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Jermaine Royster Reporting

Smackdown comes to us live from the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California and everyone wants to know what Shane McMahon will do after Kevin Owens assaulted the WWE Chairman & CEO. Shane will address the actions by Owens as well as Jinder Mahal responding to criticism after his comments about Shinsuke Nakamura last week. Natalya will host a celebration of Women and The New Day celebrate their new Tag Team Title victory with the WWE Universe.

Shane McMahon comes out to start the show and the reinstated Commissioner makes his way to the ring. Shane calls Owens a coward for his acts and says even though he has had his differences with his father Vince, he still loves him. Shane says he has to defend him and says if Kevin’s son saw the same thing he would do the same. Shane says anyone who attacks a McMahon will get what they deserve, Shane says Owens beat down the man of his family. Shane says he condemns him to a beating by his hands and also to HELL IN A CELL!

Aiden English is in the ring and he clears his voice then sings to the crowd with the lights dim, he is quickly cut off by the music of Randy Orton.

Singles Match
Randy Orton vs Aiden English

English jumps Orton in the corner with right hands then English puts the boots to Orton in the corner. Orton then comes back with a clothesline followed by a PowerSlam and English is down. Orton send Aiden to the outside and Orton lights him up with shots but English counters Orton on the outside and hits a belly to back suplex on the announce table and Orton is down. English attacks Orton in the ring with kicks by the ropes then right hands to the face. English goes with a rear chin lock to wear Orton down. English hits a running neck breaker for a two count then follows with shots tho Orton’s face in the corner. English goes back to the rear chin lock and Orton fights back to escape the hold and Orton scores with right hands in the corner. Orton then stomps English in the same corner but English scores with an eye poke then a drop kick a two count. English goes back to the chin lock but Orton attacks the mid section to break free, English then tries a top rope move but Orton counters with an RKO in mid air and English is down for the three count.

Your Winner: Randy Orton

After the match we see Rusev show up on the ramp with a microphone in hand, Rusev says he should be a national hero but Orton turned his family to a disgrace so tonight he will rip the fangs out of the viper.

Singles Match
Rusev vs Randy Orton

The bell sounds and Orton immediately goes for the RKO but Aiden English grabs Orton on the ropes and that allows Rusev to blindside Orton with a Super Kick. Rusev quickly pins Orton and gets the win over Orton.

Your Winner: Rusev

Rusev is interviewed backstage and Rusev is elated and he calls himself a hero.

The Singh Brother are introduced and they bring out the “Modern Day Maharaja” WWE Champion Jinder Mahal. Jinder says some people were in an uproar about what he said about Nakamura but Jinder is glad Nakamura’s face is still full of delight. Jinder then continues to mock Nakamura’s facial expressions then tells the crowd that they will soon turn on Nakamura because he isn’t American. Mahal continues to show the same facial expression of Nakamura in trying to gain laughs. The crowd then chants for Nakamura but Mahal says the crowds are just hiding their xenophobia then Mahal drops a Mr. Miyagi line and the crowd chants, “That’s too far”. Mahal then speaks about Nakamura in his native language then Mahal leaves the ring. Jinder Mahal will face Shinsuke Nakamura at Hell In A Cell next month with the WWE Championship on the line.

Shinsuke Nakamura is interviewed backstage and he says Jinder Mahal is funny but it won’t be funny when he takes the WWE Championship away from Mahal.

United States Championship Open Challenge
Singles Match
“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles© vs Baron Corbin

Corbin attacks Styles before the bell sounds and Corbin is relentless but out of the blue Tye Dillinger shows up and attacks Corbin. Tye takes out the knee of Corbin then escapes but when he gets back in the ring Corbin tries to call off the match. Styles comes in and wraps on the Calf Crusher and Corbin retreats to the outside as the crowd chants, “You Tapped Out!”

No Winner

Charlotte Flair makes her way to the ring and she tells the crowd its great to be back and she thanks the crowd for their thoughts about her dad. She says Ric will be back and she has learned a lesson that your have to make the moments count. Charlotte says from here on out she will do everything for her father Ric Flair. Natalya then comes out and she says she is happy to come out and celebrate her night of women. Natalya name drops all top level female performers including the Mae Young superstars and says tonight is about celebrating women. Natalya says tonight is about one woman and that women is Natalya. Charlotte then chimes in saying she wants a title shot but then we hear Becky Lynch’s music, Lynch says Natalya is crazy. Lynch then says the Smackdown Womens Title should be with her then we hear Naomi’s music, Naomi says Lynch should be quiet because all she represents is herself. Next we hear Tamina’s music and she walks out with Lana and she says this is now Tamina’s time. Natalya quiets them all and says tonight is about her and she will be Smackdown Live Champion forever. Daniel Bryan then comes down and says there will be a Fatal Four Way Match to determine the No.1 Contender for Natalya at Hell In A Cell.

Tag Team Match
The New Day©(Kofi & Big E) vs The Hype Bros.

Big E starts with Mojo and Big E gets the Abdominal stretch then counters with a shoulder block off the ropes. Big E tags in Kofi and Kofi counters Mojo in the corner but Mojo shows his strength lifting up Kofi then tagging in Ryder for the double team. Mojo comes back in and works over Kofi with right hands then Ryder hits a high cross body. Kofi breaks away from Ryder but Zack scores with a pin for a two count. The Hype Bros then double team Kofi in the corner for a two count then Mojo hits shoulder blocks to Kofi in the corner. Kofi then side steps Mojo in the other corner then tags in Big E, E hits Belly to Belly slams to both Hype Bros. Big E misses the splash to Ryder then Zach scores with a missile drop kick then the Browski Boot for a two count. Kofi then counters and scores with a suicide dive to Mojo, Big E comes in and The New Day hit the Midnight Hour to Ryder for the win.

Your Winners: The New Day

Kevin Owens is shown on the big screen via satellite and he apologizes for what he did, Owens apologizes to the McMahon family then says to Shane that he had this coming. Owens says all this is Shane’s fault because he disparaged the Owens name. Owens then says Vince is a man of his words but he saw Vince then thought about Shane and he lost it. Owens then apologizes to the fans who don’t watch Hell in a Cell because it wont be pretty, Owens then says he wont go to hell because he will be in heaven.

Backstage we see The Hype Bros and Mojo says he is tired of losing and that they have to do something drastic.

Dolph Ziggler comes out and he continues to tell the crowd that he is the best performer WWE has ever seen but the people still don’t get it, he then mocks Triple H’s entrance as well as Shawn Michaels and the De-Generation X entrance. Dolph says who cares about two dads caring about you laughing at their corny jokes because they don’t care about in ring performance. Dolph then says he is the best ever and the fans could care less but Dolph says he doesn’t care either.

Smackdown Live Main Event
Smackdown Live Womens Match
Fatal Four Way
Charlotte Flair vs Naomi vs Becky Lynch vs Tamina w/Lana

All four women attack each other in the corner with Tamina & Charlotte in the ring and both women fight away, Tamina hits a suplex before Smackdown Live goes to a commercial break. Tamina picks up Charlotte but Flair counters with a big boot then Lynch comes in and scores with a super kick for a two count. Charlotte battles with Lynch then Naomi comes in and Charlotte gets double teamed but Naomi hits a high cross body to Charlotte & Lynch. Naomi then hits a big jaw breaker to Charlotte for a two count, Naomi then goes for a submission to Charlotte but Lynch breaks it up with Dis Armher but Tamina breaks it. Tamina takes out Naomi but Tamina misses Lynch in the corner but scores with a big clothesline, then Charlotte catches Tamina with a big Spear. Charlotte then climbs the ropes and hits a moonsault to both Tamina & Naomi for a two count. Charlotte then goes with the Figure Eight to Naomi but Lynch breaks the hold. All four women are down with Tamina getting up first and she hits a Samoan Drop to Becky Lynch then goes up top and scores with a big splash but Naomi breaks the hold. Tamina then blasts Naomi but Charlotte quickly comes in and blasts Tamina with a big boot dropping her and gets a quick pin in and gets the three count.

Your Winner: Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair will now face Natalya at Hell in a Cell for the Smackdown Live Womens Championship.

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