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Highlights from the GFW Press Conference- September 12, 2017, Featuring: GFW Creative Team Members, “Coach” Scott D’Amore – Sonjay Dutt – “Big” John Gaburick.

What has been the backstage reaction to the rumors that GFW is possibly up for sale again?

-There has been no backstage reaction. Rumors of the company’s demise has been around for many years. They currently are focusing on business as usual and have solid plans for the future. (Editors Note) Ed Nordholm of Anthem Entertainment has gone on record saying that Anthem Entertainment has no plans to sell the company.

What will Dutch Mantel’s role be in creative?

-Dutch has many years experience in this business and is a tremendous asset. He will be a contributor in the creative process.

What will be the policy of working with world promotions going forward?

-We would hope to continue to have an open door policy.

Any plans to work with more UK talent going forward?

-There is tremendous talent in the UK and we have had great success there and can’t wait to get back.

Will the creative plans that were put in place by Jeff Jarrett post Bound For Glory be scrapped entirely?

-There will be no reset button or radical changes going forward. The creative process, if anything, will be more collaborative going forward.

Any talent rollover happening since the change in creative?

-Low Ki has recently finished with the company but he enjoyed his latest run with the comapany and the door remains open for him.

-Eddie Kingston also recently finished his run with the company. No word yet on where things stand with him.

Is Alberto El Patron in GFW’s plans after Bound for Glory?

-In a word, YES.

What lessons have you learned from watching WWE launch the WWE network, as your Global Network begins?

WWE has certainly proven there is a market for content. We want to provide alternative content from WWE to promote wrestling globally with many different styles and presentations.

Will you be addressing the Rosemary, Sexy Star incident on GFW programming and how is the relationship between GFW and Triple A?

-There are no further plans to address it on television. Rosemary is fine and ready to compete and the working relationship between GFW and Triple A is good.

What has it been like working with America’s Top Team?

-Dan Lambert and America’s Top Team was a great expierence for everyone involved. Lambert is a big fan and excited to be involved.

Johnny Impact has called himself not an X-Division star but a wrestling star that is in the X-Division. Are there any plans to blur the competitive lines like that with other stars.

-Although there will always be divisions in wrestling, our goal is to have any member of the roster be able to carry the company and the world championship at any given time.

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