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The Raw Score: A look at this week’s Monday Night Raw

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

This Sunday, we will all get to enjoy Survivor Series. The landscape completely changed, last week. Brock Lesnar will now face A.J. Styles and The Usos will battle The Bar. Could there be more changes coming? Plus, The Shield fully reunited to battle Miz and his buddies.

I want to thank you all for the get well wishes. Still fighting this pneumonia but I am home and enthusiastic for tonight’s show. Smile.

We began with a look at #UnderSiege, from 3 weeks back. Raw’s locker room got decimated. A week later, Daniel Bryan came over to apologize. He was destroyed by Kane. New Day showed up to disrupt the tag title match. That allowed Sheamus and Cesaro to win the straps.

Stephanie McMahon bounced out to the ring. She looked very pretty in a Native American inspired dress. She welcomed everyone to the show. Stephanie had decisions to make, sometimes tough ones. Stephanie needed strong leaders. She brought out Kurt Angle.

The music hit and the Olympian walked out in a nice suit. Kurt thought Stephanie was upset but she wasn’t. She just wanted to know how New Day got in the building, last week. Kurt didn’t know. Stephanie realized that Kurt was manipulated by Shane McMahon. Stephanie knew she was being a bit tough on Kurt. Stephanie didn’t like that Jason Jordan was on the Survivor Series team. Stephanie questioned why Kurt would put someone like Jason on the team. Stephanie mentioned that John Cena was the last member of Team Smackdown. Stephanie didn’t understand why John would head to Smackdown. Kurt told Stephanie that she should ask Cena.

Stephanie wanted to know what Kurt was going to do first. He promised to break Shane’s ankle. Stephanie knew her brother wouldn’t start the match. Stephanie called Kurt “soft”. Stephanie demanded Shane’s head on a platter. Stephanie was about to fire Kurt when The Shield showed up.

Glad to see all three brothers back together. Being sick sucks and I would imagine Roman didn’t enjoy being home, ill. The Shield came through the crowd, per the good old days. Roman looked like he has dropped some serious weight, due to illness. Dean took the stick first. Dean praised Kurt as one of the best leaders in the business. “You Still Got It” rang out. Stephanie insulted The Shield for losing the tag belts. Stephanie wanted to know where Roman was but Reigns spun it to ask where Stephanie had been. Roman said they do what they want to do. Roman challenged The New Day! Hell Yeah! I even asked for that one on Facebook. Smile. Roman promised to destroy New Day.

I have a nice lunch date planned for Saturday afternoon with a friend, Nancy. I definitely will be home in time to watch NXT Takeover. Maybe, she will want to watch it too. Smile.

Bayley vs Mickie James vs Dana Brooke
Triple Threat to find the fifth member of Team Raw

The Finish:

Asuka, Nia Jax, Sasha Banks and Alicia Fox were at ringside to watch this one. I will always have to cheer for Bayley, because of our history. Smile.

Bayley hit a wild series of Side Suplexes on her two foes. Dana was hit with a Twist of Fate, in the ropes. Flapjack by Mickie to Bayley. Bayley stopped James as she went up top. Bayley and Mickie fought on the ropes. Super Thesz Press but Dana made the save. Mickie with a wicked Neckbreaker to Bayley and Flying Faceplant to Dana. Asuka checked on Dana. She popped Asuka. All Hell broke loose as Asuka cleaned Dana’s clock. Mickie with a School Girl for two. Bayley came back with wild move. Bayley to Belly to send Bayley to the big show on Sunday.

Your Winner: Bayley
Raw Score: 3.0 out of a possible 5

Enzo and Gulak walked backstage. Drew is in a no win situation as Big Cass’ replacement. Fans just don’t seem willing to accept him, at least according to what I have seen around Social Media.

Enzo Amore and Drew Gulak vs Kalisto and Akira Tozawa

The Finish:

Enzo and drew did a long winded promo until their opponents showed up.

Obviously, this was a serious High Flying affair. Drew has tried to ban the flying thing but it didn’t work. That would be like The Last Jedi without any light sabers. Drew had Akira all locked up as we came back from a break. Drew stopped the Hot Tag. Akira hit a nice Belly to Belly but couldn’t reach his corner. Kalisto ramped up the crowd. Hot Tags on both sides. Bombs Away to Enzo. Jumping Enziguri and Springboard Crossbody by Kalisto. Akira got the tag and hit a wild Missile Dropkick. Suicide Spear by Akira. Flip Dive by Kalisto. Akira nailed Enzo and then went up top. Drew pulled Enzo out of harm’s way. Enzo hit his Eat da Feet variation to score the win.

Your Winners: Enzo Amore and Drew Gulak
Raw Score: 3.0

Miz, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel headed out for another segment of MizTV.

Kurt chatted with his Team Raw members. Kurt put Finn and Joe against Gallows and Anderson. Kurt set Jason Jordan against the returning Bray Wyatt. Braun demanded to fight Kane. Kurt agreed.


Miz’s guests: The Bar (Sheamus and Cesaro)

Miz went off on Baron Corbin and Sin Cara about which one will face him on Sunday. Miz was so harsh to Corbin. Dang. Miz talked about facing The Shield and then brought out the new tag champs, The Bar. Sheamus showed off his crimson tag belts. Sheamus bragged about staying focused, last week. Cesaro mumbled that they just took advantage of a situation. The Bar are now the 3-Time tag champs. Sheamus started talking trash about The Usos. Miz told the rowdy crowd to shut up…like that has EVER worked.

Sheamus crowed about being the A Team Tag Team Champions. Cesaro promised to Jailbreak the Usos. Miz was ready to fight the Original Shield. Miz was certain that The Shield would fail, later tonight.

We got another look at Under Siege, from several weeks ago.

New Day accepted the tag match.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if Drew McIntyre and other members of NXT invaded Survivor Series and tore up both Raw and Smackdown? A friends and I have been chatting about the idea.

Bray Wyatt vs Jason Jordan (Angle)


Running Headbutt by Bray. Kurt watched from the back. Jason ran Bray into several corners and Speared the ribs. Overhead Throw by Jason. Bray bailed out of the ring and Jason came after him. He missed a dive and Jason crashed and burned. Break time.

Bray with a Rear Chin Lock. Bray clocked Jason and got a two count. Jason popped Bray but it had almost no effect. Looks like the virus took a little poundage off Bray, as well. Bray went for a Scoop Slam but Jason slid away. Uranage Slam! Jason was dealing with a bad leg. Bray going in to replace Jason? Jason straight punched Bray and then hit a Back Elbow. Jason escaped Sister Abigail and rolled up Bray for the pin.

Your Winner: Jason Jordan (Angle)
Raw Score: 2.5

Bray jumped Jason, after the bell. Bray pitched Jason back in the ring and worked over the bad leg. He drove it into the ring post. Kurt rushed down to check on his son. Jason couldn’t even walk to the back without help. No way he fights on Sunday.

Jason’s knee was being iced down. Jason swore he would be fine. Kurt didn’t think his kid could compete. Jason was almost in tears as he begged to be left on the team. He used the “Dad” card. Jeez.

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman came out to address the main event on Sunday. Brock got a monster pop from the crowd. We saw how A.J. Styles defeated Jindar Mahal, last week, to become the new WWE Champion.

Paul did his typical intro, complete with chant along. Smile. Paul pushed the WWENetwork. Paul discussed why the match between Brock and Styles will be amazing. This is the first time, according to Paul, that Brock and Styles will met. Paul said Styles vs Brock 2 will likely NEVER happen again. Paul praised his client for being so dominant. Paul had a ton of respect for Styles. Paul was confused by the chant “She Said Yes”. Someone popped the question. Paul had fun with it. Brock was about to start laughing as Paul imitated Fred Flintstone/Jackie Gleason. Smile.

Paul considered Styles to be the “Ultimate opponent” for Lesnar. Paul did know that Styles would be the Underdog in the fight. Paul knew that Brock would prove his dominance on Sunday. Paul compared Styles to Rocky Balboa. Does that make Brock “Clubber Lang” or “Ivan Drago”? Just remember, Rocky did beat them both. Paul promised that Styles will not survive Suplex City or the F5. Great Promo, Paul, even if it did go a bit long.

Miz, Sheamus and Cesaro vs The Shield (Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins)
Six Man Tag Team Match


Seth and Cesaro started this one. Collar and Elbow into a Go Behind. Standing Switch by Cesaro. Side Headlock Takeover. Kick and European Uppercut by Cesaro. Shoulder Tackle by Cesaro. Universal into a sweet Dropkick by Seth. Tag to Dean. Double team on the Swiss Cyborg. Dean and Cesaro exchanged Knife Edge Chops. Float Over into a Drop Toe Hold and Leg Lock by Dean. Crossface to set up a tag back to Seth. Ax Bomber by Seth. Dean came right back in and clubbed Cesaro’s back. Tag to Sheamus. Double team on Dean. Mugging of Dean as the ref was distracted. Quick tags on the Heel Side. Rear Chin Lock into a Keylock by Sheamus. Triple Team on Miz nad The Bar. Miz bailed out to avoid Roman. Shield took out Bo and Axel. Miz literally ran away. The Shield could not believe what a coward Miz was being.

Miz grew a pair, during the break, and returned. The fight went to the floor. Seth dropped Miz but Sheamus got the tag. Inside Cradle for 2. Sheamus was sent over the ropes. Seth Elbowed free but Sheamus snapped the neck on the top rope. Sheamus went up top but ate a Superkick. Tags on both sides. Roman just blew through all in sight. Corner Clotheslines by the Big Dog. Cesaro got a Big Boot but so did Roman. Samoan Drop by Roman. Miz distracted Roman but Dean hit a Suicide Dive. Cesaro nailed a Flying European Uppercut. Lift Uppercut gave Cesaro a 2. Superman Punch! Dean and Seth kept everyone else busy. Cesaro hit a kick to stop Spear. It broke down into complete chaos. Dirty Deeds. Flying Knee Trembler. Miz was beginning to panic. Spear! Shield Bomb!

Your Winners: The Shield
Raw Score: 3.25

The announcers brought up the Kane vs Braun Strowman feud.

Kane cut a promo against Braun. Kane was ready to show Braun that there was something worse than death…him.

Great Moment in History was Lita vs Trish from 2004. Lita took the strap, that night. Too cool.

Kurt Angle was in the ring, again. Kurt had to make a hard decision. Kurt pulled Jason out of the Five on Five Match. Kurt decided to go with…

Jason Jordan hobbled out and begged his dad not to take this away from him. Jason was proud that he would get to fight with his dad. Kurt said Jason was injured. Jason swore he would be fine by Sunday. Jason would not take No for an answer. Jason admitted his dad has always been his idol. Jason again begged to keep his place. Jason cried to his father “Don’t take this from me”. Kurt thought about it…

Out came Stephanie to order Kurt to do what he had to do. Triple H’s music then hit! Holy crap! HHH powered down to the ring. He snatched the microphone from Kurt’s hand. HHH said he would announce the 5th member…TRIPLE H! That is so much better than Bray, sorry Wyatt. HHH kicked Jason low and hit a Pedigree. Really? Oh Hell….anyone calling my house on Sunday will definitely get the answering machine!

Finn Balor and Samoa Joe vs Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson


Joe and Finn got into it, before the match. Karl jumped in and got annihilated. Joe protected Finn from a sneak attack as Raw headed to break.

Joe took the tag and worked over Karl. Elbow Drop and tag back to Finn. Knife Edge and Whip by Finn. Karl reversed the Whip. Finn headed up top. Luke distracted the ref and Karl caused Finn to fall onto the ropes. Tag to Luke. Solid punch to Balor’s skull. Finn fought back. Savate Kick by Luke. Dang. Elbow Drops by Luke. 2 count.

Karl took the tag and slugged away. Snap Mate and Rear Chin Lock by Karl. Finn punched away but took a High Elbow to the face. 2 count again. Back to the Rear Chin Lock. Karl converted over to an Arm Bar.

Finn reached for the tag but he was stopped short. Spinebuster by Karl. Raw took another break.

We were back and Luke was in control on Finn. Big Boot to Finn’s face. Luke charged Joe. Luke then missed a huge Elbow Drop. He took a Pele to the kisser. Hot Tag to Joe. Joe ran over Karl, who had tagged in. Backsplash Senton. Joe then laid out Luke. Corner Attack by Joe. Tag to Finn. Joe threw Luke out. Uranage by Joe and Coup de Grace by Finn.

Your Winners: Samoa Joe and Finn Balor
Raw Score: 3.25

The announcers ran down the full Survivor Series card. There could still be a few changes. Alexa Bliss was interviewed about fighting either Natalya or Charlotte Flair. Alexa was asked who she would prefer to fight. She didn’t really care. Alexa changed her mind and said she just might show up and watch the title match. Hmmm….

Kane vs Braun Strowman


Kane smiled at Braun and punched him. Braun opened up on Kane with punches and stomps. Kane bailed out and Braun went to get him. Braun just unloaded with Haymakers on the Big Red Monster. The ref was being real lenient with the count. The ref asked them to get back in the ring but it wasn’t going to happen. Braun screamed about being put in a garbage truck. Corey corrected me that het match hadn’t actually started so there couldn’t be a count, just yet. Kane threw Braun into the ring steps. Kane went under the ring to find a table! Kane placed the table and went after Braun. Kane found a steel chair and blasted the back, over and over. Goozle but Braun shook it off. Braun broke the hold. Braun worked Kane’s back with the steel chair. Braun and Kane fought up on the ropes. They teased a Table Spot. Goozle by Kane. Ax Bomber by Braun after breaking the Goozle. Bulldog Bounce and they went THROUGH the ring!

Your Winner: No Official Match
Raw Score: 2.5

Great Ending!


–Jay Shannon

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