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Most people believe that talent is released due to issues like dressing room conflicts, or other personal behavior. Although that may play a part in a release the main reason it this …

It’s called the Wrestling (or Sports Entertainment) business. The key word is BUSINESS. Like any other corporation or company if something is not generating revenue it needs to be looked at, fine tuned, or perhaps eliminated. So is the case with WWE. They are a BUSINESS and that’s the bottom line!

In some cases yes the performer may have issues — either personal or business and that can changesthe course of their job.

There is also the key issue in WWE of the creative direction not having a program for some of their performers. They may have tried certain direction and each one of them didn’t yield a favorable result. The next step, as hard as it is to swallow, may be “Sorry, we don’t have any direction for your character at this time.” None of us (outside certain departments in the WWE) know how individual contracts are structured. Perhaps a performer may opt out of the job and/or the company has the right to terminate. It all depends on the contract terms.

I do not know why Emma was released. However I know that so many fans are trying to find a “smoking gun” of what she may have done (yes I know about the alleged shoplifing episode some time ago). But as I wrote the MAIN reason for releasing talent in the Wrestling business is because…it’s a BUSINESS!

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