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Feeling the Impact: A look at this week’s GFW Impact Wrestling

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

Grado finally stood up for himself and found himself in a serious pickle. Plus, more pieces were put into place for Bound for Glory.

Moose and his buddy showed up with all the stuff that they took from the America’s Top Team training center. The Top Team guys then arrived, ready to get their stuff back.

Roll the opening montage.

Chris Adonis vs Johnny Impact

The Finish:

This was a back and forth math that bridged a commercial break. As the match returned from commercial, Chris tried for a brutal Superplex. Johnny blocked it and knocked Chris off the ropes. Starship Pain gave Johnny the win.

Your Winner: Johnny Impact
Global Impact: 3.0 out of a possible 5

After the match, E-Li Drake did a Run In to attack Johnny. Impact stood his ground to the Global Champion, until Adonis got involved, again. Garza Jr. took his time but eventually joined the fight to even the sides.

We got a video package about the pending return of Alberto El Patron. He is coming back at Bound for Glory.

We got a Bound for Glory flashback of Samoa Joe.

Time to head south of the border to visit AAa…

Texano Jr. vs El Hijo de Phantasma (Phantasma Jr) vs “Cowboy” James Storm vs Eddie Edwards vs Ethan Carter III
Fatal Five Way Match

The Finish:

Texano came in and went wild. He cleaned house but Phantasma blasted Ethan with a modified Dudebuster. Texano picked the bones and covered Ethan.

Your Winner: Texano Jr.
Global Impact: 2.5

oVe headed to another area of Mexico to confront Konnan and his crew of LAX. Konnan said the only way that oVe would see him or his boys would be to put the tag bels on the line.

We got another ad for the Global Streaming Service.

Ethan, Storm and Eddie argued about getting beaten by the AAA guys. Eddie warned Ethan and Storm to get their act together before he gets back from his title defense in Japan.

Jim Cornette and Dan Lambert had a heated discussion. Scott D’Amore did his to keep them apart.

Desmond Xavier vs Andrew Everett

The Finish:

Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley joined Andrew at ringside. Near the end, Xavier took out Lee and Caleb. Lee recovered and distracted Xavier. Everett nailed a nasty Dropkick. Xavier rebounded and nailed the Handspring Pele.

Your Winner: Desmond Xavier
Global Impact: 2.75

After the match, GFW showcased Lee’s title defenses in the CRASH promotion in Mexico.

Back over in TJ (Tijuana), oVe were seriously nervous about having to fight in such an unfriendly environment.

Moose and his friend took stock of all their loot.

The situation with Grado was evaluated. For those who might not know, Joseph Park became Grado’s agent to keep him in the country. Over the last few weeks, Park has worked Grado like a dog and paid him next to nothing. It was time for this situation to come to a head…now.

Grado came out to the ring, hot as a $2 pistol at a turkey shoot. He called out Park. Joseph wasn’t happy to have to give up his time for this. Grado said it was ridiculous how he was getting treated. Park reminded Grado that he did get him a Visa to stay in the country. Grado said if Park was a decent person, he would give Grado the Visa and let him start getting paid properly. Park admitted he got seduced by the money, women, fame, etc… Grado thought Park was going to give him the paper but Park snatched it back. Joseph said Grado would have to fight for it. Grado thought Park meant a fight between Grado and Joseph. Grado quickly signed the contract, without reading it. Park then dropped the bomb that there were 2 things that Grado must have missed. 1. Grado would be fighting in a Monster’s Ball Match at Bound for Glory. 2. Grado’s opponent would not be Joseph Park but Chris Park aka Abyss (Joseph’s “brother”).

America’s Top Team were backstage, ready to start a fight. This came after a quick video package about the feud.

A freaked out Grado rushed to his car. He turned on the radio, only to hear Abyss’ music. The car wouldn’t move, as if it were haunted. Love Halloween.

oVe vs Diamonte Negro (Black Diamond) and Peligroso Negro (Black Danger)
Global Tag Team Title Match

oVe completely dominated the match. Tons of Big Boots. The Blacks tried a weak offense but were quickly neutralized. The Crist Brothers finished off their foe with a Double Stomp/Tombstone combo. Not sure what to call that except…effective.

Your Winners: oVe
Global Impact: 1.75

America’s Top Team came out and shoved down Jeremy Borash. Dan Lambert cut a great promo about actually liking wrestling for over 40 years. He even got his MMA start through connections with wrestler buddies. Dan actually had several title belts, including the Road Warriors’ old Georgia straps and Bruno’s old WWWF championship belt. Dan finally named the buddy of Moose as Stephen Bonner. Dan challenged Moose and Bonner to take on his guys, Lashley and King Mo. Dan wants to destroy wrestling, because the performers could never stand up to a real fight.

Moose and Bonner came out, only to get Pearl Harbored by the A.T.T. forces. Moose and Bonner get just decimated by Mo and Lashley. Security, Refs and several wrestlers came out to help but got their collective butts handed to them. Dan, Mo and Bobby stood over the fallen.

oVe came to the ring to get their pay from promoter, Konnan. Konnan said no pay and they would not get their belts back until Bound for Glory when they face his familia. Konnan called in the troops and they stomp the daylights out of the Crist Brothers.

We get this week’s edition of Global Forged.

Taya Valkyrie vs Rosemary

The Finish:

Taya dropped Rosemary with a vicious kick to the face. Rosie did the Undead Rise and tried for the Red Wedding. Taya blocked it and hit a Northern Lights Suplex and Double Stomp to take this one home.

Your Winner: Taya Valkyrie
Global Impact: 2.0

Taya wanted to continue to war, post- match, but Rosie Misted her. Rosemary cut a promo where she challenged Taya to a First Blood Match at Bound for Glory. Hell Yeah! Just keep Sexy Star away from the ring. Google that one if you haven’t heard about what Star ALLEGEDLY did to Rosemary, a few weeks back.


–Jay Shannon

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