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by  Michael Nunnford

Wrestling has always been a hugely popular form of sport and entertainment on a global scale. For many years there were the likes of WWF (now WWE), ECW and WCW that attracted millions of viewers week in week out, mostly in North America. Around 16 years ago, the WWE became the number one brand in the wrestling industry, with both WCW and ECW unable to compete with Vince McMahon’s star-studded rosters. This borne out by the amount of media coverage it receives, to the point at which it is now included in even sports betting sites. It’s the superstars who have made the industry what it is but who are some of the all-time greats I grew up watching?

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold Steve Austin is the biggest financial asset ever to grace WWE. While there are others that will be named below that have achieved more or have seemed to be more popular, Stone Cold was everything that is good about WWE and more. His storylines are legendary because they were all based on his own personality, so it gave everything a real feel of authenticity. The fans loved him because he made everything so much more believable.

The Undertaker

The Undertaker is a true WWE great and would be mentioned by everybody writing a similar list. When others in the WWE seemed to come and go, Taker stayed loyal and is the longest serving WWE superstar of all time. It was his legendary WrestleMania streak that really earned him the all-time great status and it was this streak that was spoken about even by the media and press working outside of the wrestling industry.

The Rock

The Rock is potentially the wrestler who best connected with the fans the most during in his time at WWE, before going on to be a major movie star. He was crucial in WWE’s major boom in both his wrestling abilities and his personality. The People’s Champ was exactly that and he was responsible for filling arena after arena as people flocked to not only watch him in the ring but to hear his classic insults and one-liners. His returns to the ring prove that he’s a superstar the fans will always love.

John Cena

John Cena is everything that WWE wants and needs and more. He’s been the world champion 16 times, he’s stayed loyal to the WWE for over 15 years and he’s got global appeal. No wonder, trusted sports betting operator Unibet sees him as the winner of next years´ Royal Rumble match. When the chips were down for the WWE, his introduction changed everything and put it back on the map and even though he’s not appearing as much as before, he’s still one of the biggest names in the industry and a great advert for it too.

Triple H

No all-time greats list would be complete without Triple H. He’s one of the biggest superstars of all time and is very deserving of his legend status. His involvement in founding D-Generation X was integral bringing in the Attitude Era and he has played key roles in some of the most gripping storylines to date. Triple H is one of the wrestlers people loved to hate but he really turned on the style over the years in main event after main event. His fans will always be betting on him contributing to the sport for a long time to come.

That’s my top 5!!

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