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The Raw Score: A look at this week’s Monday Night Raw

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

It has been a very dark time over the last 24 hours. The cowardly attack in Las Vegas placed a very dark cloud over our country. Then, this afternoon, we learned of the demise of musical legend in Tom Petty. Time for wrestling to bring some positive light back into our little Universe.

Michael Cole was missing, this week. He was off to celebrate the wedding of his son. Trivia Note: This was only the 2nd time in 20 years that Cole has missed a show.

Seth Rollins was set to battle Braun Strowman in one of our Main Events, this week. It should be brutal as all Hell. Also, the Intercontinental title was on the line as Miz took on Roman Reigns.

Welcome to the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado. Our announcers were Tom Phillips, Corey Graves and Booker T.

The show opened with a moment of silence for the Las Vegas victims. All the stars were on the stage. Very classy as it was completely silent. Such respect.

We then went to a flashback video package of last week’s action. Roman Reigns got decimated by Miz and his Miz-tourage.

Seth Rollins vs Braun Strowman
Special Challenge Match

The Highlights:

We saw how Braun destroyed Curt Hawkins, last week.

Seth punched away but Braun threw Seth around. Corner Mount Punches but Braun shoved him away and hit a massive Should Tackle. Scoop but Seth got free and slapped Braun. Braun asked Seth if Rollins was stupid. Seth rushed around. Seth escaped a Chokeslam but got launched with a Lift Drop.

Hard Whip by Braun. Braun stood on Seth’s neck. Braun twisted Seth’s arm in the ropes. Seth snapped Braun’s neck on the top rope. Seth headed up top but Braun Rocket Launchered Seth across the ring. Braun stood on Seth’s ear. Ouch!

Rear Chin Lock to weaken the Kingslayer. Jawbreaker by Seth. Low Bridge sent Braun to the floor. Baseball Slide by Seth but the follow up Tope Suicida failed when Braun popped him in the face. Break time.

Seth kicked Braun in the face. Seth flew off the ropes but fell to a Fallaway Slam. Seth rolled all the way out to the floor. The ref started to count. Braun came out to get his victim. Braun threw Seth into a ring post. Seth escaped an outside Bulldog Bounce and sent Braun into the ring post. Tope Suicida connected to rock Braun. Seth slid back in the ring and then hit a 2nd Tope. Seth pushed Braun back in the ring and then hit a Springboard Clothesline. Blockbuster. Seth attacked the chin with a Superkick. Braun reversed the Rainmaker Knee and hit the Bulldog Bounce, following a Clothesline.

Your Winner: Braun Strowman
Raw Score: 3.75 out of a possible 5

After the match, Braun hit another Bulldog Bounce. He then left the ring. He didn’t stay gone, though. He started back to the ring. That brought out Dean Ambrose. The two fought on the floor. Braun threw Dean in the ring. Dean kicked the rope up into Braun’s crotch. Chokeslams by Braun to Dean. Bulldog Bounce to Ambrose. After laying out both tag champs, Braun headed out of the arena.

Cesaro and Sheamus passed Braun and headed to the ring. The Bar then attacked the tag champs. Neutralizer to Dean. Brogue Kick to Seth.

They ran a video package about Breast Cancer Awareness. My own beloved mother is a survivor and still with us, thanks to advances in Breast Cancer treatment. 70 years strong and still going!

Corey Graves brought up Alexa Bliss and her issue with Mickie James. Alexa made fun of James’ age and got her cute little behind handed to her. James walked backstage and ran into Alicia Fox. Fox laughed at her. She then ran into Emma. Emma said there was a present for James in the locker room. Mickie went and checked it out. It was a bunch of adult diapers and a walker. James was hot about the disrespect. Fox chuckled at her. James went looking for Bliss. Nia Jax stood between them. Nia will fight Mickie, later.

Bray Wyatt cut a creepy promo about advice from Sister Abigail. Bray was told to fight, using his hands. Bray swore that SHE would never lie to him.

Elias was on his way to the ring.

Following the commercial break, Elias had another of his songs for us to endure…err…enjoy.

Elias vs Titus O’Neil

The Highlights:

Titus cut off the song. Titus just got several gold stars for that. Smile. Collar and Elbow and Titus threw Elias around. Go Behind and clubbing blows and chops by Elias. Side Headlock by Elias. Titus tried to fight free but failed. Back Drop Suplex by Titus. Titus threw Elias into the corner and slapped away. Scoop Slam by Titus. Corner Attack and Big Boot by Titus. Apollo Crews talked trash to Elias. Elias shoved Crews. Crews went after Elias. Titus Palmed the head of Elias but Elias snapped the neck on the top rope. Drift Away.

Your Winner: Elias
Raw Score: 2.75

Mickie James headed to the ring for some action.

Asuka is coming to Raw, very soon. We got a fantastic video package of her in action.

Nia Jax vs Mickie James

The Highlights:

James slid into the ring to a roar of cheers. Mickie was all in pink. Alexa Bliss came out to watch the match. Steam Roller by Nia as the bell rang. Nia threw Mickie around the ring. Kicks and chops but Nia No Sold them, big time. Biel by Nia. Bliss taunted James. Nia choked James on the pink middle rope. Nia choked Mickie on the bottom rope. Bear Hug by Nia. Mickie Elbowed free but Nia Scoop Slammed her. Bow and Arrow by the Island girl. Knee Strike and Elbows by James. She actually rocked Nia for a moment. Headbutt stopped that momentum. Mickie was thrown out to the floor as Raw took a break.

Jawbreaker by Mickie. Huge Clothesline by Nia. James unloaded with Haymakers on the bigger Nia. James was stunned. Modified Spear Slam by Nia. 1-2-not yet. Shinu Numaki by Nia as James looked so concerned. Back Elbows but Nia didn’t want to let go. Bear Hug, again, by Nia. Even Bliss was getting concerned at what she saw. Back Elbows had only minimal effect on Nia. Nia threw Mickie down to the mat. Mickie escaped a Powerbomb. Kicks and punches by James. Nia would not go down. James Dropkicked the knees. She then got Bum Rushed into the corner. Mickie hit a wild Tornado DDT. Alexa Bliss rushed in to attack James.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Mickie James
Raw Score: 3.0

Mick Kick, on the floor, to Alexa Bliss! Mickie wants her 7th title reign.

We then flashed back to Enzo’s Heel Turn, last week. Neville also went Face as he beat the stuffing out of Enzo. Enzo also made a Tweet where he seriously insulted Corey Graves. Wish Corey COULD compete and beat the tar out of Enzo. After last week’s beating by Nevile, Braun and then the entire 205 Roster annihilated Enzo!

Renee Young interviewed Enzo. Renee called last week’s attack “A mutiny” by the whole roster. Enzo thought about it for quite some time. He never did say anything. Corey remained professional. I applaud him for not sinking to a war of words with Enzo.

WWE did a tribute to Carlos Santana. No, he is not related to Tito Santana. Smile. I love his music.

Backstage, Mickie was interviewed. She told Charlie that she wants a shot at the Raw Women’s title. Kurt Angle strolled up and congratulated James. Kurt set the match at TLC. Sweet! She said it was true…damn true.

Matt Hardy and Jason Jordan vs Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

The Highlights:

Jason is the temp replacement for Jeff Hardy. Jeff is having surgery, on Tuesday. I want to wish him all the best. So, can Luke and Karl do the “Too Sweet” thing that the Young Bucks are prevented from doing? Luke and Karl used to do it in the Bullet Club. Just asking…

Collar and Elbow with Matt and Karl. Elbow Smash and Side Headlock by Matt. Shoulder Tackle by Hardy. Straight fight and tag to Luke. Double Team on Matt. Matt ducked Luke and unloaded on Gallows. Tag to Jason. Jason ran Luke into the corner and Shouldered him. Jason ran Luke cross the ring but Luke Back Elbowed Jason. Luke boxed the ribs and such. Side Effect to Karl. Double La Bandera to Luke. Break time, yet again.

Karl prevented Matt from tagging out. Tag to Luke. Hard kick by Gallows, followed by a Headbutt. Savate Kick by Luke. Karl came back in and worked the ribs. Karl ran his fist across Matt’s face. Whip but Matt dodged the Corner Assault. Hot Tag to Jason. Belly to Belly Launch. Running Corner Shoulder. Blind Tag to Luke. Superkick to Jason. Yep, he did the Too Sweet sign. Elbow Drop by Luke into a Side Headlock. Jason punched free but ate a huge boot. Leg Drop by Luke for a two count.

Tag to Karl. Hard Stomps by Karl. The ref pulled him back. Arm Bar by Karl. Karl stopped the tag. Saito Suplex by Jason. Tags on both sides. Matt clocked Luke, big time. Luke reversed a Whip. Corner Clotheslines by Matt. Bulldgo/Clothesline to the Good Brothers. 2 count. Matt rammed Luke’s face into the turnbuckles. Uppercut by Luke. Matt nailed the Tornado DDT Spike. Matt went to the ropes for the Savage Elbow. 1-2-Karl got involved. Jason Dropkicked Karl. Karl threw Jason into the barricade. Luke blocked the Twist of Fate. Magic Killer!

Your Winners: Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson
Raw Score: 3.0

Backstage, Roman Reigns was getting ready to deal with Miz. Charlie asked him about what happened to Seth and Dean. He wasn’t surprised by what The Bar did. Roman needed to stay focused on Miz. Roman wanted to keep it simple…destroy all in his path, maybe break Miz’s jaw and take the IC strap.

Dana Warrior was in the ring. She talked about her late hubby. Dana then discussed the tag team between WWE and Susan G Komen. There were several Breast Cancer Survivors in the ring. Way to go, Ladies. Dana asked the fans to reward the Warrior Spirit. There were three pink title belts in the ring for the ladies. This was just such a cool segment. They did the Warrior Rope Shake. My mom just loved seeing that. I’d love to get her one of those belts. Smile. Such a cool segment.

Segment Rating: 5.0

The Miz vs Roman Reigns
Intercontinental Title Match


The Miz-Tourage did the old Shield entrance, through the crowd. We saw the end of last week’s match between Miz and Roman. Roman was solidly focused as he stormed the ring. Miz and crew bailed out of the ring. Jojo did the introductions. She is such a great little ring announcer, these days. Not quite Lilian but getting there.

During the intros, Roman took out Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel! Roman just brutalized the two guys. Well, they aren’t much of a force, now. Miz was losing it as Roman went under the ring to find a chair. Roman went over the railing and found Curtis Axel. Axel tried to run away but didn’t get far. Roman tattooed Axel’s back. Bo tried to jump Roman but ate a Superman Punch. Miz looked so nervous. Chair Shots to both Bo and Axel. Damn! Miz screamed for a DQ but he match hadn’t started yet. Roman did the old Three Stooges…”Slowly I Turned…” thing as Raw took a much needed break.

Miz was on the floor and he tried to get away. Miz popped Roman in the face. Uppercut by Roman as Miz tried for the Pearl Harbor. Roman ran Miz into the ring post and then the barricade. Roman stomped away on Miz and almost got counted out. Miz rolled in and then out to restart the count. Miz tripped Roman on the apron and threw him into the ring steps. I loved the guy in the neon green Macho Man outfit. Miz threw Roman over the barricade and got back in the ring. Miz wanted the count out.

Roman made it back in, just in time. Seated DDT gave Miz a 2. Miz punched away on Roman. Running Boot by Miz to pull another 2. Rear Chin Lock by Miz.

Roman powered up and punched the ribs. Big Boot by Miz. 2 count. Miz choked Roman on the pink rope. Kick to the back of Roman’s head. 2 count, once again. Raw took yet another break.

Miz was in control as Raw returned. It Kicks! Roman caught the leg and turned it into a Sit Out Powerbomb. 2 count. Roman set for the Superman Punch but missed. Skull Crushing Finale. 1-2-Kick Out! Wow!

Miz fell to a huge Superman Punch. Miz kicked out at two. Roman couldn’t believe it. Roman lost his cool, somewhat. Cesaro and Sheamus jumped Roman to pull the disqualification! What the heck?

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Roman Reigns
Raw Score: 3.0

Roman unloaded on The Bar until Miz jumped in. Neutralizer! Brogue Kick! Where the heck were Deana and Seth? The fans called for The Shield. Skull Crushing Finale! The trio decided to do their Shield imitation. Triple Powerbomb! Still no Dean and Seth. Are you kidding me? Shield Fist Bump by the heels.

Finn Balor came out to his cool entrance. I’m hearing some interesting rumors about the direction that Balor is headed. I won’t comment, just wait and watch. We saw the end of last week’s match against Goldust. Creepy.

Finn Balor asked for the stick. He said Balor Club was live in Denver. Finn didn’t like to talk…he liked to fight. Finn knew Bray Wyatt liked mind games. Finn didn’t think Bray would know what to do with the whole world if he did have it in his hands. Finn called Bray a coward. Finn reminded Bray that he has lost to both sides of Balor. Finn accused Wyatt of being afraid of him. Finn felt Bray could not beat him. Finn called out the Eater of Worlds.

Bray responded by showing up on the Tron. He kept saying “She never lied to me”. SHE warned him about people like Bray. Bray called Finn a liar and said Finn didn’t create the Demon…it created him. Bray was ready to reveal his true dark side with the arrival of the true, living Sister Abigail! Far out! We will see her soon!

We got another profile of Asuka. She is cute and deadly. Vicious and Delicious, so to speak.

Sasha Banks and Bayley vs Alicia Fox and Emma

The Highlights:

Insert video of Emma going off on Nia Jax. Emma now has a new partner. Whatever.

Sasha started against Emma. Lock Up and they went to the corner. Pushing match. Go Behind into a Side Headlock by Emma. Shoulder Tackle by Emma. Drop Toe Hold by Sasha. Body Rolls by Sasha. Tag to Bayley.

Bayley kept working on the arm. Drop Toe Hold and Wild Ride by Bayley. Emma cracked Bayley in the face and then the neck. Emma ran Bayley into the corner but she repeatedly No Sold it. Bayley repeatedly rammed Emma into the corner. Fox distracted. Double Suplex. Dropkick by Fox to Sasha. Bayley was thrown out of the ring. Break.

Emma barely kicked out of a pin. Fox took the tag and attacked. Cat Fight! Double Knees by Banks to pull a deuce. Fox dropped Sasha after Emma distracted. 2 only. Emma tagged back and stomped away. Snap Mare and Side Headlock by Emma. Sasha worked up but couldn’t reach the corner. Butterfly Suplex by Emma. Almost a pin.

Tag by Fox. Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker by Fox to come so close. Rear Chin Lock by Fox. Sasha almost got free but Fox used the hair to pull her down. Tag to Emma. Boot Choke by the Aussie babe.

Tag to Fox. Fox stopped Banks from heading for her corner. Front Face Lock b Fox. Sasha converted a Tilt-a-Whirl into a Crossbody. Fox still prevented the tag. Sasha threw the heels into each other. Hot Tag to Bayley. Clotheslines and wild Rights by Bayley. Fox was hit with a Modified Twist of Fate in the ropes. Bayley did a Corner Attack. Jawbreaker by Fox. Dang! Tag to Emma…Denied! Emma jumped down and walked away. Bayley to Belly!

Your Winners: Bayley and Sasha Banks
Raw Score: 3.0

We looked back at how Enzo got beaten half to death, after Raw, last week. Corey was loving it. Enzo was going to deal with the beat down, next.

The Bar will be on MizTV, next week.

Enzo Amore came out to a very cold reaction from the crowd. Corey Graves was seriously harsh to the loud mouth Cruiserweight Champion. Lord, Enzo wears some ugly ring gear. Enzo was limping around. It was an act, as he let all know he was okay. Enzo said every single member of the Cruiserweight division could go to Hell and so could fans that agree with them. Enzo pushed how he has elevated 205 Live and Raw. Enzo whined about how the fans chanted “You Deserve It” after the beating, last week. It started over again. Enzo converted that as them cheering for him deserving the C-Title. Enzo knew people were jealous of him for making money. Corey needs to rejoin the ranks and kick Enzo’s butt. Enzo talked about earning his money. Enzo bragged about the money he makes for appearance. Enzo said no one would have a shot at his gold, now. Enzo now said that if anyone in the Cruiserweight Division touched him, tonight, they will get fired. Enzo just kept rambling on. He was stopped by Neville showing up with the entire division. Neville taunted all the guys. The Cruiserweights did a Lumberjack like thing. Enzo won’t off on all the guys, including Corey Graves.

Kurt Angle came out to put an end to this Baloney. Kurt told Enzo to calm down. Kurt had a surprise for Enzo. Since none of the guys on the ring could touch Enzo, a new contender would have to show up! Kalisto! The Luchadore rushed down to the ring and beat the stuffing out of Enzo! Kalisto planed Enzo with his wild finisher! Heck yeah! I would have rather seen Corey take out Enzo but Kalisto will do.

Backstage, Roman was trying to recover. Seth and Dean walked in to check on their old buddy. That started the Shield chants. The three guys stared at each other. Dean and Seth walked away and Roman stared into the camera. Shield reunion, next week?


–Jay Shannon

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