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Feeling the Impact: A look at this week’s GFW Impact Wrestling

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

The men and women of Impact headed up to Ontario for this week’s post-Bound for Glory episode. Jeremy Borash and Josh Mathews were our announce team.

First, we got a look back at Bound for Glory. The event got mixed reviews but I still think it was an excellent show. E-Li Drake retained his title, thanks to help from Alberto El Patron.

Drake came out to the ring to crow about still being the champ. Chris Adonis insulted the crowd before Drake got to rambling. Drake said he had beaten everyone on the roster…

Suddenly, Petey Williams came out. He was draped in the Canadian flag, which got a huge pop from the crowd. Petey made it clear he wanted a shot at the title. Drake backed out by saying he had the night off. Adonis tried to jump Petey, only to get his butt kicked. Petey then went after Drake. E-Li just barely avoided falling to the Canadian Destroyer.

Johnny Impact arrived and let’s just say he is NOT a happy camper.

Jimmy Jacobs joined the announce team. Good to see him. JV is confused to see Jacobs but they move on to our opening contest.

Sonjay Dutt vs Matt Sydal

The Finish:

Matt applied a wild Indian Death Ankle Lock. Dutt made it to the ropes. The fight went to the floor. Dutt was in charge until they went back into the ring. Dutt missed a Splash. Matt nailed Chemical Imbalance and then hit the Sui-Sydal to bring this great match to an end.

Your Winner: Matt Sydal
Global Impact: 3.75 out of a possible 5

Ethan Carter III came out with his Grand Championship. He seemed to be praising Matt but turned it into an insult fest. Ethan accused Matt of Choking when the big spotlights were on. Ethan bragged about how he was a top star and a 1%er. Ethan basically set up their feud.

Johnny Impact was strolling backstage. He still wasn’t happy.

Josh and JB discussed the GHC title, which was about to be defended.

Eddie Edwards vs Phantasma Jr. (El Hijo de Phantasma)
GHC Title Match

The Finish:

Phantasma just avoided the Boston Knee Party. He clocked Eddie with a wild Clothesline and a Jumping Enziguri. Phantasma flew off the top rope and fell to a Boston Knee Party. Eddie could have taken the win but wanted to deliver Die Hard to take this one home.

Your Winner: Eddie Edwards
Global Impact: 3.5

Sami Callahan and the Crist Brothers hung out backstage. They watched video highlights from B4G. Then they headed off to the ring.

oVe vs Phil Atlas, Burke and Ray Steele
Six Man Tag Team Match

Sami beat up on Burke and then the oVe united to hit a Triple Boot, in the corner. Phil did the semi-Hot Tag, only to get Triple Booted. The All Seeing Eye took this one home.

Your Winners: oVe
Global Impact: 1.25

LAX ran in to beat down on oVe. Konnan’s crew actually got a Face Pop from the Canadian crowd.

McKenzie interviewed Hakeem Zane, who won Global Forged. Before she got to ask much, Johnny Impact rushed in and blasted Zane. Johnny then shouted out at Alberto El Patron for what he pulled on Sunday. Johnny said he wasn’t going anywhere until he got a chance to fight Alberto.

We scooted over to Border City Wrestling for our Knockout battle.

Allie vs K.C. Spinelli

The Finish:

Allie nailed a wicked Codebreaker. K.C. came right back with a hard Clothesline. K.C. went up top but missed a Moonsault. Allie then finished things off with a Death Valley Driver.

Your Winner: Allie
Global Impact: 1.75

Alberto E l Patron cackled about Johnny Impact screaming about wanting to fight. Alberto warned Johnny to be careful what he asked for.

Allie went all Fan Girl about being in the ring with Gail Kim at Bound for Glory. Allie has heard that Kim has a huge announcement, next week, and she couldn’t wait to hear it.

Johnny Impact jumped Alberto El Patron in catering. It got seriously messy. Smile.

The fight would eventually also include Braxton Sutter and Caleb Konley. This turned into a serious Hardcore battle as the various people fought all around the backstage area. Alberto finally explained his attack. He was not about to let anyone have the title that the company stole from him. The two fought out into the arena, where they took time to insult each other. Security rushed out, only to get neutralized by Alberto AND Johnny. This was an excellent way to bring the show to a close and set up a fantastic feud. Not sure if Alberto and Johnny (Mundo) ever fought in Lucha Undergrouond but this one should be epic.


–Jay ShanNon

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