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ermaine Royster Reporting

Smackdown comes to us live from the Thomas & Mack Centre in Las Vegas, Nevada and tonight the stars will be shinning. Newly crowned Smackdown Live Womens Champion Natalya takes on Naomi in a return match with the title on the line. The Uso’s will put the Smackdown Live Tag Team Championships up in a Las Vegas Street Fight against The New Day & Tye Dillinger will get a his shot at AJ Styles and the United States Championship. If three major titles being up for grabs isn’t enough, the chairman of the board Vincent Kennedy McMahon will grace the Smackdown crowd to address the Kevin Owens/Shane McMahon situation. As the show gets underway we hear the music of Kevin Owens and he makes his way to the ring.

Owens talks about the incident last week where Shane McMahon attacked Owens after Kevin mentioned the McMahon family as well as Shane’s children. Owens in content on seeing the McMahon’s and rebranding Smackdown Live the “Kevin Owens Show”. Owens says when he is in control Sami Zayn will be the first on fired as well as making fun of Tom Phillips on commentary. Owens says he will cancel the Fashion Files because he doesn’t get it then Owens brings Mr. McMahon to the ring but instead we hear Shane McMahon’s music but it is Dolph Ziggler impersonating Shane McMahon. Owens thanks Dolph for the entertainment and says he will see him later tonight but then we hear Daniel Bryan’s music.

Bryan says that Owens doesn’t run the show because he does and the fun & games will end soon. Owens says he will have a spot for Bryan when he takes over because Bryan will be the new Smackdown Live janitor. Bryan tells Owens to just wait because Mr. McMahon is on his way and Owens wont like what he has to say, Owens retorts and says, “Mr. McMahon not like what he has to say.”

United States Open Challenge
Singles Match
“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles© vs “The Perfect 10” Tye Dillinger

Both men start quick with reversals and counters before Tye hits a face buster but Styles counters in the corner with a boot to the face. The action then goes to the apron where Dillinger bounces Styles’s head off the steel post sending him to the outside. Styles gets back in control in the ring but again Tye counters this time with a back breaker mid ring. Tye then goes to the corner and unloads on Styles but AJ counters with a blow to the face then a few fore arms. Tye comes back with a big boot but Tye gets blasted by Styles right after. The action again goes to the apron but Styles gets Tye back in the ring while Styles is still on the apron and he signals the Phenomenal Fore Arm. Baron Corbin comes to the ring and Styles blasts him then in the mix Tye Dillinger hits the Tie Breaker knee drop but Styles kicks out at two and quickly Styles wraps up Tye with the Calf Crusher and Dillinger taps out.

Your Winner: AJ Styles retains the United States Championship

After the match Baron Corbin attacks Styles then sends him flying into the steel steps, then Corbin says he will take up the United States Open Challenge next week.

Rusev is interviewed next and he says he came home to his native land a loser because of his performance at SummerSlam. He says he is not a loser and he must break a legend.

The Singh Brothers are at the ramp and they introduce the WWE Champion “The Modern Day Maharajah” Jinder Mahal. Mahal talks about his next opponent “The Artist” Shinsuke Nakamura then clowns him when they put a picture of him on the big screen. Mahal makes jokes about Nakamura’s facial expressions then calls him a fake Micheal Jackson. Mahal says that Shinsuke doesn’t want to hold the WWE Title because the people will treat him like they treat Mahal, Jinder says the American people will disrespect him and it isn’t worth it. Mahal then speaks in his native language and celebrates with The Singh Brothers.

Kevin Owens is backstage with Sami Zayn and Owens talks about Sami being out of a job, Sami says he would rather go back to wrestling in the armory’s then work for Owens.

Tag Team Match
Smackdown Live Tag Team Championships
*SinCity StreetFight*
The New Day(Kofi Kingston & Big E) vs The Uso’s©

All four men attack each other in the ring as there are no rules in this match, The New Day quickly grab a table but The Uso’s again attack The New Day. The Uso’s then send Big E into the steel steps as Smackdown Live goes to a commercial break. The Uso’s the put a chair over Big E’s face in the corner then blast him with a boot to the face. Big E tries the Big Ending but Jay Uso catches him with a Super Kick for a two count. The Uso’s then bring out the Kendo Sticks and blast Big E again and again, The Uso’s then tie Big E in the ropes but Kofi comes in with the save with kicks and drop kicks. Kofi grabs the stick and goes wild blasting both Uso’s then breaks it over the back of Jimmy Uso. Jay then tries a splash in the corner with a steel chair but misses then Kofi hits a double stomp to Jay with a chair for a two count. Both Uso’s are on the floor and Kofi tries a top rope move but The Uso’s catch him then Big E breaks it up with a spear. Big E hits the STO then a belly to belly on both Uso’s then hits a double splash onto both Uso’s. Big E then hits the Big Ending to Jay but he kicks out at two then Jay scores with an enziguiri as both Uso’s score with a double Super kick. The Uso’s try the double splash but Kofi sends Jay Uso through a table on the outside then Kofi and Big E hit the Midnight Hour to Jimmy and get the win.

Your Winners: The New Day win the Smackdown Live Tag Team Championships

Smackdown Live Womens Championship
Singles Match
Naomi vs Natalya©
*Carmella on commentary w/James Ellsworth*

Natalya scores with a take down but Naomi counters with one of her own then Natalya counters Naomi again for a stalemate. Naomi catches the leg of Natalya then blasts her with a kick to the head for a two count. Natalya counters Naomi sending her into the turnbuckle face first then Natalya wraps up Naomi in a face lock on the ropes. Naomi then tries a clothesline as does Natalya and both women’s are down on the mat. Natalya gets up first but Naomi scores with a series of kicks then kicks to the back of Natalya on the ropes then hits a leg drop for a two count. Naomi misses the split legged moonsault and but sends Natalya to the outside. Naomi then hits a high cross body to Natalya, Carmella & James Ellsworth on the outside but Natalya sends Naomi into the steel steps. Back in the ring Natalya slaps on the SharpShooter and Naomi is forced to tap out.

Your Winner: Natalya

Next we hear Dolph Ziggler’s music and again just like last week he says all the introductions are too elaborate and they don’t mean a thing. Ziggler then leaves and comes back with the Bayley gimmick then dons the Ultimate Warrior mask and comes out to the Warrior entrance running the ropes etc. Dolph then says this is what it comes to, he then says anyone can do that but no one can do what he does in the ring, no one!

Tag Team Match
Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable vs The Hype Bros. (Ryder & Mojo)

Gable starts with Mojo and Gable applies the head lock to a arm bar but Benjamin gets the tag and Shelton attacks the arm of Mojo in the corner. Shelton goes back to the same hold but Mojo strikes then Benjamin hits the spinning kick in transition. Mojo then scores with a big clothesline then tags in Ryder, Ryder hits a missile drop kick to Benjamin but Shelton comes back with a Spine buster countering the Hype Ryder. Benjamin then sets up Ryder for a Power Bomb but Gable comes off the top rope with a flying Bulldog a la Rick Steiner for the win.

Your Winners: Benjamin & Gable

When Smackdown Live comes back from the break we see Kevin Owens in the ring, Owens says this is a first because Vince is intimidated. Vince says Owens has made bad comments and Shane was all over him. Vince says Shane was beating his ass so that’s why Owen’s didn’t fight back. Vince says Owens wants power because of the lawsuit. Vince says when Owens makes that call he will be, “FIRED!!!” Vince tells Owens to go ahead and file the lawsuit because he has never lost a case and he is a Billionaire. Vince says by the time this goes to court Kevin will be Bankrupt, Owens comes back by saying Shane put his hands on him, Vince says yes and that’s why he suspended him. Vince says he suspended Shane because he didn’t finish the job, Vince says Shane should have beaten Kevin Owens because of the remarks about his family. Vince says he will reinstate Shane because there will be a match between Shane McMahon & Kevin Owens and it will tale place inside, “HELL IN A CELL!” Owens then says he needs Vince’s word that if need be he can beat a McMahon senseless and Vince says he has his word. When Owens’s shakes Vince’s hand he holds on and head buts Vince busting him open in the process. Owens says Vince has just given him the opportunity to beat up a McMahon then kicks Vince while he is down. Multiple referee’s come to the ring but Owen’s blasts McMahon again then Owens goes to the top rope and hits the frog splash on Vince McMahon. As Owens walks up the ramp we Stephanie McMahon appear and she tells Owens to leave as the referees & security help the hobbled Vince McMahon to the back as Smackdown Live goes off the air.

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