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Feeling the Impact: A look at this week’s GFW Impact program.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

it was time to find a new Global Champion. The Gauntlet for the Gold saw the best that GFW Impact had to offer. Plus, we learned about some new talent. We also got the penultimate chapter in the Grado/Laurel love story.

We start with a look at the confrontation between Jeff Jarrett and America’s Top Team. This all revolved around Bobby Lashley.

Jim Cornette did his best high schhol football coach as he talked with the talent. He expected chaos and no one would be sitting on their butts pulling a paycheck. You want it, you earn it. He got shots in on Alberto El Patron by bringing up TMZ. Cornette didn’t care who won the title but they would have to earn it. Off to the ring…

OVE vs The Heat Seekers

The Ohioans nailed a pair of Big Boots to send their foes to the floor. Dual Dives to cool the Heat. After some nice double teaming, the boys from Ohio connected with more Big Boots. Jake caught one of his foes in mid-Leap Frog and planted him with a Death Valley Driver. Took me back to the days of Rick Steiner. Dave neutralized one of the Seekers with a Facebuster on the apron. He joined his brother for the Cleveland Rocks (Double Big Boots) to send this one home.

Your Winners: OVE
Global Impact: 1.5 out of a possible 5

E-Li Drake came in to chat with Jim Cornette. Drake wanted to apologize for irritating Corny, last week. Drake didn’t want to be in the Number One position for the Gauntlet, just wanted to be Number One in the World. Corny said he understood and Drake would not have to enter at Number One. He’d come in at…Number Two. Oh, that is just SO much better. LOL.

After seeing a recap of Taryn Terrell’s return, Taryn joined J.B. in the ring to explain herself. Taryn was upset that she was snubbed by Gail Kim at Gail’s Hall of Fame induction. Plus, Gail doesn’t follow her on Twitter. Whatever. Taryn was frustrated that TNA/GFW has been the Gail Show for far too long. Since Gail was ready to retire, Taryn just decided to help her along. Gail rushed from the back but J.B. stopped her. Taryn got out of the ring…and almost out of her top (multiple times). Grin.

We got video pieces about the Northeast tour and the participants in the Gauntlet for the Gold.

Bobby Lashley stormed into Cornette’s office and complained that he wanted his title handed back to him like Bruce Prichard had promised him. Corny got into it with Bobby and America’s Top Team. Corny warned Bobby to be careful who he took advice from.

We got a wonderful video package about Taya Valkyrie. Wow, will Lucha Underground have ANY talent left for Season 4?

We get a highlight reel of the whole Grado Immigration story arch. This one went to the next level…right after these messages from our sponsors.

Grado came out in a state of severe depression. He announoce to his best buddy, Joseph Park, and the audience that he was getting deported. Park was almost in tears as he mentioned that he and the fans loved the goofy kid. Grado thanked Park for all the good food and the good times. He also thanked the fans. They thanked him right back. Grado started to leave when…

A clean and sober Laurel came from the back. Man, she looked so darn cute. Laurel said Grado had changed her life and these last few weeks have been the best ever. A grand cheer just came up from every nerd on the planet to think a beautiful girl could have feelings for one of their own. Smile. She professed her love for the goofy kid and then she asked HIM to marry HER! He almost burst as he agreed to join the hot blonde in wedded bliss. They partied it up until Kongo Kong showed up. Thankfully, he was blocked by Mahabali Shera.

Cornette chatted with Eddie Edwards. Eddie was back after cracking his elbow in Boston. Jim said Eddie had more guts than just about anyone he has seen in the last 45 years in the business (Has Corny been around THAT long?). Wow. Jim thought it would be great if Eddie became the Global Champion.

We went to the LAX Clubhouse where Konnan wanted an update on their criminal activities. Seriously? He then told Low Ki to go out and beat everyone’s butts and claim the Global Championship for them. Jeez.

Gauntlet For The Gold for GFW Global Championship


Eddie Edwards and E-Li Drake opened this one. They tested the waters until Mario Boakro came out at #3. Eddie got laid out, quickly. Drake went after Mario but that came to an end when Eddie Kingston entered at #4 and took out both Drake and Edwards. Kingston rocked Mario with a Spinning Backfist and then Heabutted Edwards. Position #5 was given to Braxton Sutter.

Sutter tore into everyone in sight but no one went over the top, just yet. The #6 spot went to Richard Justice. He’s the guy who has been waiting for a chance to wrestle, over all these weeks. Justice just wanted to do squats instead of getting involved in this one. No one took the kid seriously so he just stood around until Ethan Carter III came in at Number 7. Ethan propsed a team up, only to kick Justice in the nethers and toss him out.

A still grumpy Kongo Kong was out at #8. The behemoth just annihilated everyone in sight, including eliminating Kingston. In the midst of a massive gang attack on Kong, Suicide slid in at #9. Suicide took out everyone he could reach, except Kong. The Islander put the masked man down, hard. Mahabali Shera was our Half Way Hitter as he took the #10 spot.

Drake slid out of the ring to take a little break. Shera and Kong slugged it out. Shera used a Low Bridge to eliminate Kong. Drake was the next target and would have been eliminated if not for the help from #11–Chris Adonis. Adonis quickly eliminated Shera. El Hijo de Phantasma was the 12th combatant to join the party.

As we returned from break, we got the debut of Johnny Impact (Mundo, Nitro, Morrison, Hennigan, etc…). He was quickly followed into the battle by Garza, Jr.. Johnny tossed out Adonis and Suicide. Braxton fell victim to Garza and was gone from this match. Fallah Bahh was in next. He tried to power through everyone but Johnny rocked the big man with a Jumping Enziguri. Bahh was almost dumped by most of the remaining guys. KM then joined this little battle party and went right after Edwards. Ethan and Johnny went toe to toe as Taiji Ishimori entered the fray.

Bobby Lashley finally joined the battle. He quickly dumped Bahh, KM and Ishimori. America’s Top Team watched their man compete. Moose as next to enter and began Headbutting everyone in his path. Garza did his Diamond Studd impression by tearing off his pants and then Superkicking Moose. Garza tried to follow up with a Huracanrana but got caught and Powerbombed to the outside. Damn! Break Time!

Low Ki rounded out the field as he entered at #20. It didn’t take him long to drop Ethan and Garza with a Double Shotgun Dropkick. Johnny launched Low Ki. The LAXer landed on the ropes and turned it into a Double Stomp. Hijo took the battle to Ethan with a Top Rope Crossbody. Ethan quickly recovered and used a Fireman’s Carry to eliminate Hijo de Phantasma. Ethan dropped his guard for a moment and Edwards and Moose used the opening to oust Carter. Ethan said something that set off the censors.

Moose wanted to Powerbomb Low Ki but the LAX member slipped into a Dragon Sleeper. Lashley grabbed Low Ki and quickly threw him over the ropes, eliminating him.

As we came back from break, Lashley dropped everyone in sight with Clotheslines. It broke down into a Spot Fest as all five men hit something impressive. Lashley was on the second rope and Moose Dropkicked Bobby to the floor, taking him out of the match. Lashley landed at the feet of America’s Top Team. Moose caught a flying Eddie Edwards and went to Powerbomb him out of the ring. Eddie turned the tables as he used a Hurancanrana to send Moose up and over and out of the match.

Eddie got dropped and then Drake set his sights on Johnny. That wasn’t a good move as Impact sent Drake over the ropes, head first. However, Drake still had his feet on the apron. That kept him legal in the match. Drake slithered back up into the ring and eliminated Johnny Impact! Now I didn’t see THAT coming. We are down to the two men who started all this chaos.

From this point on, the match changed to a standard 1-on-1 Match. Eddie nailed a Suicide Dive and then brought Drake in for a Crucifix. 1-2-not yet. Eddie rocked Drake with a Blue Thunder Bomb but only got a two count. Drake tried to roll up Eddie while having his feet on the ropes. 2 count only. Drake tried for the Kurt Angle Rope Run Superplex but Eddie blocked it. Eddie flew off the top with a Crossbody but Drake rolled through the pin and planted Eddie with the Celtic Cross. Could be…might be…It Is!

Your Winner (and NEW Global Champion): E-Li Drake
Global Impact: 4.5

America’s Top Team attacked the refs but they were quickly dispatched. Chris Adonis came out to celebrate with his buddy on this rather surprising title win.


–Jay Shannon

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