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The Raw Score: A look at this week’s Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

Sasha and Alexa battled in a rematch for the Raw Women’s Title. Plus, Enzo had his debut as a Cruiserweight. All this, plus the beginning of the No Mercy card was set.

This week,we were live from Memphis. Jerry “The King” Lawler stepped in for Booker T, so Booker could deal with the Hurricane around Houston. To my brothers and sisters down there, I wish only the best. My step-son, Gary, is down there helping with the disaster. Please keep them all in your most positive thoughts and prayers.

Miz and his Miz-Tourage were in the ring. Miz was ready to grumble, even more, about how he was disrespected at SummerSlam. Before he opened his mouth, Kurt Angle came out to stop him. Thank the Heavens for small favors.

Kurt explained that the Intercontinental Title may not have been defended at SummerSlam but it definitely would be on the line at No Mercy.

Miz interrupted Kurt to give him a lecture on respect. Miz was so tired of the disrespect that he and the IC title have received. Kurt listened to Miz’s rantings and decided there was no reason to wait a month for an IC title match. There will be one, next week, and the opponent was determined after the following Battle Royal.

Matt Hardy vs Goldust vs Jeff Hardy vs R-Truth vs Curtis Axel vs Bo Dallas vs Big Show vs Finn Balor vs Jason Jordan (Angle) vs Kalisto vs Luke Gallows vs Karl Anderson vs Curt Hawkins vs Apollo Crews vs Elias Samson

Battle Royal to find the Number One Contender to the Intercontinental Title

The Finish:

Jeff rocked Finn with his trademark Inverted Atomic Drop combo. Finn escaped a Twist of Fate and connected with a Sling Blade. Finn was on a roll as he nailed the Shotgun Dropkick to Jeff. Suddenly, the lights went out. Bray Wyatt magically showed up and eliminated Finn. He then just disappeared as the lights dropped, again.

Jason hit Running Shoulders to both Bo and Curtis. He then launched both Elias and Jeff with Overhead Belly to Belly Suplexes. Jason then took out the entire male Miz-Tourage in one fell swoop. Jason then pitched out Elias and looked well on his way to winning this one. However, Jason was surprised by Jeff Hardy. Hardy dumped Jason out and earned the title match for next week.

Your Winner: Jeff Hardy
Raw Score: 3.75 out of a possible 5

It would be cool if Matt were to get transferred over to Smackdown and go into a program for the US title. It would be awesome if the Hardys were to hold the secondary titles on each show, at the same time. That could set up a future Champion vs Champion match between the two brothers, either at Survivor Series, Royal Rumble or even Wrestlemania.

We got a Flashback Video about the Brock Lesnar vs Braun Strowman situation.

Alexa Bliss was interviewed. She dissed the new champion, Sasha Banks, big time. Alexa did make a good point that Sasha had never successfully defended her Raw Women’s Title. Alexa was very confident that she would have the title by the end of the night.

Enzo Amore was in the ring to do his normal schtick. He basically took credit for the injury to Big Cass. Isn’t it about time for Big Cass to go back to being Colin Cassidy? Maybe when he returns from injury. Enzo then talked about switching over to the Cruiserweight division. I don’t mean to disrespect the good men in the C-Division, but Enzo’s move sure feels like a demotion to me.

Enzo Amore vs Noam Dar

The Finish:

Noam was in control for most of the match. Near the end, Noam was working over the arm. Neville watched from the back. Noam yanked on Enzo’s wild hair and then kicked away at him. Noam sent Enzo into the corner and punched away. Enzo surprised the fans and especially Noam when he blasted Dar with his version of Eat da Feet to take the win. Rechristen it…How Ya Doin?.

Your Winner: Enzo Amore
Raw Score: 2.25

Neville was asked about Enzo being a Cruiserweight. While Neville admitted that Enzo was entertaining Amore would never be a serious threat to his title.

Paul Heyman led Brock Lesnar to the ring. Paul did his usual introduction and then began to focus on Braun Strowman. Paul praised Braun for being able to Powerbomb his client through two announce tables at Summersalm. Mind you, Paul pushed that Brock not only survived those but came back to win in the Fatal Four Way. Paul showed a video of Braun’s confrontation with Brock, from last wek. Paul told the little children that he didn’t believe in Monsters but he knew Braun was one of those non–existent creatures. Paul admitted that if Braun proved to be Monster Enough to take the title from Braun it would elevate both Barun’s career and the title, itself. Unfortunately for Braun, according to Paul, Brock fears no man nor monster and the title would stay with his client after No Mercy. Paul started to continue but Brock was ready to go so he snatched the microphone out of Paul’s hand and said what Paul was trying to say was…”Suplex City–B*tch”.

Seth Rollins (w/Dean Ambrose) vs Cesaro (w/Sheamus)

The Finish:

Seth blasted Cesaro with an Enziguri, punches and chops. Seth stunned Cesaro with a Sling Blade and a pair of Running Forearms. Cesaro spun Seth into the corner as Seth tried for a thrid Forearm. Seth immediately came back to plant Cesaro with a Blockbuster. Seth headed back up top but Cesaro connected with a Running European Uppercut. Cesaro headed up top for, most likely, a Superplex. He never got to do it as Seth slid loose and Buckle Bombed the Swiss Superman. Sheamus tried to get involved but Dean came to his partner’s aid. In all the chaos of the floor fight between Sheamus and Ambrose, Cesaro caught Seth with a European Uppercut to score the pin.

Your Winner: Cesaro
Raw Score: 3.0

The fight on the floor moved up into the ring for our next official match…

Sheamus (w/Cesaro) vs Dean Ambrose (w/Seth Rollins)

The Finish:

Dean avoided the Brogue Kick. Dean then tried for Dirty Deeds but Sheamus broke free. Dean then nailed the Rebound Clothesline. Seth got involved as Sheamus set for White Noise. Seth used a Springboard Knee Strike to stop Sheamus. Seth then got out before the ref saw him and took out Cesaro with a Suicide Dive, in the process. Dirty Deeds!

Your Winner: Dean Ambrose
Raw Score: 2.75

Emma was rambling on about hte Video Music Awards when Mickie James strolled in. The two bantered back and forth to lead into their match.

Mickie James vs Emma

After an initial lock up, Emma took control of the wrist. Mickie tried to Cartwheel free but Emma yanked on the arm to pull her down. Mickie bounced back with several kicks and a Forearm. Mickie connected with a Head Kick but Emma survived it and threw Elbows. Mickie almost won this one following a nasty Neckbreaker. Mickie went into a Sunset Flip but Emma dropped down to pin Mickie.

Your Winner: Emma
Raw Score: 1.25

Post Match: Emma took the house microphone and yelled that she started the Women’s Revolution. Whatever.

Kurt Angle was out for a contract signing. He announced that one of the main events for No Mercy would be the first ever battle between Roman Reigns and John Cena. Kurt brought out John Cena, first. John explained that he came to Raw to confront Roman about his claim that this was Roman’s Yard. John stated that Roman has been protected ever since he stepped foot in the company. Seemed a little hypocritical, since so many claim the same for Cena. John claimed he never gets protection from On High and he needed to drop Roman down a few notches. John knew Roman wanted no part of him. Seriously?

Roman strolled out to confront Cena. Roman is coming across as the Culler. In case you aren’t familiar with the term, a Culler is the person who goes through the herd and takes out the weak, sick and old.

Roman took the stick because he wanted to be sure he understood John, correctly. Reigns couldn’t believe that Cena would think that Roman was afraid to face him. Roman looked directly at John and said “You aren’t as big a deal as you think you are.”. Damn. To quote one of my favorite British quotes “I’d hate to have his nerve in my tooth”. Roman, of course, pulled the Undertaker Card and said he retired the Dead Man and doesn’t need to prove anything by fighting Cena.

John took the insulting up another notch by countering that Roman is nothing more than a “Cheap *ss Corporate Made John Cena Bootleg”. Ouch. John knew that Roman was called THE GUY but, in reality, he was just A GUY who wanted to fill shoes he could never fill. John let Roman knew that he (Cena) was NO Undertaker (True, Dat.). John disrespected Taker by saying Taker was broken down with a bad hip. Hmmm…Do I Smell a Taker return?

John warned Roman that the Roman Empire would crumble when Reigns went against him. Roman was almost amused. Roman accused John of being a Spin Doctor to protect himself. Roman knew the main reason they boo Cena is he won’t commit to beingg a bad guy but Cena couldn’t cut it as a heel. Roman accused John of kissing *ss and playing it safe. He then summed it up by calling John a “Fake *ss B*tch”. Roman grumbled that John was only a Part Timer. John said he knew why that irritated him…John was better at Part Time than Roman was at Full Time. John demanded that Roman sign the damn contract. He did and then Roman tossed the table aside.

Before John and Roman could go at it, LukeGallows and Karl Anderson showed up. They discussed the massive egos in the ring. Luke and Karl were ready to come down and deflate a few over blown egos. Kurt thought that sounded like an interesting match, so we went to…

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows vs John Cena and Roman Reigns

The Finish:

Drive By Dropkick to Luke by Roman. Roman rocked Karl with a Big Boot. Roman set for the Superman Punch but Luck grabbed his ankle. The distraction allowed Karl to Roll Up Roman for a deuce. Roman got up and nailed Superman Punches to both foes. He then Speared Anderson. At the same time, John AA’d Luke. Roman got hte official pin.

Your Winners: John Cena and Roman Reigns
Raw Score: 2.75

After the break, Elias Samson came out. He wanted to sing because Dusty Rhodes called him the “Elvis of WWE”. Jerry Lawler stopped the torture and talked with Elias. Jerry admitted that Elias was talented but he needed a little help. Jerry brought out Pelvis Wesley (a bad Elvis impersonator). Pelvis tried to teach Elias to dance and such. Elias got fed up and beat the stuffing out of the guy, finishing him off with the Drift Away.

Miz was interviewed, backstage, about Jeff Hardy getting the title shot. He said one match was not enough. Best of Seven? PLEASE!

Sasha was asked about Alexa’s comments from earlier. Sasha admiited that Sasha had been correct about title defenses, in the past, but that was about to change.

Sasha Banks vs Alexa Bliss
Raw Women’s Title Match

The Finish:

Sasha went up top but Alexa caught her. The two slugged it out up on the turnbuckles. Alexa dropped Sasha on the top to stun her and then connected with the Superplex. Alexa trired for a pin but Sasha turned things around and cinched in the BankStatement. Alexa barely escaped and then she dropped Sasha, throat first, on the ropes. Alexa then reclaimed the title after destroying Sasha with a brutal DDT.

Your Winner (and NEW Raw Woman’s Champion): Alexa Bliss
Raw Score: 3.0

Nia Jax strolled out to party with her buddy on her win. Nia Splashed Sasha and asked Alexa to go to the corner. Alexa climbed the turnbuckles and got on Nia’s shoulders for a Parade. Nia flipped the switch when she turned it into an Electric Chair Drop! Nia stood over her former buddy and made it clear…She’s Next.

I want ot end by sending out a most special Happy Birthday to my baby sister, Lucy. She will celebrate her birthday on the 30th, along with her 3 girls and 2 ½ grandbabies (her middle daughter is expecitng, again). Smile. You are most blessed and most loved.


–Jay Shannon

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