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Smackdown comes to us live from the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado and this is the go home edition as “Hell in a Cell” is this Sunday night. Shinsuke Nakamura is set to kick off the show with comments about WWE Champion Jinder Mahal and his antics. Kevin Owens will come face to face with Shane McMahon before they do battle Sunday night as well as The New Day having words with the former champions The Uso’s.

Renee Young welcomes the crowd to Smackdown Live and she introduces Shinsuke Nakamura. Nakamura says words won’t break him and the fear of the unknown is scary but when he beats Jinder he will know what he means. The Singh Brothers then interupt and bring out the WWE Champion Jinder Mahal, but Mahal blinsides Nakamura from behind. Nakamura comes back with kicks and strikes then Shinsuke takes out both Singh Brothers, Nakamura sets up for the Kinsasha but The Singh Brothers get in the way. Jinder then hits The Calas to Nakamura mid ring while Mahal’s music hits right after.

Smackdown Live Womens Division
Tag Team Match
Natalya & Carmella vs Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair

Carmella gets slapped by Lynch to start off and she escapes to the floor, Becky & Charlotte then take out both women with baseball slides. Carmella then comes back with a kick to Becky and she goes down. Carmella takes out Becky with shots on the ground then tags in Natalya and she works over Becky in the corner. Natalya goes with a seated headlock on Becky but Becky scores with a hip toss but Nattie & Carmella double team Becky in the corner. Becky then tries a victory roll then tags in Charlotte, Flair goes to the knife edge chops to Natalya then delivers a knee to the back of Natalya’s neck. Carmella comes in to break the pin but Charlotte scores with a move but Natalya goes to the ropes. Carmella then blasts Charlotte with the MITB breifcase, That allows Natalya to lock on with the SharpShooter and Charlotte has no choice but to submit.

Your Winners: Natalya & Carmella

Smackdown continues with a highlight package of Shane McMahon & Kevin Owens before their match at Hell in a Cell this Sunday night.

Singles Match
Mike Kanellis vs Bobby Roode

Both men lock up with Roode forcing Kanellis in the corner but Mike comes right back with strikes that drop Roode. Bobby comes back with a Spinebuster then does the quickly hits the Glorious DDT and thats all she wrote.
Your Winner: Bobby Roode

After the match we see Dolph Ziggler come out to chastise Roode but once again Dolph talks about working on an entrance for Sunday night. Dolph says to Bobby that now that he has the “Glorious” entrance he has now found glory. Dolph then says at somepoint the bell has to ring and Roode will be exposed, Dolph says all Bobby Roode is is an entrance. Roode says Dolph’s entrance was horrible, Roode then gets the crowd to chant “Glorious” as he does the pose.

The Uso’s then come out to read The New Day their “rights” before the compete for the Smackdown Live Tag Titles inside Hell in a Cell. The Uso’s then tell the crowd that The New Day wont have 3 but 2 men inside the ring then as they do their catchphrase they get cutt off by Big E, New Day then come out. The New Day claim how they are the class of the division and that they will come out victorious.
Singles Match
Baron Corbin vs Tye Dillinger

Dillinger starts quickly attacking Corbin with right hands & chops but Corbin sends him flying through the ropes. Dillinger comes back but runs in to strikes from Corbin in the corner, Baron then sends Dillinger right back outside. Tye comes back with his own right hands to Corbin in the corner but Baron drops Tye with a quick shot. Baron throws Tye back to the outside for more punishment, Baron then lays in with more elbows. Corbin runs the ropes but Tye counters with a high cross body but Corbin counters Tye on the apron sending to the outside again. Corbin sends Tye back inside the ring then drops him on the ropes attacking the mid section, Corbin then tries another move but Tye rolls up Corbin and somehow holds on and gets the win.

Your Winner: Tye Dillinger
After the match we see United States Champion AJ Styles on the big screen and he tells Corbin he needs to try more. Styles brings up how he gives all he has and that Smackdown Live is the land of oppertunity and he can’t win with shortcuts.

Singles Match
Aiden English w/Rusev vs Randy Orton

English starts off blindsiding Orton with a double axe handle to the back then a drop kick to the chest for a two count. English then attacks Orton with kicks to the face but Orton counters English with a flash RKO and English is out. Orton covers English to pick up the win.
Your Winner: Randy Orton

Shane McMahon is shown backstage and he is stopped by Sami Zayn, Zayn says he just wants Shane to know that when he goes into that cell he needs to be careful. Zayn stresses that Owens is the real deal and when he snaps it will get bad. Shane comes to the ring and says he cant wait to face Owens then introduces him but Owens doesn’t come to the ring. Shane then calls Owens a coward and brings up the attack on Vince McMahon & Sami Zayn. Shane then changes things up a bit by changing the match to Fall Count Anywhere. Owens then shows up but he is in the crowd, Shane tells Owens to get in the ring but Owens says no because he’s already spent too much time in Denver. Owens walks away then Shane calls him a coward again, Shane then says he will bring the fight to Owens. Shane goes into the crowd and back to the arena entrance concourse and both Owens & Shane battle by the merchandise tables, Owens then power bombs Shane through a merchandise table. Owens then walks back out through the crowd and to the ring with a microphone, Owens says Shane has no idea whats coming to him Sunday night. Owens then says he wants the change to Falls Count Anywhere because he will Powerbomb Shane so many times, he wont remember his kids names. Owens even says he will attempt to throw Shane off the top off the cage, Shane is then seen stumbling back to the ring. Owens says Shane should stop where he is because he may not make it to Sunday night, Owens then drops the mic and meets Shane in the crowd. Shane then launches himself at Owens off the barricade with a clothesline. Owens continues to beat on Shane but McMahon comes back, Owens then drops Shane again. Owens then headbuts Shane just like he did his father Vince two weeks ago, Owens then scores with the Pop up Pwerbomb to Shane McMahon. Owens’ music hits and he walks to the back as Shane McMahon points at Owens as to say this is not over, Smackdown Live then goes off the air.

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