome your feedback, whether you agree or disagree with my views. I write these columns because I passionately love the wrestling business, I love to write, and I love to read your thoughts and opinions. Reach out to me at chairshots2cranium@yahoo.com. Until my next cranium jolting column topic, take care and enjoy the wonderful world of professional wrestling!

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