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205 Live

US Bank Arena

Cincinatti, Ohio

Air Date: Dec. 12th, 2017

205 Live is left with some loose ends to tie up and took steps to do that this week. The show began with the Cruiserweight segment from Raw. Rich Swann’s removal from the number one contender’s match means another Fatal-Four Way had to take place to find a challenger for Drew Gulak. Cedric Alexander wins the bout as credits roll on tonight’s episode of 205 Live.

We are welcomed to the show by Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinnis. They announce that Kalisto will be returning after a two week layoff to battle Jack Gallagher. Ariya Daivari makes his way out to the ring with Drew Gulak. Daivari has hisribs taped. Gulak announces that Noam Dar has an injury and will miss some time prompting his newest Powerpoint presentation. Cedric Alexander interupts him with his entrance.

Match 1: Ariya Daivari (with Drew Gulak) vs. Cedric Alexander

Daivari comes out swinging but Alexander starts with his usual opening sequence ending with his picture-perfect dropkick for a two-count. Alexander showed his quickness until he got distracted by Gulak allowing Daivari to blindside him and throw him to the corner. Daivari dumps Alexander at the feet of Gulak who takes advantage with a clothesline. Daivari follows up with a short bulldog for a two-count.

Alexander recovers and fights back and hits a top-rope clothesline for a two-count. Daivari blocks the neurolizer and turns it into a spinebuster for a two-count. Daivari tries high-risk by going to the top rope despite the protest from Gulak. Daivari hits the frog splash for a near-fall but hurts his ribs preventing him from following up. This allows Alexander to recover and nail the lumbar check for the win.

Winner: Cedric Alexander

The show goes to commercial

We return to another Raw flashback from Monday and find Enzo Amore berating Drew Gulak until Nia Jax shows up. Jax tells Gulak she loves his presentations prompting Amore to change his tune and agree. Jax proposes that she and Enzo should talk whenever he isn’t busy.

We cut to backstage where Daivari, Gulak and Nese are talking amongst themselves. Amore shows up and thinks he is the topic of their conversation and starts berating Gulak for his taking liberties trying to be the leader of the group. Nese interrupts Amore and tells him to ease up on Gulak because he was just trying to help. Amore turns his angle to him and challenges Nese to a match later in the show.

Jack Gallagher and Brian Kendrick come out to the ring while a video replays the injury to Kalisto. Kendrick says Kalisto is getting his title shots and that’s why he needed to be made an example of. Gallagher gives Kalisto the option to stay in the back bringing Kalisto to the ring.

Match 2: Jack Gallagher (with Brian Kendrick) vs. Kalisto

Gallagher starts out with a headlock takedown but Kalisto comes back with a monkey flip and a hurricanrana sending Gallagher to the outside. Kalisto tries to fend off both men from the apron even kicking Kendrick. Gallagher turns the match in his favor by grabbing Kalisto’s foot and slamming his leg and knee into the ring post.

Gallagher spent the next few minutes working on Kalisto’s ankle, putting it in repeated ankle locks but cant pin Kalisto. It gets to the point that Kalisto can barely stand but refuses to lose.

Kalisto started slowly working his way back in the match starting with one-move offense just to catch a breather but starts to gain some momentum after a listo kick. Gallagher continued to go after the leg and Kalisto almost got a win off a moonsalt. Kalisto was able to follow-up with a Frakendriver and was able to stun Gallagher with a rana for the win.

Winner: Kalisto

After the match, Kendrick attacked Kalisto and it looked like they would put Kalisto back on the shelf until Gran Metalik came out to make the save for Kalisto.

Backstage, Gulak tries to talk Amore out of the match with Nese because he meant no disrespect to Amore. Enzo tells him not to worry everything is OK as the show heads to break.

We return and see the latest video introducing Hideo Itami to the brand. We finally see that he will be here next week.

Tony Nese makes his entrance with no posing and looking very upset that he even has to be there. Amore comes out with Daivari and Gulak.

Match 3: Tony Nese vs. Enzo Amore (with Drew Gulak and Ariya Daivari)

The match starts but they don’t lock up as Amore spends the whole time taunting Nese. Amore gets close enough to finally slap Nese causing Tony to get angry and walk Amore back a few steps. Nese walks him to the ropes when Daivari jumps Nese from behind while Gulak looks on.

Amore makes Gulak pile on Nese to prove his loyalty. Gulak looks very conflicted but gets in the ring and, after some prodding, unloads fiercely on Nese. After Nese is beat down, Amore ends the beating with a Jadunzo to end the show.

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