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205 Live Recap
The Pepsi Center
Denver, Colorado
Air Date: October 3rd, 2017

Tonight starts with a recap of the cruiserweight segment from Raw. Cruiserweight Champion, Enzo Amore introduces a new clause which states that no cruiserweight on the roster can touch Amore or he will be terminated. Amore felt mighty good about that until Raw General Manager, Kurt Angle came out to introduce a new signee to the division that does not fall under the clause. Kalisto is introduced and makes a run for Amore then lays him out with his finisher.

Fast forward to 205 Live where Vic Joseph and the returning Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show and give us the rundown of the card. Frsh off his signing, Kalisto will make his 205 Live debut facing Ariya Daivari. In addition, Cedric Alexander has a chance to get a measure of revenge as he faces Gentleman Jack Gallagher.

We go straight to the action as Kalisto makes his entrance for the first match. Kalisto got his full entrance plus cut a promo on why he joined the division. Kalisto said yes because the 205 roster is the hardest working group of guys he has ever met. He wanted to continue but “the champ’s” music hit and cut him off.

Amore is a heel now but I have to give him credit his opening shtick still appears to be over. Amore comes out a runs down his outfit and his merchandise sales until Kalisto cuts him off to show the a clip of the underhanded tactics Amore used to win the title at No Mercy.

Amore tells Kalisto winning is winning no matter if its by an inch or a mile. He gives Kalisto credit for going toe to toe with Braun Strowman before ultimately ending up in trash can. Amore questions Kurt Angle’s decision to spread trash all over the “Zo Show.” Amore introduces Daivari as Kalisto’s opponent.

Match 1: Kalisto vs. Ariya Daivari

Daivari tried to slug it out to start but Kalisto quickly created some space and turned up the speed with some kicks and a flying headscissors sending Daivari outside to regroup. Kalisto mounts the ropes and does a nice front-flip on Daivari while Amore watches backstage.

Daivari comes back by scraping Kalisto’s face across the ropes and throwing him from corner to corner for a one count. Daivari is able to maintain control keeping Kalisto grounded until Kalisto is able to fight free and pick up the pace with a nice corkscrew dive headbutt and a spike Hurricanrana for a two-count.

Kalisto set up for Salida del sol but Daivari fought it off and hit a spinebuster. Daivari climbed the ropes and hit a frog splash but only got a two-count. Daivari attempts to pick up Kalisto to finish the job but Kalisto hits Salida del sol out of nowhere for the three-count while Amore trash-talks backstage.

Winner: Kalisto

The announce team throws it to a video package of documenting the feud between Cedric Alexander and the team of Brian Kendrick and Jack Gallagher setting up the main event for later in the show.

Drew Gulack is getting ready to go to the ring and face Mustafa Ali. The match is next as he head to a commercial break.

We return to Drew Gulak’s entrance with his ” No Chants” picket sign in reference to his current feud with Akira Tozawa. Gulak grabs a mic and continues for a better, safer 205 Live he calls, “ Drewtopia.” He called out Tozawa for interrupting his presentation last week and tried to continue it this week with slide eight of 277 in his Powerpoint presentation. Mustafa Ali made his entrance to interrupt slide nine.

Just as the match was set to kick off, Tozawa came out and sat on the stage to watch the match.

Match 2: Drew Gulak vs. Mustafa Ali

Gulak glares at Tozawa to start the match then he and Ali do some hold, counter-hold to begin things. Gulak gets kicked through the ropes as Tozawa starts chanting. The war cry angers Gulak who starts marching around the ring with his sign.

When he re-enters the ring Ali picks up the pace to take control. Ali performs a cool move of a dropkick from the floor to Gulak’s face that was draped over the second rope followed by a cross-body for a two-count.

Gulak took over when he blocked a DDT and scored with a knee to the gut. Gulak geta a two-count and went back to work on Ali. Tozawa started chanting which distracted Gulak briefly. Tozawa chants again firing up Ali and allowing him to fire back. Ali hits the rolling neckbreaker for a near-fall. Ali tries to roll up Gulak but gets kicked head first into the corner. After a suplex into the turnbuckle, Gulak goes to finish him until another Tozawa chant distracts him enough to get kicked in the head by Ali and then get nailed with the reverse 450 for the loss.

Winner: Mustafa Ali

Tozawa comes to the ring and chants over a fallen Drew Gulak to close the segment.

The main event for next week is announced as TJP and Rich Swann will go at it one more time.

Brian Kendrick is being interviewed backstage about his current feud with Cedric Alexander. Kendrick explains that Gallagher is dreaming up ways to torture Cedric Alexander. Kendrick is more concerned with speaking out in defense of Enzo Amore. Kendrick is ashamed because he should have defended Enzo because he knows what its like when the whole locker room turns against you. Kendrick will stand by Enzo but can’t stand by Alexander because he is soft. Alexander jumps Kendrick during the interview and attacks his ankle. Kendrick is left writhing in pain as the show takes another commercial break.

We return to see Gallagher’s entrance. Alexander makes his entrance and walks with purpose going right at Gallagher. He stops long enough for the referee to ring the bell.

Match 3 Cedric Alexander vs. Jack Gallagher

Both men come out brawling. Alexander spends the next several minutes throwing Gallagher around the ring before nailing him with a picture perfect dropkick. Gallagher creates some space throwing Alexander to the outside. Gallagher catches Alexander as he’s getting back in the ring to take control.

Gallagher works over Alexander for several minutes then attacks the knees before pinning Alexander for a two count. Gallagher locks in a front face lock. Alexander tries to fire back but Gallagher cuts him off with a dropkick and a two-count.

Gallagher tries to follow up with kicks but serves only to fire up Alexander. Alexander knocks Gallagher from the ring with a back-elbow then hits a suicide dive between the ropes to the floor then nailing Gallagher on the top of his head. Alexander rolls Gallagher back inside and Jack escapes through the other side in an attempt to flee a fired up Alexander.

Cedric follows him to the floor and continues the assault throwing Gallagher to the barricade. Gallagher escapes the beating by going under the ring and blindsiding Alexander with a running forearm to the face. Gallagher shoves Alexander inside the ring then reaches for his umbrella, William III. Gallagher attempts to use it but Cedric is able to take it as Gallagher slides into the ring. Alexander is warned not to but breaks the umbrella over Gallagher to cause the disqualification.

Winner: Jack Gallagher

The beat down continues after the bell as the two men continue the fight in the time keeper’s area, over the announce desk and all around the ring. All the referees come out to try to break it giving Gallagher the chance to crawl to safety as Kendrick limps down to glare at Alexander as the show ends for this week.

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