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205 Live Recap
Verizon Arena
Little Rock, Arkansas
Air Date: August 29th, 2017

Tonight’s show opened with a video package featuring the ongoing feud between Brian Kendrick and Jack Gallagher setting up the no disqualification match between the two later tonight.

After the opening credits roll, Vic Joseph and Corey Graves welcome us to the show. They put over the six-man match that takes place later in the show featuring the 205 Live debut of Enzo Amore. Brian Kendrick makes his entrance. Looks like we are starting with the no disqualification match. Gallagher makes his entrance in street clothes and looking very serious.

Match 1: No Disqualification Match: Jack Gallagher vs. Brian Kendrick

It took a second for Gallagher to do anything as he just glared at Kendrick while Brian tried to goad him into coming in too fast and make a mistake. When Gallagher finally did get the offense started, he did not let up as all his pent-up emotion seemed to pour out. Kendrick tries to gain some relief by trying to use an umbrella but it was blocked by Gallagher who unloaded on Kendrick.

Kendrick rolls to the outside and Gallagher followed knocking Kendrick over the barricade and following him into the crowd. Gallagher beats him through the fans at ringside and back up the ramp to the ring. Kendrick rolls through the ring and Gallagher follows.

Gallagher smashes Kendrick into the announce table and beats on him on top of it. Gallagher loses focus as he starts tearing apart the announce table obviously planning something big. This strategy turned out the fatal flaw because he took his eyes off Kendrick. “ The Man With the Plan” proved to be just that as he attacked Gallagher with a kendo stick and rammed his head repeatedly into the ring steps.

Kendrick next ties up Gallagher in the ring apron and unloads on him with the kendo stick causing Gallagher to bleed. The doctor rushed out to check on Jack and ruled the match could continue. Kendrick was ready for this as he DDT’ed Gallagher into the ring bell and locked in the Captain’s Hook. The referee had to call the match as Gallagher was ruled unconscience.

Winner: Brian Kendrick

We go to an interview in the back where there is an interview with Tony Nese, Drew Gulak, and Noam Dar. The trio will oppose Enzo Amore, Cedric Alexander and Gran Metalik in the six-man match later in the show. Not surprisingly, the talk centers around the debut of Enzo to the roster.
Still reeling from his loss to Amore on Raw, Noam Dar speaks first and blames that loss on himself and not on Enzo beating him. Gulak chimes in with his take believing that Amore does not fit into his vision of 205 Live. Nese continues Enzo saying the “Certified G” is not on his level. Gulak warns that Enzo’s debut will turn into his last appearance.

We come back from commercial ready to spotlight the most recent feud on the roster as TJP limps out to the commentary table. He will sit in on this match as Rich Swann and Ariya Daivari make their entrances. A video recap was shown from the the Swann Daivari match from two weeks ago that showed Swann getting distracted by TJP causing Daivari to get the win.

Match 2 Rich Swann vs. Ariya Daivari

Graves asks TJP if the hard feelings between he and Swann are behind them. TJP assures him they are cool.

Swann opens the action with his signature dropkick after he and Daivari finish running the ropes. Swann tries to whip Daivari but gets reversed and Ariya executes a scorpion death drop for a two-count. Swann recovers and comes back with a rolling legdrop for a two-count of his own. When that doesn’t finish off Swann nails a rolling thunder for another two-count.

They take the action to the outside where Daivari drops Swann across the announce table. Daivari grabs TJP’s crutch and goes to hit Swann with it but TJP takes it back. The two men briefly argue before Daivari steps through the ropes and gets wrapped up in a small package and the pin.

Winner: Rich Swann

Daivari is enraged by the loss and attacks TJP at the announce desk. At first, TJP appears to be favoring his injured leg but he soon forgets and unloads on Daivari with his full offensive repitoire hurt leg and all with Swann watching from the corner.

After TJP lays out Daivari Swann gets TJ’s crutch, hands it to him and walks away. Realizing that everyone now knows he has been busted, TJP gives Daivari the detonation kick.

We go to the locker room where Amore, Alexander and Metalik are chatting. Enzo is telling them he is a permanent member of the roster and calls himself the player, coach of the team. Enzo starts drawing up strategy and Alexander and Metalik don’t know what to make of it. Alexander reminds him that they have been on 205 Live for a long time. Amore assures Cedric that he’s not trying to step on anyone’s toes and he is just trying to make them a good team. He compares them all to Italian food and goes back to drawing up strategy as the show goes to break.

We come back and the two teams make their entrances for the six-man. The heel team is in the ring and Alexander and Metalik wait for Amore on the ramp. Amore does his usual entrance then insults his opponents. He calls Gulak “Captain Underpamts” and delivers the “S-A-W-F-T” line.

Match 3: Enzo Amore, Cedric Alexander, and Gran Metalik vs. Drew Gulak, Noam Dar, and Tony Nese

Amore starts against Drew Gulak and is taken down. Amore is snap-mared intohis own corner. Enzo sits back as Gulak gloats for a bit. A short time later, Gulak pie-faces Amore in the corner. Enzo gets mad and plants a boot to Gulak’s bread-basket and tags Alexander. Nese makes the tag and poses. Neville is checking out Amore on the monitor in the back.

Alexander hits a nice dropkick and tags Amore back in. Enzo eats a dropkick and gets pie-faced again. Enzo gets upset and goes after Nese prompting all six men to hit the ring. Gulak and Dar get thrown to the outside and Metalik and Alexander do tandem suicide dives on the floor.Amore tries to join the party but Nese clotheslines him out of nowhere.

Nese continues to mock Enzo until Amore ducks some offense and comes back with a big boot. Cedric Alexander had blind tagged in and nails Nese with a flying clothesline. Alexander tries to execute some offense in the corner but gets distracted by Dar and Gulak. This allows Nese to sweep the legs of Alexander and drag him to the floor. The heels worked over Alexander on the floor briefly while Amore distracted the ref.

Gulak tagged in and locked in a chinlock on Alexander. Alexander gets to his feet and stops Gulak with a back-elbow and a springboard roundhouse kick. Metalik and Nese tag into the action.

Metalik nails Nese with a superkick and face-plant. This gives Metalik the opportunity to walk the ropes and hit a flying dropkick for a two-count. Metalik tries to set up Nese for a top-rope senton but Gulak pulls him to safety. This allows Alexander to take out Gulak with a senton of his own on the floor. Metalik makes the tag to Enzo.

Enzo comes in with a top-rope cross-body for a two-count. Gulak tries to make the save but Enzo catches him the a jadunzo (eat dafeat). Enzo is then able to rollup Nese and, with the help of the ropes, gets the three count while Neville gets a huge laugh watching backstage.

Winner: Enzo Amore, Cedric Alexander, and Gran Metalik

Enzo, Cedric and Metalik hold the ring to close the show.

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