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Wrestling Legend Rip Rogers is known for being unfiltered and uncensored. This new podcast will be just that. Viewer discretion is advised. Rip is going to tell stories about his 40-year career in the Pro Wrestling business. From working for Angelo Poffo, to being roommates with Randy Savage, to working all over the world and speaking the truth on his twitter. Rip is going to cover it all. Join as we don’t even know what he is going to end up saying!

Episode 1 will air Wednesday Oct. 18th. The first guest of Rip Rogers’ Ribs & Rasslin is Former WWE Superstar and OVW Alumni Nick Dinsmore F.K.A. Eugene!

It will be available on The Offshoots Radio Network on FB, also subscribe to us on iTunes, Stitcher, Player FM, Google Play and other pod-casting outlets.

If you have questions you would like to ask Rip Rogers or Eugene please message the Facebook Page privately or email them to:


We will do our best to get yours asked & answered.

Thanks for the support! Spread the word, like the page, and most of all enjoy the ride!

Fred Urban III Co-Host of Rip Rogers’ Ribs & Rasslin





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