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Lisa “The Poet” Williams reporting …

It exciting when WWE comes to your town, and you get to watch these amazing superstars perform live. But when you take part in the WWE VIP Experience, the excitement goes to a whole new level. Sunday, December 17th, I had an opportunity to experience VIP at the PPL Center in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The house show was scheduled to start at 5:00 PM but those who have the VIP package had to arrive by 3:15 PM. Billy Smith, the one who ran the VIP, lead a couple of lucky WWE fans to an experience of a lifetime.

The fans who have the WWE VIP Package get a chance to be the first ones to get their merchandises at the WWE Shop inside the venue. I am sure that during Intermission, the shop can be extremely crowded. After a couple of minutes of shopping, we were heading to the WWE ring. We briefly lived through the perspective of a WWE superstar by walking through the area where they get ready to appear. It was the “Gorilla” area; it was the area where the late, great Gorilla Monsoon would make sure that the superstars were ready to go onstage. We came out of the entrance, walked down the ramp and to the ring – just like the superstars. At ringside, we took pictures with the Universal belt. Then, we walked around the ring to feel ropes and the mat. I must say that the steel steps are extremely strong. I feel sorry for anyone who gets hit by the steel steps.

Now for the fun part. We were taken to the Meet & Greet room where the fans get their bag of awesome souvenirs – and where they get to meet a few WWE Superstars. During the Meet & Greet, we had the opportunity to get the superstars’ autographs and get a photo opportunity with them. The first superstar that appeared was Nia Jax.

She was very kind, and we talked a little bit about kickboxing. She even wished me an early Happy Birthday. The second superstar who appeared is one-third member of The Shield, Dean Ambrose.

That was probably my millionth time meeting The Lunatic Fringe. It is always good to see him again. And finally, the third superstar who appeared was the Monster Among Us – Braun Strowman. I felt like an ant standing next to this guy. The man may be a monster but he is a gentle giant.

My prediction is he will be a Universal Champion in 2018. After we were all starstruck in the Meet & Greet room, we went straight to our seats shortly before the show started.

The first match of the show was Finn Balor versus Bray Wyatt. Towards the end, Wyatt nearly hit Balor with the Sister Abigail but Balor countered to take him down. Balor defeated Wyatt after hitting him with the Coup De Grace.

The second match was the Cruiserweight Title Match between the Champion Enzo Amore and the Challenger, Kalisto. There was a little bit of humor in the beginning. At first, Amore made fun of Kalisto. Kalisto knocked him down, took Amore’s detachable hair piece and started making fun of the Cruiserweight Champ by doing his signature dance while wearing the hair piece. Amore was dominant during the match. Kalisto took him down with some lethal kicks and surprising attacks and made a few close pinfalls. At the end, Amore turned things around to win the match and retain the title.

The third match was “The Empress of Tomorrow” Asuka versus Dana Brooks. So far, Asuka has been undefeated in the WWE. However, Brooks did bring her A-game during this match. At one point, she had Asuka in a sleeper hold for a while. But that did not stop Asuka from continuing her winning streak; she won with the Asuka Lock.

The fourth match was the 8-Men Tag Match between the team of Heath Slater, Rhyno, Apollo Crews & Titus O’Neil and the team of Goldust, Curt Hawkins & The Miztourage (Curtis Axel & Bo Dallas). There were some funny moments when Axel and Dallas would give each other the neck brace whenever one hurt his neck. Towards the end, the match turned a bit chaotic which lead the team of Slater, Rhyno, Crews and O’Neil being victorious.

The next match was Samoa Joe versus Braun Strowman. This was one of my favorite matches at the show. It was a real treat to watch two of the toughest athletes in WWE go at it live. These two men have the potential of being WWE Universal Champion in the near future, and this match could have gone either way. At the end, Strowman defeated Samoa Joe. I would like to see these two face each other again in the future because I think they would make an awesome feud.

After intermission, there was a Tag Team Women’s Match. The team of Bayley and Sasha Banks versus the team of Alicia Fox and Nia Jax. Mickie James was the special guest referee for the match. Fox still wore that Captain’s hat from Survivor Series. It was entertaining when Banks took Fox’s hat and teased her with it. During the match, the team of Fox and Jax were very dominant. Before the match ended, Fox got into an argument with Mickie James. After Fox attacked her, James retaliated. Banks was able to end the match with The Bank Statement and lead her team to victory.

Elias Samson came out with a song. The first song he sang was “Jingle Bell Rock.” The fans were not pleased with his performance. Samson sang a different song to insult the crowd in Allentown. His performance was interrupted by Jason Jordan. Eventually, the two men had a match against each other, and Jordan defeated Samson. Before Samson left the area, the fans chanted “one more song!” Samson gave the fans what they wanted by singing one more song. The song ended with Samson singing that “this place blows”, and that he wanted to “punch everyone in the nose” – which made the audience laugh.

It was time for the Main Event. It was a tag team match for the Raw Tag Team Titles. The Champions, The Bar (Sheamus & Cesaro) put their belts on the line against two-thirds of The Shield, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. This was a very good match, and I enjoyed watching the feud between these two teams. This match was pretty intense, and it kept the audience on the edge of their seats. Towards the end of the match, it looked like we were about to see the belts exchange hands. Rollins had Cesaro raised up on his shoulders as Ambrose was about to leap off the top corner with an attack. Sheamus appeared and nailed Ambrose with a steel chair. Eventually, the team of Rollins and Ambrose won the match by disqualification but The Bar still kept their titles. The fans were not very pleased with the outcome. After the match, The Shield members chased The Bar away from the ring with steel chairs.

If you are a diehard wrestling fan, it is always exciting to watch a live WWE event but doing the VIP experience is electrifying. This was my 8th WWE VIP Experience, and I strongly encourage wrestling fans to take advantage of this experience whenever the WWE superstars are in town. The VIP package may be a little pricey but the experience is definitely worth it. Plus, you get to take your VIP chair home. I want to give a special thanks to Billy Smith for leading the VIP tour and helping make the experience awesome. I also want to thank the WWE Superstars for the warm Meet & Greets and their outstanding performance.

Lisa “The Poet” Williams

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