Posted October 23rd, 2017 by Bill Apter

IT’S TABLES, LADDERS, & CHAIRS LEGAL! Pinfall or submission is the only way to win for your team.

Angle came down from the stands with Ambrose and Rollins (wearing a Sheild outfit)!

Lots of action with Angle at one point suplexing Cesaro, Sheamus, and Miz. He was also running slammed through a table by Strowman and was taken back to the locker room.

After that Rollins and Ambrose were brutalized by their opponents.

Miz had a garbage truck into the arena and were going to dump Rollins & Amborse into the truck. They did but they dove off it and punished their opponents. Next they got Miz alone and were going to put him through a table but Kane came to the rescue for a few moments.

Kane shocke everyone by tuning against Strowman and chokeslammed him through the stage (they came to blows earlier in the match)!

Then Kane pulled chairs down (around a dozen) from a hanging area and right onto Strowman preventing Strowman from returning. Kane beat on Ambrose but they rallied and attached him and Miz.

Kane double chokeslammed Rollins and Ambrose onto tables.

Strowman came back! He attacked Miz and Cesaro and then attacked Kane!
Now it was all four beating up Kane (his own partners). Kane waas tosed into the garbage truck and it drove away!

In the ring Rollins & Ambrose were being beaten up when Angle came back and tossed Cesaro and Sheamus through tables.

Miz in the ring used a Skull Crushing Finale on Angle but he kicked out at two. An Angle lock by Kurt but Miz kicked him out of the ring.

Dirty Deeds by Ambrose. A drop by Angle, The Triple Powerbomb by Kurt on Miz and pin!!!

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