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The Raw Score: A look at this week’s Monday Night Raw

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

Well, No Mercy was definitely an above average show. Some titles changed hands…others did not. John Cena didn’t pass the torch to Roman Reigns…Roman snatched it straight up out of the 16-time champion’s hand. Now…the fallout.


The John Cena vs Roman Reigns match took me back to the legendary battles between The Rock and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. I loved those matches and really enjoyed last night’s homage to past wars.

Miz and his crew were already in the ring. Miz was still the Intercontinental Champion, after No Mercy. The Miz-tourage got involved, to help Miz retain. Miz showed off his title belt. Miz was ready to celebrate…in a seriously ugly suit. Smile. Miz got shots in on Kurt Angle and Jason Jordan. Miz was then ready to bring out the Big Dog, Roman Reigns. Miz praised Roman for beating John Cena.

Roman got a seriously mixed reaction from the Cali crowd. Miz invited Roman to take a seat. Miz then went off on the very vocal crowed. Roman appreciated the loudness of the crowd. Miz ran down what Roman has done, over the last year or so. Roman admitted that he now does respect John Cena. Roman was proud that he defeated John in one of the biggest wins of his career. Roman called Miz an “idiot”. Miz then reminded Roman that he (Miz) still holds the IC strap. Miz bad mouthed Jason Jordan. Roman told Miz that Miz only won because of his idiots that suck up to Miz. Miz took offense to that shot at his boys. He also did not like that Roman told one of the guys to go fetch him a beer.

Miz wanted to see the Miz-tourage vs The Shield. Oh, Heck Yeah! Roman laughed at the idea. Roman was certain that The Shield would seriously whoop Miz and his boys’ *sses. Roman was more focused on Brock Lesnar than Miz and his crew. Miz brought up all the failures in Roman’s recent past. Miz claimed that he has carried Raw for months. Roman accepted Miz’s challenge for the IC title, even though Miz didn’t actually make the challenge. Miz back peddled at warp speed. Miz and his guys bailed out of the ring.

Enter Kurt Angle. Saw that coming. Kurt told Miz he wasn’t leaving quite so soon. Kurt made the match for the IC strap. He also put Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas against Matt Hardy and Jason Jordan (Angle).

Jeff Hardy is out of action, for some time, with a shoulder injury. He will need surgery. Best wishes go out to him from both of us (me and Miss Candy). Jeff is one of my sweetheart’s favorite wrestlers.

Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel vs Matt Hardy and Jason Jordan (Angle)


Jeff Hardy was the corner man, even though he could not compete. We saw a replay of how Jeff got injured. Wrestling is a tough business…just ask Cesaro.

Jason opened up as the “Delete” chants got going. Amateur takedown of Bo. Jason smacked Axel, as well. Corner attack on Axel. Northern Lights by Jason. Tag to Matt. Double Whip and Double Back Elbows. 2 count. Elbow Smashes to Axel’s neck led to a Side Russian Leg Sweep and Muta Leg Drops. . 1-2-not just yet.

Side Headlock Takeover by Matt. Matt was sent to the corner. He got the boots up and nailed a Tornado DDT. Hip Toss and Dropkick to Bo. Matt and Jason stood firm as Raw took a break.

Axel had a Side Headlock. Scoop Slam and tags back and forth between himself and Bo. Neck Snap by Curtis to pull a deuce. Bo tagged back in and stomped away. Jason was slammed into the corner. Axel came back in and worked a Double Team. 2 count, one more time. Neck Wrench by Axel. Jeff rallied the crowd for Jason. Front Face Lock by Axel. Jason pushed out and almost got the tag. Jason threw Axel out of the ring as Matt nearly lost it in his want for a tag. He got it and exploded on Bo with Headbutts and Face Smashes in the corner. Corner Clothesline and Bulldog brought Matt a two. Matt Ax Bomber into a Rolling Neckbreaker gave Hardy another two. Bo rolled through a Twist of Fate attempt. Side Effect but Axel made the save. It broke down into complete chaos. Matt nailed the Twist of Fate on Bo to take this one home.

Your Winners: Jason Jordan (Angle) and Matt Hardy
Raw Score: 3.0 out of a possible 5

The announce team discussed Total Bellas before moving on to examine the Brock Lesnar vs Braun Strowman match. It was a brutal war. Braun dominated Brock for a major portion of the match. A series of Germans set Braun for the F5. That was after Brock took multiple Bulldog Bounces.

Elias was in the ring to sing. I guess the last name is gone for good. The crowd wasn’t enjoying this musical interlude. Elias went off on Apollo Crews, last night. He was ready for an encore.

Elias vs Apollo Crews


Crews and Titus O’Neil interrupted the musical number. Elias ripped off his shirt. Collar and Elbow but neither could gain an advantage. Elias tried to work the arm but Crews reversed it. Go Behinds into Standing Switches. Side Headlock Takeover by Crews. Crews refused to be pushed off. Elias took them to the ropes. Elias clubbed and copped away. Gloat Over and flipping moves to set up a Superkick. Jumping Clothesline by Apollo. Elias was set on the apron and Enziguri’d to the ear. Apollo launched himself over the top. Elias attacked Titus. In the distraction, Elias kicked away and hit the Drift Away.

Your Winner: Elias
Raw Score: 2.5

Titus took the fight to Elias, after the match. Elias tucked tail and ran.

It was time for the first Hour Turner segment. Finn Balor was interviewed. Finn beat Bray Wyatt at No Mercy. Finn thanked Bray for bringing out a part of Finn that he didn’t know existed. Finn wanted Bray to think about how he has victimized so many, including Goldust. Finn said he was ready to go after the Universal Title.

Curt Hawkins was ready to end his losing streak. It is now at 0-118.

Curt Hawkins vs Braun Strowman

Glad Curt was wearing dark pants. I’m just saying… Curt tried to run away but Braun chased after him. Braun Chokeslammed Curt through a table, on the floor. Braun threw Curt up onto the stage. Bulldog Bounce into the light wall…and through it! Holy Moses!

Braun got on the stick and demanded a real fight.

Your Winner: No Official Match
Raw Score: N/A

Dean Ambrose came out to accept the open challenge. He checked on Curt Hawkins and then came down to fight.

Dean Ambrose vs Braun Strowman


Dean slid in the ring and waited for the bell. Dean ducked and dodged the Monster. Dean punched away but Braun threw Dean aside. Hard Whip by Braun. Braun bashed the hurt shoulder. Dean applied a Sleeper but Braun basically shrugged him off. Braun Elbowed Dean. Huge Headbutt by Braun but Dean would not give up. Finally, Dean just collapsed. Arrogant cover by Braun for only a 1 for Braun. Braun twisted Dean’s hurt arm. Kabuki Clutch to the traps. Dean punched away but Braun with the Brick Wall to send Dean out of the ring.

Braun came out to get Dean. He threw Dean into the barricade. Dean went to the eyes to stun Braun He used the knee to send Braun into the ring post. Dean slid back in the ring.

Dean exploded on Braun with kicks and punches. . Braun pushed Dean away. Low Bridge and Braun tumbled to the floor. Suicide Dive but Braun caught Dan. Tornado DDT by Dean! Dean slid back in the ring. Braun rolled in at 8.

Baseball Slide Dropkick by Dean. Dean with Hit and Run Clotheslines. Braun charged and hit the ring post. Dean went up top for the Standing Savage Elbow but Braun caught him and planted him with a Powerslam Brainbuster!

Your Winner: Braun Strowman
Raw Score: 3.0

Kurt was talking with a ref when Enzo Amore came up and wanted to make Raw huge, tonight. Enzo wanted to throw a Brew-Ha-Ha for his victory. Kurt questioned how Enzo won it (a Low Blow). Enzo denied advice from Kurt.

Alexa Bliss looked gorgeous as she walked towards the ring entrance.

We got a Flashback of Stone Cold and the infamous Beer Truck incident. I miss those days.

Dean was hurting in the locker room. Seth gave him some ice and told Dean to calm it with the Self-Destructive behavior. Seth was set to face Sheamus, in a bit. Seth knew that Dean couldn’t be in his corner. Dean accused Seth of being predictable. Seth wanted to ask Kurt for a match, next week, against Braun Strowman.

Alexa Bliss came out to address the WWE universe. Alexa tried to buddy up with the fans. Alexa was so disappointed at the fans for their disrespect. Alexa was ticked off that no one congratulated her for her win. Alexa really was upset that Asuka was getting more attention than she was.

Alexa didn’t need to prove anything else to the fans. She was cut off by the arrival of Mickie James. Let me tell you, she is absolutely beautiful, in person. I have had the honor of seeing her live, a couple of times. Mickie let it be known that Alexa didn’t beat her, last night. Mickie asked Alexa to repeat her insults from last night. Alexa got shots in on Mickie for her age and relevance. Mickie accused Alexa of being afraid of her. Alexa was worried that Mickie would break a hip, in the ring. Mickie got her fill of the insults. Mickie knew who she is and she reminded Alexa that she has been a champ, six times over. Mickie also got shots in on Alexa’s less than ample chest. Mickie wanted Alexa to say it again, like she did, last night. Mickie suggested Alexa was a coward. Alexa called Mickie and Old Lady. James slapped the taste out of Alexa’s mouth and Superkicked her out of the ring. Oh Hell Yeah!

Great Asuka promo.

Seth Rollins vs Sheamus


Cesaro lost several teeth, last night. It was an ugly sight to see. Raw is coming to the Metroplex, in 2 weeks. Maybe, if the budget allows, I will take my sweetie over to Arlington to see the show. Smile.

Cesaro was with Sheamus. Seth mocked the dental injury. Cesaro’s teeth were shoved 4 MM up into his gums. Ouch!

Sheamus assaulted Seth at the bell. Hard Whip but Sheamus ended up hitting the post. Seth with a Suicide Dive. Back in the ring, Sheamus nailed the Irish Curse Backbreaker. Sheamus went to the ropes and hit a Flying Knee. 2 count. Wild Knee Twist Submission. Sheamus converted it into a Powerbomb and then locked in the Cloverleaf. Seth refused to submit. That move hurts so bad, trust me. Seth reached the ropes.

Seth flipped Sheamus up and over the ropes. Seth pounded away until Sheamus snapped the knee and hit a vicious kick. 2 count plus. The Bar members partied it up. Seth avoided the Brogue Kick. Superkick led to the King Slayer Knee!

Your Winner: Seth Rollins
Raw Score: 2.75

Finn walked backstage. He ran into Goldust. Goldust was offended when Finn called him “Goldy”.Goldust was offended that Finn called him a “Victim”. Goldust didn’t want Finn’s help. Finn apologized for offending Goldust, his friend. Goldy seemed to accept it. He then beat the stuffing out of Balor. What the heck? The announcers didn’t understand what just happened.

The broadcast team then took us to a highlight package of John Cena vs Roman Reigns. That will definitely be a Match of the Year candidate. John admitted he was a bit hard on Roman, before the match. John just wanted Roman to bring his best.. John said he was beaten by a better man and Roman earned John’s respect. Jerry Lawler asked John if he was ready to retire. John just wasn’t sure if he was ready to go, just yet. It sure sounded like he was ready to hang up the boots. John swore he was not done but he did need to slow down. John said Roman took the torch from him, on Sunday night. John thanked everyone in the WWE Universe for their support. Still sounded like John was leaving. He might just do a Part Time thing, like Undertaker and some other do. We will see.

Roman Reigns vs The Miz
Non-Title Match

Really? Why isn’t the strap on the line?


Michael Cole ran down some stats about Miz’s title reigns as IC champ. I do want to bring up how the Honky Tonk Man’s lengthy title reign was ignored by the announcers, last night. History IS History.

Roman smacked Miz to start the match. Roman fought out of a Side Headlock and took one of his own. Miz pushed off but got Shoulder Tackled. Bo Dallas took a cheap shot. Big Boot by Miz. 1-2-no way. Elbow Drops to Roman’s collar bone. Rear Chin Lock by Miz. Roman powered out. Solid right hand to Miz’s face. Miz pulled Roman in and sent him through the ropes. The Miz-tourage attacked Roman, again. Miz pitched Roman back in the ring and got a near fall.

Miz hit Corner Dropkicks. Roman caught Miz with a Samoan Drop to score a two. Roman clutched his lower back. Hard Clotheslines by Roman. Miz reversed a Whip only to get Clotheslined. Corner Clotheslines by Roman. Running Boot by Roman. Full Body Clothesline by Miz, after a distraction by Curtis and Bo. It Kicks by Miz. Roman caught the leg and lifted Miz up. Miz slid free and tried for a Roll Up. Superman Punches all around. Miz hit the floor to avoid the Spear.

Roman went to the floor and Miz got on his bicycle. Drive By to Curtis and Bo. Miz caught Roman with a hard DDT. 2 count. Miz wanted the Skull Crushing Finale but didn’t get it. Spear!

Your Winner: Roman Reigns
Raw Score: 3.75

Bo and Curtis attacked Roman, post-match. Roman broke free and beat the stuffing out of all 3. Superman Punch to Miz! Double chairs to Roman’s back. Curtis and Bo just annihilated Roman with the chairs. Skull Crushing Finale! Miz and crew left but went back to the ring for more damage. Miz took the steel chair and placed it under Roman’s face. They lifted him for another Skull Crushing Finale…onto the chair! I kept waiting for Dean and Seth to rush down but it didn’t happen. Miz hit the lower back of Roman, again, with the chair. They added insult to injury by doing the Shield Sign over Roman.

Finn Balor was set to fight Goldust, after Goldy’s attack. This should be good.

Goldust vs Finn Balor


Finn was still dealing with sore ribs, after Sunday’s match. Didn’t Goldust say something about having a new leading lady? What happened with that? Just asking…

Finn punched away but Goldust hit a hard knee. Goldust was thrown over the ropes and landed badly. Shotgun Dropkick by Finn, on the floor. Finn was sent into the barricade, several times. Finn pitched Goldy back in the ring. Dust threw Finn’s shoulder into the ring post.

Goldy threw Finn around and dropped him into the barricade. Raw cut to commercial.

Goldust worked over Finn’s ribs. Finn punched his way free and kicked Goldy in the ribs. Knife Edge Chop and hard Whips. Float Over but Goldy kicked the ribs. Spinebuster by Goldust for a two count. Goldust did some of his old creepy stuff. Finn countered a Final Cut. Pele by Finn. Finn’s ribs were seriously bothering him. Rope Jump Stomps by Finn. Sling Blade set up the Shotgun Dropkick. Coup de Grace!

Your Winner: Finn Balor
Raw Score: 2.75

The Bray Wyatt thing took out the lights. Whole World in his Hands rang out. The lights went out again. Weird.

The announcers were back to talk about the Fatal Five Way match for the Women’s title. Everyone that I talked to agreed that it almost stole the show. If not for Cena vs Reigns, it would have.

Bayley stretched in the locker room. Sasha came up but didn’t say much. Sasha didn’t return a text from Bayley. Tension so thick! Sasha wasn’t happy that Bayley stopped the pin, last night. Sasha said they should try to stay focused on tonight. Bayley remembered the sound of her shoulder popping in and out of socket. Bayley wanted Nia to feel her pain.

Kurt Angle ran into Enzo Amore, again. Enzo needed some help to get his Certified G part started. Enzo wanted a No Touch Clause. Kurt gave it to him and told Enzo that he was so annoying.

Nia Jax and Emma vs Sasha Banks and Bayley


Nia demanded to start. Bayley wanted her. Bayley kicked and punched away. Nia attacked the shoulder. Nia smacked Sasha and then threw Bayley into her. Break time.

Emma worked over Bayley as Raw returned. Bayley fought back. Tag to Nia. Bayley threw some weak punches. Nia kicked away at Bayley and applied a Keylock. Bayley Elbowed free, almost. Legdrop to Bayley’s shoulder. Dang. 2 count. Emma tagged back in and kicked away. . Bayley fought out of the enemy corner. . Emma tried to stop her. Bayley kicked Emma into Nia.

Hot Tag to Sasha. Head Scissors by Sasha to Emma. Double Knees and Neckbreaker. Nia made the save. Bayley attacked Nia. Sasha Dropkicked Nia. Bayley flew off the apron. Sasha took out Nia. Bayley ran Nia into the ring post. Dang. Emma rolled up Sasha for a very close to 3 count. Blind Tag by Bayley. Bayley to Belly.

Your Winners: Sasha Banks and Bayley
Raw Score: 2.5

Enzo was so ready to party.

Chrisley got a spin off show? Seriously?

Next week, Roman Reigns gets a shot at the IC title.

Certified G Celebration

This was our “Main Event”. Shakes head. He did his typical intro thing. At least his gear tonight was so much cooler than that Zebra thing he wore on Sunday. Smile. Enzo talked about his dream becoming a reality when he won the Cruiserweight title. Enzo woke up to the sight of the Cruiserweight title belt. Enzo knew there have been some serious Cuppa Haters, over the last few months. He knew that people were just jealous of him. He took shots at his former partner, Big Cass. Enzo compared himself to Rock, Cena and Batista. That’s a bit of a stretch. There was a huge drumroll as he showed off a Certified G jersey in a case. Enzo said he has made 205 Live relevant.

The entire Cruiserweight division walked out onto the stage. Enzo wasn’t sure why they came out. Enzo laughed at all the haters. Enzo insulted the guys on the stage. Seriously? Heel turn big time?

Neville then joined the C-Crew. Neville looked like something out of a George Remero movie. Enzo insulted Neville, questioning his manhood. Enzo danced around and strutted. Neville took the stick and admitted that the truth IS brutal. Neville said Enzo has alienated everyone he has come in contact with. Neville said Enzo was dumped on the Cruiserweights because no one else wanted him. Neville refused to accept that Enzo would help the Cruiserweight division. Neville didn’t appreciate Enzo making him and the division a joke. Neville was there to end Enzo. Neville stormed the ring but Enzo enforced his No Touch Clause. Enzo got seriously nervous. Enzo said Neville never made it to the final hour of Raw until now. Enzo bragged on all the money he has made. Enzo ordered Neville out of the ring. Neville thought it through and then attacked Enzo. Neville just destroyed the new champ. Neville ran Enzo into the barricades, over and over. Enzo staggered up to the other Cruiserweights. They forced him back down to Neville. Neville threw Enzo back into the ring. Neville stuffed the paperwork into Enzo’s mouth and then Superkicked him. Neville got major applause from the fans and Cruiserweights. Red Arrow! Wow!


–Jay Shannon

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