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Jermaine Royster reporting

Smackdown comes to us live from the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ and tonight we have a huge six man tag match where WWE Champion AJ Styles teams with Shinsuke Nakamura & Randy Orton to face the tandem of Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn plus Jinder Mahal. After winning the United States Championship last Sunday night Dolph Ziggler will celebrate his victory with the Smackdown Live audience. Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable will face The Uso’s in tag team action plus The New Day, Natalya & more.

Smackdown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan makes his way to the ring to kick off the show to a huge ovation. Bryan talks about the upcoming Womens Royal Rumble then tells the crows about the big six man tag match, Shane McMahon then comes to the ring. Shane talks about the main event of Clash of Champions where Daniel Bryan fell into Shane as he was about to count three on Kevin Owens. Shane then brings up the fast count on Randy Orton allowing Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens to win the match and keep their jobs. Daniel Bryan says he did what he did to save Shane from himself, Shane says he doesnt need protection from Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan says Shane does because his passion turns Shane into a hot head, Bryan says he took this job because of the vision. The vision being the land of oppertunity for everyone and whats best for Smackdown Live. Shane says Daniel has empathy for Owens & Zayn and they will soon stab Bryan in the back, Shane says that attitude will come back to haunt him. Daniel Bryan then asks Shane should he have done whats best for business? Daniel says he beleives in the vision for Smackdown Live and if Shane wants to fire someone it should be Bryan because he doesnt want to see Shane turn into “Mr. McMahon!” Shane they says he trusts Bryan and offers him good luck on the show tonight as he walks back up the ramp.

Tag Team Match
The Uso’s(c) vs Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable

Gable starts things off with Jimmy Uso and Gable quickly goes behind Jimmy and slams him to the mat, Gable then gets double teamed as Jay Uso comes in and works over Gable in the corner. Jimmy comes back in after another double team sending Gable crashing into the turn buckles then to the outside. Gable tags in Benjamin and he scores with a knee lift to Jimmy slowing him down but Jimmy counters with a right hand then chops to Sheltons chest. Jimmy tries a high risk move but Shelton catches him and scores with a PowerSlam then both Gable and Benjamin score with duel high knees to Jimmy. Gable is now in and he works Jimmy’s legs with a toe hold but Shelton would get the tag and deliver the same move focusing on Jimmy’s leg. Jimmy Uso tries to fight back but Benjamin is relentless with his knee lifts, Jimmy then scores with a roll up as does Shelton but Jimmy scores with an enziguiri and tags in Jay Uso. Jay takes out Benjamin then hits a Samoan Drop to Chad Gable, Jay hits the rear end to Benjamin in the corner. Jimmy then blasts Gable with a Superkick & Jay hits the splash but Gable rolls up Jay for a two count. Gable then hits a rolling german suplex to Jay Uso then Benjamin hoists up Jay as Gable comes off the top rope clothesline and Benjamin covers Jay for the win.

Your Winners: Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin

Next we see Smackdown Live Womens Champion Charlotte Flair in the ring, she talks about how she loves the honor of carrying the Smackdown Live Womens Championship. Charlotte then talks about the big announcement from Stephanie McMahon on Raw where the Womens Royal REumble was announced. Charlotte then thanks the fans but then chimes in and says to whoever wins the Royal Rumble that she will be waiting. Next Noami comes out to the ring and she wants to be the first Smackdown Live member to declare herself for the Royal Rumble. The Riott Squad then show up and Noami challenges two of them to face herself & Charlotte Flair.

Womens Division
Tag Team Match
Charlotte Flair(c) & Naomi vs Sarah Logan & Ruby Riott

Charlotte starts the match hot with chops to Logan then Charlotte sends her off the ropes but Logan counters with a chop block and Charlotte is down. Riott gets the tag and she works the left leg of Charlotte with a submission hold then tags Logan back in. Logan continues to bend the left leg of Charlotte then tags Riott for more punishment. Charlotte would counter Logan with a knee lift then tag in Naomi, Naomi unloads on Logan with right hands hits the Scorpion kick. Charlotte would come in and score with a big boot allowing Naomi to score with the Rear End on Logan for the win.

Your Winners: Charlotte Flair & Naomi

Newly crowned United States Champion Dolph Ziggler makes his way to the ring and the first thing he tells the crowd “I told you so!” Dolph says some fans haven’t been paying attention over the last twelve years because nobody has endured what he has. Dolph says he is simply the best and thats just it, Dolph says this is his second time with the United States Championship so people should know his value. Dolph then reminds the crowd that Championships arent new to him then all of Ziggler’s title reigns are shown on the big screen. Ziggler says years after year he has proven himself but year after year he gets no love from the WWE Universe, Ziggler says the fans are not worthy of his presence. Ziggler then drops the Us Title in the middle of the ring and simply walks away to the locker room.

Tag Team Match
The New Day(Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) vs Rusev & Aiden English

Kingston starts with Aiden English and after an arm drag from English he tags in Rusev, Kingston runs in and out of the ring away from Rusev. Kofi scores a drop kick on Aiden English then he sends Rusev over the top rope. English & Rusev attack The New Day from behind as Kofi raids the Christmas bag of presents that English had on his back. Rusev then attacks Kofi in the corner then English gets the tags and he too attacks Kofi with right hands then chokes Kofi with the middle rope. Aiden tags in Rusev and Rusev plants his boot in Kofi’s chest as he is down on the mat. Rusev blasts Kofi with a clothesline for a two count then puts Kofi on the top rope but Kofi counters with a spinning DDT. Woods gets the tag from Kofi and he scores with kicks on Aiden English but English counters with a Spine buster for a two count. Aiden English then takes apart the announce table and places a batch of Pancakes on it wit whipped cream. English tries to put Wood’s face in it but Kofi comes down with the double team and they slam English onto the Pancakes, in the ring we see Woods scoring with the Elbow drop off the top for the three count.

Your Winners: The New Day

Smackdown Live Main Event
Six Man Tag Team Match
Randy Orton, Shinsuke Nakamura & AJ Styles(c) vs Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn & Jinder Mahal

Mahal starts things off with Randy Orton and quickly attacks Owens & Zayn on the apron then blasts Mahal with a kick to the gut. Orton suplexes Mahal on the announce table then attacls Mahal in the ring. Orton tags in Nakamura but Mahal forces him into the corner and Zayn gets the tag, Zayn works the left arm of Nakamura. Shinsuke breaks the hold then he attacks Zayn as he tags in AJ Styles, Styles tags in Orton for a quick cover then Mahal comes in. Mahal scores with a back elbow then a knee drop off the ropes, Owens then gets the tag and Kevin blasts away with right hands. Owens continues his attack with a front face lock and more right hands to Orton but Randy sends Owens into the turnbuckle. Styles comes in and hits a clothesline but Jinder Mahal sends AJ to the outside. Owens rams Styles off the barricade then hits a running senton in the ring for a two count. Owens puts his knees on Styles by the bottom rope then tags in Sami Zayn. Zayn scores with a clothesline to Styles off the ropes, Sami tags in Mahal and Jinder continues to pummel Styles in the corner but Styles hits a DDT to break free. Styles gets to Nakamura for the tag as does Mahal to tag in Zayn. Nakamura takes out Mahal then attacks with kicks to a seated Sami Zayn, Nakamura scores with good vibrations to Zayn in the corner. Nakamura then hits the corner knee lift to Zayn in the corner then hits a enziguiri for another two count. Nakamura tries the reverse exploder suplex but Sami gets away then Nakamura counters with a cross arm bar but Owens breaks the hold. Mahal then gets in the way but Styles scores with a Pele kick to Jinder. Nakamura sets up for The Kinsasha but the Singh Brothers get in the way, Orton comes in the ring and scores with a RKO to Mahal. AJ hits the Phenomenal Fore Arm to Zayn then Nakamura follows up with The Kinsahsa Knee strike to Zayn and he is down, Nakamura covers Zayn and picks up the win for his team.

Your Winners: Randy Orton, Shinsuke Nakamura & AJ Styles

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