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Feeling the Impact: A look at this week’s GFW (Global) Impact Wrestling.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

After a brief stay in the hospital, I’m back to bring you best of today’s wrestling. This week, I am joined by a very special co-host, Donna Carol. She’s been a wrestling fan for almost as long as I have.

James Storm and Ethan Carter III vs El Hijo de Phantasma (Phantasma Jr.) and Texano Jr.

The Finish:

Ethan was sent to the floor and Phantasma went for a Tope Suicida. For some odd reason, Texano grabbed his partner’s ankle on the fly. Phantasma blocked the 1%er and hit a modified Package Piledriver. Texano and Phantasma argued who would score the pin. Storm snuck in and used the Last Call to take this one home.

Your Winners: Ethan Carter III and James Storm
Global Impact: 2.75 out of a possible 5

E-Li Drake was telling someone, through his phone, that they should return. The call was halted by the arrival of Dutch Mantell. Dutch needed answers for what happened at the end of last week’s show. Drake chose to basically ignore Dutch and moved on.

We headed over to BCW (Border City Wrestling), where oVe successfully defended the GFW tag belts against the top guys from that organization.

Moose and Bonner did a promo about their upcoming match against King Mo and bobby Lashley.

E-Li Drake ignored a request, from McKensie, to do an interview.

Eddie Edwards vs Naomichi Marufuji
GHC Heavyweight Title Match

The Finish:

Eddie ate a Superkick and Barricade Crotch Drop but rebounded to rock the challenger with a wicked Dive. Naomichi hit a variation of the C4 but still can’t pull the win. Eddie came back to nail the Boston Knee Party. 12-not yet. Eddie used a Powerbomb and Tiger Bomb to set up Emerald Frosion.

Your Winner: Eddie Edwards
Global Impact: 3.0

oVe did a promo on LAX. Drake then agreed to talk with McKenzie, which turned into self-promotion for the GFW Champion.

We headed back to BCW to watch Petey Williams win.

E-Li Drake and Chris Adonis vs Garza Jr. and Johnny Impact

The Finish:

Drake tagged in but fell to a nasty Jawbreaker from Garza. Drake recovered and planted Garza with a Powerslam that almost got the pin. Johnny got the Hot Tag and rocked his opponents with Elbows and Leg Lariats. Johnny connected with a Wicked Springboard Spiral Elbow Smash. Garza attempted a Baseball Slide but Drake caught him and spin him into the barricade. Drake and Adonis got into it when Adonis accidentally clocked Drake, who had been holding Johnny. In all the chaos, Impact rolled up Adonis to score the win.

Your Winners: Johnny Impact and Garza Jr.
Global Impact: 2.25

We got a promo for the pending return of Alberto El Patron.

We are off to Tijuana for the next match.

Trevor Lee vs Ultimo Ninja
X-Division Title Match

The Finish:

Ultimo Ninja is Garza Jr.’s brother. Lee caught Ninja with a wild shot and sent him crashing to the floor. The two got back in the ring and slugged it out. Ninja hit a great Springboard Dropkick to earn a 2 count. Ninja connected with a Twisting Moonsault up and over the top. He then threw Lee back in and went for another Moonsault. Lee got the boots up and hit Ninja’s lower back. Lee then rolled up Ninja to retain the X-Strap.

Your Winner: Trevor Lee
Global Impact: 2.5

King Mo expressed just how upset he was at Moose and Bonner for their disrespect. That led to…

Bobby Lashley vs Moose

The Finish:

Dan Lambert distracted Moose so Bobby could blast him. Bobby kept the ref’s attention so Dan could choke Moose. Moose got free and began a good comeback. He rocked Bobby with a Big Boot but Dan rushed in and smashed Moose with a trophy.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Moose
Global Impact: 1.0

After the match, all Hell broke loose. Bonner and Moose came out on top and Moose grabbed the stick. He challenged America’s Top Team of Lashley and King Mo to face them in…Six Sides of Steel…at Bound for Glory.


–Jay Shannon

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