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205 Live
Gila River Arena
Glendale, Arizona
Air Date: September 26th, 2017

205 Live opens still reeling from the new “Reign of Enzo.” Last night’s video recap is played with Neville attacking Enzo at Raw on behalf of the entire roster. We are welcomed to the show by Vic Joseph and new color commentator, Byron Saxton.

Enzo makes his entrance and comes to the ring. Amore calls himself a champion and a star and says the belt means more because he holds it. He breaks out his own video of what happened after Raw went off the air. The video shows Braun Strowman, along with the entire division beating up Amore. Enzo brings up his mother and her presence at Raw only to see her son get a full beat-down from the roster. Amore then brings up his “no contact clause” that was violated by every 205 Live roster member, meaning that Enzo did not have to defend the title against anyone. Neville vs. Daivari is announced as the main event for later in the show while Tony Nese against Akira Tozawa is next as the show goes to break.

Back from break and Tony Nese’s frequent tag partner and friend, Drew Gulak will sit in on commentary. Gulak made his entrance with his latest 205 Live protest sign “No Chants!” Nese and Tozawa make their way to the ring with Nese stopping on the ramp to count his abs. Joseph asked Gulak if this was showboating, something he has also been against, and Gulak says no because counting his abs is something Nese does in his every day life.

Match 1: Tony Nese vs. Akira Tozawa

The bell rings and Nese stops the match to strike a pose. Tozawa runs at him and Nese plants a knee to the gut to take control. Nese stays in control until Tozawa rolls through a sunset flip and plants a kick to the face followed by a senton splash.

Tozawa tries to go to the top rope but Nese knocks him off to regain control. Nese tries to steal a win but Tozawa kicks out. Nese locks in a body scissors that Tozawa is able to break with an elbow. Nese is able to keep control and locks Tozawa in a torture rack. Tozawa slips off his back and hits a senton splash from the top rope for a three count.

Winner: Akira Tozawa

Enzo Amore is walking backstage when he is met but Ariya Daivari who apologizes to him. Daivari says the Raw attack was all Neville’s idea and he was a victim of peer pressure. To show he is sincere, Daivari invites Amore to watch his match from ringside. Amore says he will do better than that, he will be in Daivari’s corner for the match.

The show takes a break for another commercial

Returning from break, TJP makes his entrance for the next match. Footage is shown from last week where TJP is asking Swann for another match and Swann refusing to preserve their friendship. The video continued to show TJP attacking Swann and ending their friendship.

Once TJP makes it to the ring Lince Dorado makes his entrance only to have Rich Swann blow past him and attack TJP causing TJP to bail out through the crowd.

Match 2: TJP vs. Lince Dorado

Winner: No contest.

More video footage is shown from last week that recapped Cedric Alexander getting the win over Brian Kendrick and then getting attacked by Jack Gallaher after the match.

Jack Gallagher against Cedric Alexander is on the card for next week. Kendrick and Gallagher cut a promo standing in shadows telling Alexander how dark the match will be and how much pain he will be in next week. Neville versus Ariya Daivari is next as the show goes to break.

We return to see Neville make his entrance. Neville comes to the ring and discusses that members of WWE and parts of the WWE Universe now think he’s crazy for his attack on Raw. He eplains that he knew exactly what he was doing but didn’t care. In fact, he continued he will continue to do it if given the chance.

Daivari makes his entrance with Enzo Amore

Match 2: Ariya Daivari (with Enzo Amore) vs. Neville

The bell rings and Neville is laser focused on Amore and goes right after him giving Daivari the chance to attack him and run him into the barricades outside the ring. Neville tries to fire back once in the ring but Daivari maintains control until he misses a frog splash. Neville is then able to lock in the “Rings of Saturn” for the submission win.

Winner: Neville

Immediately after the three count, Amore hits the ring and cracks Neville in the back with his crutch and beats him down. Amore leaves Neville laying in the ring to close the show.

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