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Jermaine Royster Reporting

Smackdown comes to us live from the Norfolk Scope Arena in Norfolk, Virginia. With Survivor Series on the way we start to see the Smackdown Live men’s team start to grow, we already saw Randy Orton beat Sami Zayn to solidify his spot last week. Tonight we have a 2 out of 3 falls match between Dolph Ziggler & Bobby Roode, also Kevin Owens battles Shinsuke Nakamura with the winners of both matches joining Orton on the Survivor Series team.

Shane McMahon’s music hits and the Smackdown Live Commisioner makes his way to the ring. Shane talks about how Smackdown has always been the second brand next to the flagship, Monday Night Raw. Shane says that Smackdown has already done everything that Raw has done and with less Draft picks but that was not enough. Shane said they all had a team meeting and #UnderSiege was born so they went to kick the Raw superstars in the mouth. Shane then thanks the Smackdown Live roster stating that they all have heart. McMahon then brings up Daniel Bryan going to Raw last night and getting set up by Kurt Angle & Stephanie McMahon allowing Kane to attack Bryan. Shane then says he will be the team captain and that he will see Kurt Angle at the Survivor Series.

Singles Match
2 out of 3 Falls
*Winner makes the Smackdown Live Survivor Series Team*
“Glorious” Bobby Roode vs Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler goes for a quick pin attempt but then goes with a headlock then a takedown. Bobby comes right back then teases the DDT, Ziggler counters in the corner but Roode hits a clotheline. Roode hits a Blockbuster for a two count. Roode then tosses Ziggler to the outside then Ziggler scores with right hands on the outside. Roode then sends Ziggler into the barricade but Ziggler scores with a flash Superkick back in the ring and Ziggler covers Roode for the quick first fall.

Dolph Ziggler wins the First Fall
During the Commercial break Bobby Roode ties up the match by hitting a a catapault that sends Ziggler of the steel post, Roode covers Dolph to tie the match up at one fall a piece.
Roode wins the second pinfall.

Ziggler comes right back with a jumping DDT for a two count, Ziggler then gets countered by Roode with a Spine Buster. Roode tries the DDT but Ziggler hits the Zig Zag for a two count, Dolph then sets up for the Super kick. Bobby blocks the move then both men try to score a rollup but Roode hits the Glorious DDT and gets the win over Ziggler.

Your Winner: Bobby Roode

Bobby Roode joins Randy Orton & Shane McMahon on the Smackdown Live Survivor Series team.

Singles Match
Baron Corbin(c) vs Sin Cara

Corbin uses his stregnth quickly then tries to unmask Sin Cara before tossing him to the outside floor. Corbin drops Sin Cara then again tries to take off the mask, Sin Cara counters Baron then tries a suicide dive but Corbin catches him with a right hand. Corbin then drags Sin Cara around the ring by his mask but Sin Cara would run Corbin into the steel steps. Sin Cara would unload with right hands then a big tackle dropping Corbin. Baron gets up then hits a high cross body onto Corbin by the announce table. The bell sounds as both men have been counted out but Sin Cara does not care as Corbin takes off through the crowd.

No Winner: Double Count Out

Sunil & Sumil Singh appear next and the introduce WWE Champion Jinder Mahal, The Singh’s do there entrance mocking Paul Heyman’s intro of Brock Lesnar.

Singles Match
“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles vs Sumir Singh

Sumir quickly slaps AJ to start the match but AJ counters and scores with the Styles Clash for the quick win.

Your Winner: AJ Styles

After the match we see Jinder & Sunil storm the ring to ambush Styles, Jinder sends Styles into the post then stretches Styles back. Mahal then hits his finisher The Colas and the crowd disapproves.

Singles Match
Rusev vs Big E

Rusev attacks Big E with kicks to the gut but Big E counters with an abdominal strecth and a elbow off the ropes. Big E stomps on a downed Rusev in the corner, Rusev then grabs the arm of Big E and drops him on the ropes. The action goes to the outside floor as Big is in pain, Rusev sends Big E back into the steel post. Back in the ring Rusev continues to work the bad arm of Big E that was rammed into the post with arm wrenches. Big E tries a comeback but gets a back elbow from Rusev stopping his attack. Rusev goes back to that injured arm with an arm bar but Big E is trying to break the hold. Big gets away then hits an over head Belly to Belly suplex then hits the big splash off the ropes. Rusev counters the Big Ending but Big E hits a corner urinage to Rusev. Aiden Enlgish then interfere’s causing Rusev to hit the big back kick and Big E is down, Rusev covers Big E for the win.

Your Winner: Rusev

Smackdown Live Main Event
Singles Match
*Winner will be the Fourth Smackdown Live Survivor Series Team member*
Shinsuke Nakamura vs Kevin Owens

Nakamura strikes Owens with elbows right from the sound of the bell, Owens has to retreat but when he gets in the ring Nakamura goes with knee strikes. Owens gets his boot up in the corner stopping Nakamura for a quick second but when both men go outside the ring Owens strikes. Nakamura gets back in command sending Owens off the outside barricade. Nakamura side steps Owens in the ring but Kevin scores with a superkick for a two count. Owens screams that, “This is his show!” then slaps on a headlock to Nakamura. Owens would hit a DDT for a two count then Owens just pounds away with elbows to Shinsuke’s face. Owens goes back to the seated headlock as the crowd chants. “KO Sucks!” Nakamura tries to free himself and does then comes back with a kne lift off the ropes. Nakamura then lays in with two left kicks then a big right kick. Nakamura hits the corner elbow strike then follows with the running knee lift in the corner. Sami Zayn then strolls to the ring and Owens tries to roll up of the distraction to no avail, Nakamura then puts Owens on the top rope but Owens counters with a twistin suplex off the second rope for a two count. Nakamura then counters the Pop Up Powerbomb with a rollup then blasts Kevin with Shining Wizard. Nakamura sets up for his finisher but Sami Zayn pulls Owens out of the ring. Owens gets back in control hitting a frog splash off the top to Nakamura for a two count. Sami then clears the table Owens to slam Nakamura but Randy Orton comes to the ring and puts Sami through the table with a back suplex. Nakamura then sees his oppertunity and connects with the Kinsasha knee strike and Owens is down, Nakamura covers Owens for the win.

Your Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura, Nakamura becomes the Fourth Smackdown Survivor Series team member

Kevin Owens is furious as he leaves the ring and be seen screaming for Shane McMahon as Smackdown Live goes off the air.

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