Posted October 8th, 2017 by Bill Apter

It’s a “Falls Count Anywhere” match in the HELL IN A CELL cage. Shane’s family is seated at ringside.


Shane attacked Owens before he got into the Cell … Owens tossed Shane into the mesh and Shane recovered and jumped off the fan barrier onto him. Finally they got into the Cage and the violence began.

Owens brutalized Shane tossing him into the cage and running his face across it in front of Shane’s kids. He threw Shane into the ring steps and then kicked him repeatedly into the ring.

Shane was able to mount a comeback using a crushing DDT. McMahon tried a flip off the top ropes onto Owens — who moved out of he way — and Owens did one.

Owens tried the Pop Up Powerbomb but Shane caught him and turned it into a near submission hold. Owens finally got a Powerbomb on Shane on the steel ring steps!

Fans chanted “We want tables!” Owens obliged and was ready to do a Cannonball onto Shane on the table and Shane moved! Shane beat him with the broken table part repeatedly. Next Shane got a garbage and set Owens up in a corner with the can on him. Shane went to the corner on the opposite side and flew off with a flying dropkick across the ring with his “Coast to Coast” and pin attempt but Owens put his leg on the bottom rope!

Shane cut the lock on the door (the referees would not let him out). He got back in the ring and beat Owens with the garbage can several times. Owens staggred out of the cell and Shane followed. The brawled on the ramp with Owens using a DDT onto the steel flooring. Owens crashed Shane’s groin into the HIAC door then smashed a TV monitor on him. A brutal headbutt to Shane and then he slammed Shane onto to broadcast table. Owen climbed the cage!! Now Shane climbed up!!! Owens tried to knock Shane down. Shenegot up and now both are at the top and punched each other until Shane backdropped him! Shane bodyslammed him on top. Then he suplexed him. Owens superkicked him and then a Cannonball. A pop-up-powerbomb on the roof!

As Owens tried to climb down Shane followed and bashed Owen’s head into the mexh sending Owens crashing onto one of the broken broadcast tables EMTs surrounded Owens. Shane was going to pin him but Shane dragged him
onto another table and headbutt him and then climbed the cage to the roof and came down off the top and Shane crashed into the table — Owens was pulled off the table — by Sami Zayn. Zayn pushed all the EMTs off Shane and put Owens on top of Shane and made the referee count the pin.

Shane had neck brace put on and was stretchered out!

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