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Jermaine Royster reporting

Smackdown comes to us live from the Toyota Center in Houtson, Texas and the Survivor Series fallout continues as Team Samckdown fell to Team Raw 4-3. Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens will have a LumberJack Match with The New Day as a result of thier actions at Survivor Series as well as a Womens Championship Rematch between Charlotte Flair & Natalya.  Shane McMahon’s music hits and the Commisioner makes his way to the ring.

Shane says even though Smackdown came up short at Survivor Series, they will still the show that WWE fansa want to watch. Shane says he is proud of everyone in the Smackdown locker room except for two people, Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens. Shane tells both men to come to the ring, Sami says Shane owes them an appology because the two of them should have been on the team. Owens says him and Zayn would have been better utilized rather than The New Day, Owens says Shane should just say he is sorry. Shane says the two of them have no respect for anyone including the fans as Sami Zayn agrees, Shane then tells both men but Owens fires back that he cant fire them becuase Smackdown would fall because of it. Owens says they are the best thing on Smackdown and the entire WWE for that matter, Shane then says the two of them are dellusional because everyone hates them. As Shane begins to deliver both men those fatal words they are interupted by Daniel Bryan, Bryan tells Shane that he cannot fire them. Daniel Bryan says he has a better solution because The New Day want to face them, Bryan then makes the match against The New Day and it will be a LumberJack Match.

Singles Match
Shelton Benjamin w/Chad Gable vs Jay Uso w/Jimmy Uso

Both men lock up with Shelton winning the clinch but Jay comes back with a big right hand but Shelton hits a shoulder block off the ropes. Jay comes back with a back elbow smash then a right hand but Shelton blasts Jay with a knee lift that sends him to the outside. Shelton gains control with a rear chin lock on Jay but Shelton comes right back with more knees. Jay then hits a Samoan drop then hits the rear view to Shelton in the corner. Jay hits a super kick back in the ring for a two count then Jay goes to the top ropes but misses the Splash. Benjemain then hits the Paydirt on Jay and he gets the quick win over Jay Uso.

Your Winner: Shelton Benjamin

Tag Team Match
The Hype Bros. vs The Bludgeon Brothers(Harper & Rowan)

Rowan starts things quickly with a big shoulder block on Mojo off the ropes then Rowan takes out Ryder on the apron. Harper then throws Ryder into the steel steps, Mojo then gets in a double team where Rowan hits a big slam then runs into a big boot from Harper. Harper & Rowan then hit a double chokeslam finisher for the fast win.

Your Winners: The Bludgeon Brothers

WWE Champion AJ Styles comes to the ring next and he talks about losing at Survivor Series and how so many people have praised his performance. AJ says there is no such thing as second place, Styles says he did lose but he wasnt the one limping to the locker room. AJ then turns his attention to former champion Jinder Mahal, Styles says Jinder can come try and take the title if he wants. Jinder then appears on the big screen and he says that Styles took advantage of Mahal because he was not focusing on Styles but rather his match with Brock Lesnar. Jinder says he wants his rematch but only when he wants it, so he chooses to face AJ at Clash Of Champions. The Singh Brothers then attack AJ from behind but Styles easliy takes them both out giving Samir a Styles Clash while Jinder watches.

Womens Match
Smackdown Live Womens Championship
Charlotte Flair(c) vs Natalya

Natalya scores with a head lock from the start but Charlotte comes back with chops then Natalya takes down Charlotte. Natalya teases the Sharpshooter then sends Charlotte flying into the second turn buckle. Charlotte comes back with an elbow then right hands in the corner, Natalya counters with a sit out power bomb for a two count. Natalya then goes for the Sharpshooter and she locks it on but Charlotte gets to the bottom rope. Charlotte then hits a back breaker buy her some time then Charlotte climbs to the top but misses the Moonsault as Natty gets her knees up. All of a sudden Ruby Riot, Liv Morgan & Sara Logan show up and they take out Natalya causing a dq finish but afterwards the trio from NXT take out Charlotte Flair in the ring as well.

Your Winner: Natalya (DQ)

Smackdown Live Main Event
Tag Team LumberJack Match
The New Day vs Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn

Owens starts with Big E and E flips Owens away showing his strength but Owens comes back with a kick to the gut but Big E comes back with a tckle then tags in Kingston. Kofi gets thrown quickly to the outside but no one throws him back in the ring. Zayn gets the tag from Owens he attacks Kofi but Kingston scores with a back elbow for a quick count, Kofi again gets thrown out but no lumberjacks touch him. Zayn goes to the outside and everyone attacks him and bring him back to the ring. The New Day then take turns putting the boots to Owens in the corner then Kofi fights off Zayn, Owens gets back in with a superkick to Kofi then tags in Sami for the double team. Zayn hammers away at Kingston in the corner then scores with a short arm lariat for a two count. Owens comes back in with a boot then a bodyslam for a two count then showboats with the crowd allowing Kofi to get the block, Kofi tags in Big E. Big E hits multiple suplexes to Big E then hits the big splash off the ropes. Sami blocks the Big Ending but Kofi gets the tag and comes down off the top rope with a high cross body but Owens makes the save. Sami charges at Kofi but gets sent to the outside but a fight amongst the LumberJacks break out and the whole entire locker room fights in the ring but Sami Zayn flies in the ring and rolls up Kofi for the surprise win.

Your Winners: Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens

After the match Owens leaves the ring but Sami is caught by Kofi and The New Day attack him in the ring. Kofi hits the Trouble in Paradise then Zayn falls victim to the Midnight Hour as The New Day Celebrate in the ring.

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