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New Episode Press Release 10/02
“Sitting Ringside” with David Penzer
Guest: Ricky Santana

Ricky Santana may not be a household name but he certainly had a long successful career in the pro wrestling industry. He began his career in 1982 in the Pacific Northwest but he’s mostly known for his connection to the Puerto Rican territory and Carlos Colon’s WWC.

Ricky discusses drinking with Dick Murdoch In Japan:
“We were in Japan, and he’d say “Ricky; let’s go get a few beers tonight.” “I’d look at him and say, no problem! “So, he comes up to my hotel room and we go out. Well, I (Ricky) get back and its 7:30 the next morning”! “I’m (Ricky) like God! “So, then that morning we have a four-hour bus ride to the building, so I’m going to have to run all this off.”! The next night he (Murdoch) says, hey Ricky; I’ve got a sponsor and were going out tonight”! “I (Ricky) told him “Dickey” “I think I’m going to pass”. Murdoch says” no you’re not, when we get back were gonna go out”! “So that night I’m in my room lying down, and I hear the knock on the door.”
“I (Ricky) thought to myself, Oh God its Murdoch”; so, I (Ricky) said to myself “I’m not going to answer”, kind of act like I’m not here”. “So, the knocking goes away, and I hear the footsteps walking away”. “Well, he comes back, because he was so over in Japan, he got the bell hop to come up and to open my room”! “So, he (Murdoch) says “Ricky”! “And we ended up going out again that night”! “This is only day two of a thirty-day tour!”

“Well, the third day Dick (Murdoch) says were going out tonight”! I (Ricky) say, no Dick I’m not”. “So later that night he (Murdoch) comes up to my room again and knocks on the door”, but this time it’s a different hotel I’m at.” “So, I hear this, and I hide in that “itty-bitty” closet, because everything in Japan is “itty-bitty”. “So, I hide in this closet, so he again gets my door opened and I can hear him say “Son of a bitch, he isn’t here”, “wonder where he went”?
“So, he (Murdoch) leaves, and I’m lying on the bed and I’m going” He’s gone”! He could drink like its “water”! “So, I get on the bus the next day and he (Murdoch) says “where you been”?
I (Ricky) tell him I had a rendezvous somewhere else”! He (Murdoch) says, Ahh, I’ll excuse you for that, but tonight we’re going to go out “! “I said No” (Ricky laughs) I (Ricky) thought my liver was going to quiver, and my bladder was going to splatter”! “That was the longest tour of my life”!

“Then I (Ricky) get him in Puerto Rico, and he says, “I(Murdoch) got to go somewhere where they got happy hour! “ (Murdoch)I need cheap beers Rick, where’s that at”? I(Ricky) say, okay, I’m going to take you to this one place, but you got to promise you’re not going to say one word”! “So, when I tell you to say something, you have to repeat it”! He(Murdoch) says okay, so where are we going? I said to him, promise me that’s what you’re going to do”? “He(Murdoch) says yep, that’s what we’re going to do”! So, I take him to the most “hood” bar on the island.” “So, I walk in with captain redneck, and everybody looks up like “what are you doing here”? “It’s like a movie scene”. “I said just follow my lead”!

“He(Murdoch) looks around and says, “what the hell did you get me into”? I said just repeat after me”! So, I (Ricky) tell him something in Spanish and make him repeat it. He (Murdoch) then says, what did I just say? “I told him “you just said “Beer for everyone, and I’m paying”! “He (Murdoch) said “son-of-a-bitch”! “So, a beer comes over to our table, and Dick says where did this come from”? I (Ricky) said, see that guy over there”? “Just nod your head and he’ll nod back”. “So, a little while later another beer comes over and he again says, “who did this come from”? I (Ricky) said, see that guy over there (different individual). He says, how long is this going to go on for?” I said everyone you bought a beer for, it’s gonna come back”! He (Dick Murdoch) say’s” son-of-a-bitch” I like this game”! He (Murdoch) say’s, well how much did it cost me for that first round” I said Dicky, they’re fifty cent beers, so don’t worry about it! So, every Tuesday he’d want me to take him to this place”! “Dick Murdoch was a hell of a drinking partner, and a hell of a man”!

Penzer discusses “Exposing” Ric Flair’s “Kamikaze” secret:
“When I(Penzer) was riding with Flair (Ric Flair) and Arn (Arn Anderson), I(Penzer) rode with Arn a lot, Flair would jump in for six months at a time, and we’d go to bars after the show. “Well, when it came time for last call; Flair would order fifty “Kamikazes” “He (Ric Flair) always kept five or six for himself.” “Flair would down them all and just walk away; while the rest of us are stumbling out of the place.” “I never wanted to say anything, but a week into this I go to Arn (Arn Anderson) and say, “Ric can friggin drink”! “He (Arn Anderson) said, “What do you mean”? I (Penzer) said, “with all the beer and everything we’re doing, the guy just downs all these shots”! He (Arn Anderson) says, “Penzer”! “You don’t know the gimmick”? I (Penzer) said, “No, I don’t know the gimmick”! “I (Penzer) said If I knew the gimmick I wouldn’t be saying anything”! (Penzer laughs) He (Arn Anderson) said “it’s a “work”! Arn said he pays the bartender ahead of time fifty dollars to make his with no alcohol, but to make the other ones strong so everyone else gets drunk and he doesn’t!

Ricky discusses arriving to work in Puerto Rico a week after “Bruiser Brody’s death:
“When I (Ricky) walked in the building it was “surreal”!” It was a baby face locker room”. Carlos says, “if you want to leave I understand”.” That’s what he told me.” It was a good six to eight months before things would loosen up and people were able to move on.” “Nobody wanted to talk about what happened, and you didn’t want to be the guy prying around trying to find out what happened”. “Sometimes it would come out what happened, and what it did, but unfortunately even to this day it’s still unclear, this many years later. “I (Ricky) always say there are three sides to every story, there’s one side there’s the other side, and then the truth”. “When I first found out I thought “What? Woah. How? Why?” “The one thing I can say is no one ever came up to me to talk about it, or said “hey what do you think about this”? “Nobody didn’t say nothing”. “Business dropped off”. “It was a good six or eight months for business to pick back up”

The future of World Wrestling Council (WWC) after Hurricane Maria:
“They (WWC) have been such an Iconic figure on that island for so many years, and the destruction that was caused more by hurricane Maria than hurricane Erma”. “But, no power to ninety percent of the island, municipalities have been destroyed, their infrastructure was so far back dated; twenty or thirty years”. “To me (Ricky) it’s just a complete “war-zone” that you need to rebuild. My question is, how long is the rebuild going to take”. “I’m sure humanitarian efforts are going to happen, then developing the infrastructure, but if it doesn’t develop, and they need to “decide”, that’s the last territory that was still a territory”. “It would have been the last territory that ran from the old AWA days”. “If the buildings are damaged, how long is it going to take to repair them?” “I’m wanting to get a hold of Carlos (Carlos Colon) to find out what his thought process is”

Penzer asks: “Let’s say they (WWC) can get up and going in six months, do they continue the storylines that “were” going on, or do they start from scratch”?
Ricky Santana:” I think they’d have to start from ground zero. They’re going to need four or five months to build up the stories, because it’s not really going to be on people’s priority list because they’re going to be more worried about “how am I going to be able to fix my house?” “What things do I have to do?” “Did I lose everything?” “Should I move to Florida?” “There are a lot of people that are moving to Florida because they don’t want to deal with it anymore”.

“If they do end up running show, I’m sure that a certain percentage of the shows will go to needy families.” “I’m sure they’ll work it to draw some interest from the communities to help them feel that life is back to normal; and let kids in for FREE, and to give them (People of Puerto Rico) something to do.”

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