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Jermaine Royster Reporting

Smackdown comes to us live from the Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky and we have three big matches on tap for tonight’s show. At General Manager Daniel Bryan’s request we get a big matchup between Kevin Owens and “The Viper” Randy Orton. With the new trio of Ruby Riot, Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan coming up to the Smackdown Live roster, they will face the trio of Natalya, Naomi & Smackdown Womens Champion Charlotte Flair. The New Day battle Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable as well as WWE Champion “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles taking on both Singh Brothers in a handicap match. Shane McMahon’s music hits and the Smackdown Live Commisioner makes his way to the ring to kick off the show.

Shane says everone in Kentucky tonights bleeds blue except for two people, Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens. Shane says he wanted to fire them last week but Daniel Bryan wanted a LumberJack Match instead. Shane says he thought Bryan would fire both men but in the end he did not, Shane then brings Daniel Bryan to the ring. Bryan says he knows Shane wanted both men fired but he believes in second chances, Bryan says sometimes Shane gets ahead of himself. Shane agrees with Bryan but brings up Owens beating up his father in the middle of the ring as well as Zayn involving himself in Owens’s match against Shane McMahon. Bryan says Shane needs to just trust him with the making the moves, Shane then compliments Bryan on the match between Owens & Randy Orton but inputs that Sami Zayn will be barred from ringside as well as the match being a No Disqualification match.

Tag Team Match
Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable vs The New Day(Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods)

Gable starts with Woods and both men counters each other in both corners but Woods scores with a right hand then tags in Kofi for the double team. Kofi then comes off the top with a splash for two count, Woods then catches a boot from Benjamin on the apron and Gable tags in Benjamin. Woods scores with a Jawbreaker but Benjamin scores with knees to Woods’s face then Gable hits a cheap shot for a two count. Gable works over Woods in the corner then Woods blocks a second rope german. Woods then scores with a missile drop kick dropping Gable as the crowd chants for The New Day. Kofi gets the tag from Woods and Kofi takes out Benjamin with chops and a high cross body but Benjamin counters with a rollup for a two count. Kofi comes back with the Boom drop but misses the Trouble in Paradise, Woods then runs the ropes and takes out both Benjamin & Gable with a suicide dive. New Day then hit the Up, Up, Down, Down to Shelton Benjamin for the win.

Your Winners: The New Day

Tag Team Match
The Bludgeon Brothers(Harper & Rowan) vs The Hype Bros.(Ryder & Mojo)

Ryder starts with Harper and both men lock up and Harper scores with a boot then tags in Rowan and both men just take out Ryder with a double Chokeslam and just like that Harper & Rowan get the win.

Your Winners: The Bludgeon Brothers

After the match as The Hype Bros are being interviewed Mojo suddenly attacks Zach Ryder with big right hands and he screams to Ryder, “The Hype Bros are OVER!”

Handicap Match
Sunil & Samir Singh vs “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles(c)

As Styles enters the ring he is quickly attacked by Jinder Mahal by the ropes with right hands and kicks to the gut as Styles is down on the mat. Mahal then launches Styles into the ring post ribs first and Styles is down on the outside floor. Styles would get his head together as the bell sounds but The Singh Brother double team Styles from the start. Styles would fight off both Singh Brothers but to no avail as Samir hits a suplex for a one count. The Singhs then double team Styles again in the corner and Styles is down. AJ then counters Sunil but Samir takes out the knees of Styles and once again Styles cant get a plan together against both men. Both Singh’s try a double Superplex off the ropes but Styles counters then hits a second rope Styles Clash on Sumir ontop of Sunil and he gets the fast win.

Your Winner: AJ Styles

Womens Division
Tag Team Match
The Riot Squad(Ruby Riot, Sarah Logan & Liv Morgan) vs Natalya, Naomi & Charlotte Flair(c)

Natalya starts with Ruby and Riot beats down Natalya from the get go then forces Nattie in the corner whe Logan gets the tag. Natalya tags in Charlotte then leaves the ring leaving Naomi & Charlotte alone. Charlotte works over Liv Morgan then Naomi comes in for the double team, Naomi takes it to Liv Morgan in the corner until Morgan scores with a counter move then tags in Ruby Riot. Ruby gets countered by Naomi as she tags in Charlotte for a double team then Charlotte attacks Riot with a seated headlock. Riot gains control in the corner but Charlotte comes right back throwing Riot to the outside, Ruby gets in a shot to Charlotte sending her to the outside. Liv Morgan comes in and she covers Charlotte for a two count then tags Riot back in. Riot goes back to the reverse chin lock but Charlotte hits a stunner to break away but Ruby Riot get to Charlotte before she can make a tag. Morgan & Logan then take out Naomi on the outside as Riot & Flair battle in the ring. Morgan & Logan then send Naomi flying into the steel steps taking her out. Logan gets the tag and she too attacks Charlotte with a submission but Charlotte comes back with a spear to Liv Morgan but Ruby Riot comes in and scores with her finisher and Ruby covers Charlotte for the win.

Your Winners: The Riot Squad(Ruby Riot, Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan)

Smackdown Live Main Event
Singles Match(No Disqualification Match)
Randy Orton vs Kevin Owens

Owens attacks Orton from the start and Orton teases the RKO but Owens surries as Orton attack Owens on the outside. Owens is thrown off the announce table then Orton blasts away at Owens with right hands before getting thrown into the steel steps. Orton then grabs a Kendo Stick from under the ring and Orton tees off on Owens around the ring apron. Orton hits a backdrop to Owens on the outside barricade but Owens counters with a blast of a Kendo Stick to Ortons knees. Owens then hits a fall away slam to Orton against the outside barrier. Owens now goes to work on Orton with the Kendo Stick attacking the mid section of Orton, Owens then blasts Orton with forearms over his back. Owens would hit the senton for a two count then slap on a side headlock to wear Orton down. Owens misses with another Kendo shot but Owens scores with a DDT for a two count, Owens then misses the cannonball to Orton in the corner. Orton gets Owens on the top rope as he blasts away with right hands, Owens fights back with head butts but then Orton scores with a Superplex from the top for a two count. Orton comes right back with a Powerslam off the ropes for a two count, Orton then tries the drapping DDT but Owens gets away to the outside. Orton sends Owens into the barricade then back drops Owens onto the announce table. Orton sets up for the RKO but Owens rolls to the outside out of harms way, both men fight up the entrance ramp. Sami Zayn would then appear with a steel chair and he just lays out Orton attacking his legs with the steel chair. Owens would send Orton into the ring but Randy counters and hits the drapping DDT to Owens. Orton the calls for the RKO but Owens attacks the injured leg of Orton the Owens scores with a Superkick. Owens would then climb the ropes and come down on Orton with a big frog splash and Owens holds on for the big win.

Your Winner: Kevin Owens

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