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205 Live
Van Andel Arena
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Air Date: October 10th, 2017

205 Live begins tonight with a video recap from Raw that saw the Cruiserweights take the main event slot as Kalisto dethrones Enzo Amore in a lumberjack match.

After the opening credits, Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show and catch us up on the happenings from Raw last night. They go over tonight’s card that includes Rich Swann versus TJP in a two-out-of three falls match. In addition, Kalisto when make his first address to the WWE Universe as Cruiserweight Champion.

We go to the ring where Renee Young is in the ring ready to interview Kalisto. Kalisto makes his way out to nice reaction and makes his way to the ring. He says that, finally a Luchador is the Cruiserweight Champion. He also pays tribute to his idol, Eddie Guerro because he won the title on Geurro’s birthday. He tells her he will bring honor to the title much different then his predesecessor, Enzo Amore.

Amore’s music hits and he cuts off the rest of Kalisto’s promo. Amore comes out with his ally, Ariya Daivari. Amore claims that he carried the division citing the fact that he has been on Raw’s main event for the last three weeks. Amore took issue that Kalisto had won the title in a lumberjack match. He also relayed that Mustafa Ali had interfered in the match breaking up his own pin attempt. Kalisto used Amore’s own words against him stating, “A win is a win.”

Amore says hw will seek his rematch at TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs and take back the title. Amore and Daivari charge the ring and attack Kalisto but Mustafa Ali comes out makes the save.

The two-out-of-three fall match is next as the show goes to break.

As Swann makes his way to the ring, a brief video package is shown documenting the recent history of the feud. Swann grabs a mic and tells TJP that their friendship is over and he hopes TJP is ok with that. TJP makes his entrance next. As Perkins walks to the ring, Swann takes the opportunity to attack him. They throw each other in the barricades around the ring then go inside the ring to start the match.

Match 1: Rich Swann vs. TJP in a two-out-of-three falls match

Once in the ring, TJP goes to work on Swann and kicks him to the floor. TJP runs him into the announce table and the ringpost. He throws him back in the ring and locks in the knee bar. Swann was equal to the task as he was able to counter the move with a bridge and get a three count on TJP.

First Fall: Rich Swann

TJP goes right after Swann to start the second fall. We get word that another match has been added tonight as Kalisto and Mustafa Ali will face Enzo Amore and Ariya Daivari.

TJP was stunned to lose so quickly but kept up the pressure on Swann. TJP focused on a slow and methodical dismantling of Swann while TJP also took the time to showboat for the fans.

Swann refused to be put away and was able to mount just enough offense to stay in the match. As both men tried to put the other away, their knowledge of each other came through with a series of holds and counter-holds that led to near-falls for each man. They both showed thst their stamina was fading when a double clothesline sent them both to the mat.

Both men recovered enough to continue with the hard strikes. Swann scored enough of an advantage to try to climb the ropes but TJP stopped him, pulled him off and applied the kneebar. Swann looked to be in serious trouble but found his way to the ropes to break the hold. TJP then went for the pin Swann countered with a Michinoku Driver into a standing 450 for a near-fall. Swannpositioned TJP and nailed a Phoenix spash for the win.

Winner: Rich Swann, 2-0

Backstage, Amore and Daivari are calling Kalisto and Ali dirtbags when Drew Gulak came in and said he likes Amore’s values but doesn’t like his style or the way he dresses. Gulak is inspired by Amore and says that he is about to get woke and make a difference. Amore wondered what happened as the show goes to commercial.

We return from commercial to see Akira Tozawastart to make his entrance only to get attacked from behind by Drew Gulak. Gulak is apparently upset that Tozawa interrupts his PowerPoint Presentation every week. Gulak runs Tozawa into the video board and then jabs the “No Chants” picket sign into the throat.

The tag team main event is next as the show goes to break.

We return and focus briefly on the feud between Brian Kendrick and Jack Gallagher against Cedric Alexander. Vic Joseph shows a video package of Alexander attacking Kendrick from behind then using an umbrella on Gallagher to get disqualified.

Alexander is set to be interviewed backstage and is asked what prompted his strategy from last week. Alexander points out that Kendrick always refers to himself as the man with the plan, Alexander showed that he has some pans too. Cedric said he knows that Gallagher and Kendrick will formulate a plan and come after him and when they do, he will be ready.

In the arena, Mustafa Ali and Kalisto make their entrance followed by Enzo Amore and Ariya Daivari

Match 2: Enzo Amore and Ariya Daivari vs. Kalisto and Mustafa Ali

Daivari started things against Ali and Ali figured out in a hurry that Amore and Daivari were trying to isolate him in their corner. Ali refused to let that happen despite the other team’s best efforts. Enzo tags in and, after a distraction from Daivari gets the upper-hand on Ali.

Ali quickly fights back on Amore and nails a few rights and a pop-up dropkick. Ali appeared to go for the rolling neck breaker but Daivari interfered and knocked Ali to the floor giving the advantage to his team. Amore and Daivari continue to work over Ali in the corner taking turns inflicting big punishment.

Amore demands to get tagged back in to finish off Ali but Ali makes a move with a spinning heel kick to the face. Kalisto and Daivari both tag in and Kalisto goes to work on both of his opponents. Kalisto and Ali both perform suicide dives on the floor. Kalisto throws Daivari back inside the ring as Amore attempts to distract him. The distraction fails however, as Klisto hits Salida del Sol for the three count.

Winner: Kalisto and Mustafa Ali

Kalisto and Ali celebrate to close tonight’s show.

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