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Jermaine Royster Reporting
Smackdown comes to us live from the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, New York. As SummerSlam has come and gone we now have new Smackdown Live Tag Team Champions & a new Smackdown Women’s Champion. The Uso’s get their Tag straps back and Natalya has finally captured the Womens crown. Shinsuke Nakamura could not grab the WWE Championship as The Singh Brother once again interfere with Jinder Mahal’s matches. AJ Styles was able to hold onto his United States Championship by defeating Kevin Owens but there was plenty of drama in that one. We hear the music of AJ Styles and the US Champion makes his way to the ring to kick off the show. Styles says this is still his house and he is the work bourse of the WWE. Styles then says he will reinstate the United States Open Challenge and it starts now, Kevin Owens answers the call. Styles says no because he already beat Owens at SummerSlam but Owens says he was robbed 20 years after the infamous “Montreal Screw-job” and it was a McMahon that did it, Shane McMahon comes out next. Shane says AJ won fair & square but Owens says McMahon should have been able to count the pin and McMahon showed favor towards Style and the fact that Shane counted three. Shane says he called it off and the referee decision stands, Owens then says AJ is a joke.  Styles says Owens is a crying little b***h and says he will face Owens tonight. Shane makes the match for tonight but Owens says he want to be the one to pick the referee tonight. Shane & Styles agree but McMahon says this will be his very last shot at the title as long as AJ Styles is champion.
Daniel Bryan is backstage with The Singh Brothers and they introduce WWE Champion Jinder Mahal. Jinder brags about his victory at SummerSlam then Bryan slams him for being a cheater so he orders both Singh Brothers to face Shinsuke Nakamura tonight.
Kevin Owens sees Sami Zayn backstage and Owens approaches him to be the referee tonight because he is the only one he can trust. Zayn says after watching the new Kevin Owens Story documentary he doesn’t really know why they are fighting, Owens then tells him to think about it.
Aiden English is now in the ring and as he gets started with his musical act the lights go out and when the appear we hear Bobby Roode’s music and the “Glorious one” is now on Smackdown Live.
Singles Match
Bobby Roode vs Aiden English
Roode attacks English with a quick kick then clotheslines him over the top rope, Roode hits the “Glorious” pose in the ring. During the commercial break English gets control by roughing up Roode but Bobby counters throwing English into the corner then lights him up with chops. Roode hits the inverted atomic drop then a clothesline in the corner but English counters with the Directors Cut but Roode kicks out at two. English then gets to the top turnbuckle and Roode counters with a big Spine buster then the Glorious DDT for the win.
Your Winner: Bobby Roode
After the match Roode thanks Bryan & McMahon for coming up with the money for a guy like him. Roode says everything he does is box office and in a New York minute he just made Smackdown Live….GLORIOUS!!
When we get back from commercial we see Daniel Bryan backstage with Chad Gable and Bryan brings in his new tag team partner who was included in the Jason Jordan trade, Shelton Benjamin!!
Tag Team Match
The Hype Bros. vs The Uso’s©
Jay starts with Mojo and Rawley forces Jay into the corner then scores with football tackles in the corner then hits the big splash. Jay gets away and Jimmy comes in with a kick to the head then Mojo gets double teamed. Both Uso’s hit a leg split on Mojo then Jay comes back in and hits a leg drop for a two count. Jay scores with a seated head lock but Mojo fights away and tags Ryder, Zach takes out Jimmy Uso then hits elbows in the corner then Jay gets Jimmy out of the way so Ryder cant hit the Browski boot. Jay Uso then gets the quick tag of a distraction and scores with a super kick and The Uso’s get the win.
Your Winners: The Uso’s
1 on 2 Handicap Match
Shinsuke Nakamura vs The Singh Brothers w/Jinder Mahal
Nakamura attacks both Singh Brothers with kicks then knee strikes the midsection, Nakamura gives Good vibrations to one other Brothers then gives the other the dropping knee in the corner. Nakamura urges them both to bring it on as Samir blindsides Nakamura and The Singh Brothers attack Nakamura. In the corner both Singh’s attack but Nakamura hits a knee lift to one Samir then hooks the other into a Triangle choke and he taps immediately.
Your Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura
Jinder Mahal crashes the ring after the bell sounds but he gets caught quickly with The Kinshasa knee lift.
The Fashion Police see Owens backstage and they try to be the referee’s but Owens quickly dismisses the idea. Baron Corbin then asks for the job but with a stipulation which is is Owens wins then Corbin gets the first shot and Owens agrees.
Smackdown Womens Division
Tag Team Match
Natalya© & Carmella(MITB) w/James Ellsworth vs Naomi & Becky Lynch
Naomi starts with Carmella but Carmella quickly tags in Natalya, both women lock up with the action going to the corner then a stalemate. Lynch gets the tag and they double team Natalya with a elbow drop then Lynch scores with a tie up but Natalya counters with a roll up for a two count. Lynch scores with a leg drop for a two count but Natalya counters and hits a few stomps in the corner. Natalya then hits the discus clothesline but she cant tag Carmella because she drops down to the floor. Becky then tries a rollup for a two count then hits a elbow in the corner but Natalya scores with a counter for a two count. Natalya then screams at Carmella but Naomi gets the tag and tries a rollup then Naomi gets a big boot from Natalya then she tags Carmella. Lynch hits the Bex-Sploder suplex then Naomi hits the Split Legged Moonsault for the win.
Your Winners: Naomi & Becky Lynch
Smackdown Live Main Event
United States Championship Match
AJ Styles© vs Kevin Owens
*Baron Corbin is Special Guest referee*
As the bell sounds Owens quickly gets to the outside away from Styles, Corbin gets in the way as Styles wants to fight causing Owens to get the drop on Styles. Owens blasts away on Styles in the corner but AJ counters with a big drop kick off the ropes the a big forearm to Owens on the apron as Smackdown Live goes to a commercial. Styles scores with a Pele Kick off the counter but Owens then hits a fallaway slam to Styles on the outside barricade. Back in the ring Owens covers Styles for a two count, Owens locks on with a reverse chin lock. Owens covers Styles again after a few knee strikes then Owens goes with a seated face lock mid ring but Styles fights away and Owens holds on but Styles counters with a face-buster. Styles fires back then scores with a clothesline then a fore arm to Owens then he follows that with the Fireman’s Carry Neck breaker for a two count. Owens is in the corner and after slipping Styles, Owens hits a forearm but gets countered into the Calf Crusher from Styles but Owens tries for the bottom rope but Styles counters away. Corbin then breaks the hold saying Owens got the rope but he didn’t. Owens pushes Styles into Corbin and Owens rolls up Styles for a quick two count then another quick two count. Shane McMahon comes to the ring to reprimand Corbin for the quick counts but as this happens Owens low blows Styles. Corbin gets down to count but Shane pulls him out of the ring. Corbin then quits and hands Shane the referee’s shirt and Shane is now the referee to Owens’ dismay. Styles on the apron hits the Phenomenal Fore Arm to Owens and Shane is there to make the call as he counts three and AJ Styles wind the match.
Your Winner: AJ Styles retains the United States Championship

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