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Feeling the Impact: A look at this week’s GFW Impact Wrestling

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

Bobby Lashley finally announced which direction he was planning on going with his career. Plus, Johnny Impact and Low Ki fought it out to determine who would be next to go after E-Li Drake.

Lashley and Americas Top Team arrived at the venue and started bullying people, just for the Hell of it.

Garza Jr. vs Braxton Sutter

The Finish:

Sutter hit a nice Springboard Neckbreaker that pulled a two count. Garza rebounded with a series of Clotheslines. Garza then flirted with Allie, who Josh said was dressed to a point she deserved to be treated like that. I won’t even comment on such a statement. They went back and forth and Braxton used Allie as a shield to prevent a Dive. Not cool. Sutter rocked Garza with a Sit Out Powerbomb. Garza recovered and connected with a Superkick and Lionsault to bring this one to an end.

Your Winner: Garza Jr.
Global Impact: 2.5 out of a possible 5

Garza helped Allie into the ring so she could check on her beau. Braxton freaked out on her and she stood her ground. I don’t quite undestand where this one is going. Braxton eventually took his girl to the back.

Ethan Carter III vs El Hijo de Phantasmo
Grand Championship Match


Round One–Hijo sent Ethan sailing all over the place. Ethan did a Neck Snap and dropped a couple of Elbows to score a near fall. Ethan nearly destroyed Hijo with a TK3 that sent Hijo to the floor. Ethan went out and beat on the masked man until the end of the round.

Round One to Ethan Carter III

Round Two–Hijo tried to take a quick advantage in the opening seconds of the 2nd round but Ethan laid him out with a Double Sledge and a Snap Suplex. Ethan applied a ¾ Nelson but didn’t have it totally cinched in. Hijo escaped and sent Ethan flying with a Head Scissors. Hijo positioned Ethan with a Top Rope Frankensteiner and then followed up with a Superfly Splash to pull the deuce. Hijo blocked the 1%er and applied a Surfboard. Time came to an end for the 2nd round.

Round Two to El Hijo de Phantasmo

Round Three:

Ethan almost won with a Roll Up as the round started. When that failed, Ethan connected with a series of Powerbombs. Hijo tried to lock in a Cross Armbreaker but Ethan converted it into another TK3. Ethan went for a 3rd TK3 but Hijo countered it with a Dropkick and Tope Suicida. As they went to get back in the ring, Ethan used a Knee Strike to set up a Draping 1%er. The bell sounded before Ethan could cover the challenger.

The Winner of the 3rd Fall and the Match–Ethan Carter III.

It was a split decision and the final vote came from Hector Guerrero, who sided with the defending champion. Hijo got irate and went after Hector. He turned and rushed hte ring to go after Ethan. It was a set up to have Pagano make a run in. Eddie Edwards rushed down to aid Ethan but Carter was quite cold at the assitance provided him. Ethan just walked to the back.

We headed out on location to…a Tijuana Gentleman’s Club. Konnan was enjoying a lovely Exotic Dancer but had to dismiss the young lady to talk strategy with his troops. Konnan confirmed that the ref was paid off for tonight’s tag team title match.

We headed back to the arena to see the oVe arrive. They learned that the title match had been turned into a Four Team Battle.

LAX vs oVe vs 2 local teams

The Finish:

oVe almost won over one of the minor teams but the pin was broken up. Homicide came in and nailed the Cop Killa. That set up the Street Sweeper and LAX retained.

Your Winners: LAX
Global Impact: 2.0

oVe tried to confront LAX, after the match. Konnan called in a ton of local Mexican guys. Konnan warned the brothers that this was a long way from the trailer park. Konnan warned oVe that they had better disappear or Konnan and his associates could make the boys disappear. oVe agreed and later explained they would just head over to the LAX lair to “have some fun”.

Grado vs William Weeks

This was supposed to be Grado’s Swan Song before getting deported. He didn’t take long to get the job done. Weeks tried to jump Grado, only to end up on the wrong end of a Flip, Flop and Fly. Grado disposed of his foe with a Big Boot to take this one to the barn.

Your Winner: Grado
Global Impact: 1.0

Grado got on the stick and talked about leaving on Friday at 10 AM to head back to Glasgow. Grado thanked the fans for their love and support and got ready to depart.

Suddenly, Joseph Park came out and explained that his law firm just set up a Sports Entertainment Management company. Grado was signed by them, so he now has an extended work visa…and doesn’t have to leave. Grado officially signed on with Park, Park and Park Sports Entertainment Services and then Joseph got his new client all psyched up by talking about the plans the new company has for their star client. Grado should immediately head back and rekindle his relationship with Laurel…but that wouldn’t make for good TV, I guess. Smile.

Trevor Lee and Sonjay Dutt were both getting prepared for their pending battle.

McKenzie interviewed Johnny Impact. He said that the match against Low Ki was one of the final Dreak Matches in his career. That was set for a little later on tonight.

Lashley and his buddies came into Jim Cornette’s office. Lashley demanded a full release so he could focus on his MMA career. Corny tried to convince Lashley there was more money to be made in Global. Lashley was determined so Cornette told the America Top Team to get out of his office. Cornette agreed to let Lashley go…after he does one last match…against Moose! Lashley agreed and his buddies headed to the hotel since Bobby was about to have a Cake Walk Night.

Trevor Lee vs Sonjay Dutt
Falls Count Anywhere Match for the X-Division Title

The Finish:

Sonjay attacked both Lee and Caleb Konley, in the garage area, with a trash can lid. Dutt tried to walk a wall to deliver a Tornado DDT but Lee spun him on around and crotched the champion on a steel barricade. Caleb stunned Dutt with a Spinning Backfist. That allowed Lee to roll up Dutt and hold the tights, while bracing against a pole, to become the new champion.

Your Winner (and NEW X-Division Champion: Trevor Lee
Global Impact: 3.0

Richard Justice ran into America’s Top Team and tried to work his way in with them. All he got for his trouble was a butt kicking.

We got a look at Global Forged. It is a program where potential future talent got their chance to try out and shine.

Taya Valkyrie vs Amber Nova

Amber tried to get a quick advantage by jumping Taya. Taya simply dumped her on the canvas. Amber went for a Flying Headscissors but Taya converted it into a Powerbomb. She could have won it right there but decided to pull her up at two. She then connected with a Double Armbar Facebuster (my name for it is Valhalla).

Your Winner: Taya Valkyrie
Global Impact: 1.75

E-Li Drake chatted with his buddy, Chris Adonis. Drake understood that Jim Cornette has been trying to send everyone possible at him to get the belt off him. Drake was confident that no one could take the strap off him. How long before Adonis turns on his buddy?

Johnny Impact vs Low Ki
Number One Conttender Match

The Finish:

Johnny blocked the Ki Krusher but couldn’t avoid the Tidal Krush. 1-2-no. Low Ki barely avoided a Spinal Tap by the former Johnny Mundo. Low Ki nailed a Shotgun Dropkick. 2 count, again. Low Ki went for a Double Stomp but Johnny moved and Low Ki trapped himself in the ropes. Johnny utilized his old Starship Pain finisher to take this one home.

Your Winner: Johnny Impact
Global Impact: 3.75

Drake came out to distract his new top contender. That allowed Chris Adonis to Pearl Harbor Johnny. Drake then got in the ring to take out Johnny with his finisher.

After a break, we were back in Jim Cornette’s office. Jim made one last attempt to convince Bobby Lashley to stay in GFW. When Bobby refused and insulted Jim, Cornette said Bobby would have to learn a hard lesson.

Taya confronted Karen Jarrett, backstage. She warned Mrs. J that she (and everyone else) better learn from what they saw.

Bobby Lashley came to the ring to do his good-byes. Bobby made it official that he was leaving wrestling for MMA but wanted to leave by making a statement. He had some unfinished business. He called out Moose. The former football player dropped Lashley with a hard puunch. Boby got up and unloaded on Moose with punches and a massive Clothesline that sent Moose to the floor. The fight continued on the outside. Bobby Powerbombed Moose on the floor but Moose came back with a huge Big Boot. They fought through the crowd and Moose used a trash can on Bobby’s back. Bobby caught Moose with a Neckbreaker but Moose came back with a modified Roaring Elbow to send Bobby tumbling down the ramp. Moose hit a Spear and threw Lashley into the ring. America’s Top Team returned and rushed in to protect their buddy, Lashley. Yhe group totally annihilated Moose. Security tried to come out and help but it made no difference. Lashley and company just butchered them and then stood over the carcasses as Impact faded out for the night.

As I finish this up, I want to send a special shout out to my girlfriend, Candy. We have been seeing each other for the last two months and she has made me so happy. Plus, she is a fantastic wrestling fan. She can rival me on wrestling trivia and if you ask anyone that knows me, that is saying something. Smile. Much love my little Candy Girl.


–Jay Shannon

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