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Jermaine Royster reporting

Smackdown comes to us live from the Verizon Arena in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Last week we saw the arrival of “The Glorious One” Bobby Roode as well as Shelton Benjamin re-entering the WWE and joining forces with Chad Gable to reintroduce the tag team American Alpha, tonight look for both men to get back in action. Also last week we saw Kevin Owens fall to AJ Styles as he tried to regain the WWE United States Championship. The Singh Brothers introduce the WWE Champion Jinder Mahal to kick off the show, ahah says in the Main Event tonight he will show his excellence against Shinsuke Nakamura & Randy Orton in a tag team match with Rusev by his side. Mahal talks about the continent of Asia disrespecting him as the crowd chants, “USA”. Mahal says he should be cheered as WWE Champion but he is always being disrespected, Nakamura was made for him to look like a fool and now someone will pay the price. The Singh Brothers then apologize for not taking care of Nakamura last week on Smackdown and they beg Mahal for forgiveness. The Singh Brother then kiss the feet of Mahal in respect but then we hear Nakamura’s music hit. Nakamura confronts Mahal but The Singh Brothers help out as Mahal scores with a super kick but Randy Orton shows up for the save. Orton attacks Mahal but then Rusev shows up and attacks Orton and Mahal attacks with Rusev and The Singh Brothers, Mahal then hits The Colas to Nakamura.

Tag Team Match
Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin vs The Ascension

Gable starts with Viktor and Gable gets taken down but he counters the arm bar with an arm drag then tags in Benjamin. Shelton connects with rights hands then a butterfly suplex for a two count. Gable comes back and hits a belly to belly but Konnor throws Gable to the outside. Konnor hits a big spine buster to Gable for a two count then tags in Viktor. Viktor and Gable trade chops then Konnor comes back in and taunts Shelton then misses Gable and he tags Shelton, Benjamin takes out both Konnor and Viktor then goes to the top rope and hits the clothesline then he puts Viktor face first on the mat for the win.

Your Winners: Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin

Baron Corbin is backstage and he says he didn’t waste his Money in the Bank opportunity, he says he doesn’t live in the past but he says he wants AJ Styles and the US Championship.

AJ Styles comes out for the United States Open Challenge but when Tye Dillinger answers the call he gets bombarded by Baron Corbin. Both men fight on the ramp then Dillinger just barely escapes in time to face Styles.

United States Open Challenge Match
Singles Match
AJ Styles© vs Tye Dillinger

AJ attacks as Dillinger was assaulted by Baron Corbin, AJ goes for the Phenomenal Fore Arm but Tye catches him and looks for his finisher. AJ counters and both men go to the mat and Styles gets the Calf Crusher on Dillinger and he is forced to tap out.

Your Winner: AJ Styles(Submission)

Rusev is backstage with Jinder Mahal and he says they will crush Nakamura and Orton, Rusev tonight is about revenge and he tells Jinder they are not friends. Rusev then says after they win tonight he will be coming after the WWE Title next.

Singles Match
Mike Kanelis w/Maria vs Bobby Roode

Both tie up mid ring with Roode hitting an arm drag then doing the “Glorious” Pose with the crowd, both men restart with Roode forcing Mike into the corner but Kanellis scores with boots to Roode in the corner. Bobby comes back with knife edge chops then clotheslines and a big fore arm. Roode counters Kanellis and hits the block buster but Mike counters with a knee but Roode counters him with a big spine buster. Roode then grabs Mike and hits the Glorious DDT and gets the win.

Your Winner: Bobby Roode

Aiden English is in the ring when Smackdown Live comes back from commercial and as he sings to the crowd we hear Kevin Owens music all of a sudden. Owens gets the microphone and says that these Arkansas Hillbillies don’t appreciate him so he should leave. Owens then brings up last Tuesday where Shane McMahon was inserted as special guest referee after confronting Baron Corbin. Owens says who gives Shane McMahon the right to be the referee & that one year ago today he was crowned Universal Champion. Owens goes on to say this the second time Shane McMahon has screwed him and this would have never happened on Monday Night Raw. Shane McMahon comes to the ramp and Owens continues to bad mouth MacMahon. Shane says it was Owens who chose Corbin and he was very favorable toward Owens and then he quit. Shane says he had no choice but to ref the match and he counted three when Owens’ shoulders were on the mat. Shane says Smackdown Live fans are tired of him and he tells Aiden English to get back in the ring to face Sami Zayn. Kevin Owens joins the announce desk for the match.

Singles Match
Aiden English vs Sami Zayn

Aiden hits a fallaway slam for a two count early on but Sami sends English to the outside after a big clothesline then a toupee over the top rope. Zayn goes to the top rope and as he does Owens runs in the ring and snatches the referee shirt and the match continues. Owens then hits the pop up power bomb to Sami Zayn then does a fast count as Aiden English covers Zayn for the win.

Your Winner: Aiden English

Tag Team Match
The New Day(Kofi & Big E) vs The Uso’s©
**Winner gets to choose the stipulation for the next title match**

Big E starts with Jay and both do battle in the ring until Jay is sent to the outside, Kofi gets the tag and Big E launches Kofi over the top onto both Uso’s. Jimmy would get back in control on the outside hitting a drop kick to Big E then running him off the ring apron. Jimmy attacks Big E in the corner but Big E counters with a slam in the corner as Kofi gets the tag. Kofi takes out Jay with a swan kick then hits the big leg drop to Jay. Kofi misses Touble in Paradise and Jay scores with a shot but Kofi hits the high cross body for a two count. Jimmy tries to get in but Kofi counters with a dragon sleeper to Jay Uso but Jimmy gets the tag and rolls up Kofi holding the tights and The Uso’s get the win.

Your Winners: The Uso’s

James Ellsworth is backstage and he introduces Ms. Money in the Bank Carmella, Carmella slams Ellsworth for talking to much about the plans with Natalya. Natalya then shows up and Natty says if Carmella ever tries to cash in then she will be the Baron Corbin of the Womens Division. Then Naomi shows up and shes says in two weeks she will face Natalya for the WWE Smackdown Live Womens Championship so she’d better get her rest.

Tamina w/Lana vs Tina Stock

Stock tries to bash away but to no avail then Lana screams at Tamina to crusher her! Tamina then just lays in with kicks in the corner then hits a big Super kick and Tamina gets the win.

Your Winner: Tamina

Smackdown Live Main Event
Tag Team Match
Jinder Mahal© & Rusev vs Shinsuke Nakamura & Randy Orton

Orton & Nakamura attack Rusev and Mahal sending them both to the outside to start the match as Smackdown quickly goes to a break. Mahal gets back in control after the break but Nakamura tries to get to Orton for the tag, Mahal stops Shinsuke then applies his knees to the back of Shinsuke. Mahal slaps on a rear chin lock but Nakamura counters with a jaw breaker then tags in Orton. Randy starts blasting Mahal with Uppercuts in the corner then teases the RKO and Mahal gets to the outside. Orton follows Mahal and drops him spine first on the barricade. Back in the ring we see Orton hitting a fall away slam then the Singh Brother get in the way causing Rusev to slam Orton on the outside ten follow up with kicks. Rusev covers Randy in the ring for a two count then kicks Randy in the mid section repeatedly. Rusev tries to work the neck of Orton wearing him down with a choke hold, Orton tries to fight away but Rusev slams him then covers Orton for a two count. Jinder gets the tag and covers Orton for a two count then slaps on another chin lock but Orton scores with fore arms then sends Mahal into the steel post. Orton tries to make the tag and does as Rusev comes in, Nakamura scores with consecutive kicks to Rusev then a big strike that drops Rusev. Nakamura then puts Rusev on the top rope and score with the knee lift for a two count. Nakamura tries the reverse exploder but Nakamura rather goes with a cross arm bar but Mahal comes in and he gets a DDT from Orton. Nakamura then scores with a knee from the second rope to Rusev then follows with The Kinsasha Knee strike to Rusev mid ring and Nakamura gets the three count.

Your Winners: Shinsuke Nakamura & Randy Orton

After the match as both Orton & Nakamura are celebrating their win we see Randy Orton eyeing Nakamura then shortly after we see Orton hitting the RKO on Nakamura as Smackdown Live goes off the air.

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