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“Sitting Ringside” w/ David Penzer Press Release for 8/28 Interview with WCW Superstar “Glacier”

On this week’s episode of “Sitting Ringside” with David Penzer, David sits down with one of the most memorable characters to ever grace a WCW ring; “Glacier”. Here are some “quotes” from the episode that is NOW AVAILABLE on iTunes!

“Glacier”: “As you (David Penzer) and I have talked about before; I grew up a huge wrestling fan, and I was very fortunate to have been living right along the Florida Georgia line.” “So back in the three channel days when TBS was becoming the forth channel; we had Georgia Championship Wrestling, but we also had Florida Championship Wrestling”. The NWA was just everything to me, my brother and our buddies”.

“Glacier”: “I recently was at a seminar in Cleveland, OH, and I asked the wrestlers what “getting over” meant to them”. “I was really amazed how so many of them didn’t have a definition of it”. “I told them, “you guys use the term all the time, and you don’t know what it means”? “I then said, well, here’s my definition of it”: “When someone is over in the wrestling business; the fans don’t just want to be “like” them, they WANT to” BE” them”.

“Glacier”: When my brother and I were growing up; we didn’t just want to be “like” the Brisco brothers, we wanted to” BE” the Brisco brothers! “We wanted to be them, and be in their shoes”!  Then finally getting to meet Jerry was an unbelievable experience”.

“Glacier”: “My dad use to take my brother and I to the Jacksonville Coliseum to watch wrestling”. I always remember it being on a Thursday night”!

[ Penzer asks how he ended up getting the chance to work for WCW through Diamond Dallas Page]

“Glacier”:  “You never know how or when your break will come” “I had been pitching ideas to Dallas, and at the time he literally lived three houses down from Eric Bischoff”. “One-day Dallas and I were at the big mall they had in Atlanta, and we were Christmas shopping.” “It was literally like December 23rd, just a few days before Christmas.” “Kimberly was there (Dallas’s wife at the time) and she was off with her parents shopping, and Dallas and I were shopping”. “We stopped off at the California Pizza Kitchen” in the food court to eat; amazing how I remember all of this”. “It was such a defining moment in my life”. “So, we’re both sitting there eating a slice of pizza.” “This was during a time when Page would actually eat something that wasn’t gluten free”. “I turned to Dallas and said, “I’m thinking about adding some martial arts to my routine in the ring”. “Well, you know how Dallas would always talk with food in his mouth; he turns to me and says “Bro, it would be great if you actually knew some of that stuff”. ‘I looked at him (Dallas) and said, I do. You know I told you I’ve been studying that stuff sine I was fifteen years old”. “Dallas then says, “I didn’t” know that”! “You know Bischoff is into all that stuff too”!

What happened after DDP introduced Ray to Eric Bischoff?

How did the first meeting between Ray and Eric go?

How did the “Glacier” character come about?

What was the REAL story behind the “Mortal Combat” movie?

Find out all this; PLUS a very inspirational story how Ray overcame so much as a child to eventually earn a Master’s Degree in Education!

It’s a powerful and moving episode of “Sitting Ringside” with David Penzer!

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