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CWF Legends Fanfest 2–October 28, 2017
Join us as the stars and history of Championship Wrestling from Florida are celebrated once again at CWF Legends FanFest 2. Our Featured Guests for this event are Kevin Sullivan & JJ Dillon. Sullivan, who began his run in CWF during the early 1970s was also a key player in the 1980s as he and his followers joined “The Darkside.” Kevin went on to book CWF in the 1980′s before going on to perform in the NWA & WCW, where he is also known for booking WCW during The Monday Night Wars. James J. Dillon rose to CWF prominence in 1975 as a wrestler, holding multiple championships in the state before returning as a Manager in the early 80′s and booking CWF for some time. He gained greater fame when he went to the NWA and become the Manager for the legendary “Four Horsemen”. JJ also played huge behind the scenes rolls in both WWE & WCW Talent Managment. Joining Kevin and JJ will be Rocky Johnson, Brian Blair, Tony Marino (making his first ever fanfest appearance), and Sherri Lee. This event will again take place at the intimate American Legion Hall in Odessa & tickets are again limited to only 200 wrestling fans, guaranteeing everyone a personalized experience.

SuperTickets to this event are available on a first come, first serve basis and include a photo opportunity and one autograph with all of the listed wrestling legends. Additional autograph opportunities will be made available. This SuperTicket, which includes general admission to the event and a 30 minute Awards Presentation are $55.00.

At the end of the Fanfest portion of this event, we will again honor CWF Legends with a special award ceremony and induction into the CWF Hall Of Fame. Honorees include the man widely considered as the greatest wrestling announcer in the history of the business, Gordon Solie, as well as the top heel in the formation of CWF (and widely considered one of the top heels ever in pro wrestling), The Great Malenko. The friends and families of Mr. Solie and Mr. Malenko will be in attendance to honor these two heroes of CWF! This special CWF HOF award ceremony is open to all in attendance at the Fanfest!

In addition, a Dinner MegaTicket will be made available to only 50 fans and those fans will be eating a catered dinner with Kevin Sullivan & JJ Dillon. There will be nothing off limits in this, now, 2 Hour conversation and gives you the opportunity to converse over a meal with two of the most knowledgeable talents ever to compete in, not only CWF, but in the entire business. The Dinner MegaTicket, which includes early admission (30 minutes in advance), a photo op and 2 autographs with all the Fanfest Guests, a 2 Hour catered buffet dinner with Kevin Sullivan & JJ Dillon, a group dinner photo, and VIP Access to the entire event is $125.00 and is limited to 50 tickets. These tickets will sell out!

General Admission to the event which will also feature vendors with unique wrestling memorabilia is only $10.00 and includes the Special Awards Ceremony. Other opportunities to meet certain CWF Legends are also available.

Please join us for this unique event!

Fanfest-MegaTicket Early Admission: 2:00-2:30pm, Fanfest: 2:30-5pm, Awards Ceremony: 5-5:30pm, Dinner: 5:30-7:30pm

Tickets can be purchased here:https://www.eventbrite.com/e/cwf-legends-fanfest-2-tickets-35470510251

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