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Feeling the Global Impact: A look at this week’s GFW/Impact program.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

It was the beginning of a whole new era for GFW/Impact. There would be major changes from the top down and numerous amazing returns and one very surprising debut.

Bobby Lashley showed up with America’s Top Team. They met up with Jeff Jarrett as we began the show.

Roll the Opening Montage!

MacKenzie tried to discuss the Major Announcement with Bruce Prichard but he was being tight-lipped about it. She looked into the office and just could not believe who she saw. We would learn the identity of that mystery person, later on.

Sienna vs Gail Kim
Unified Women’s Title Match

The Finish:

Gail avoided the AK-47 and caught Sienna with Eat da Feet. KM got up on the apron to distract but got smacked in the face for his troubles. As the ref dealt with him, Taryn Terrell returned and rushed the ring. She caught Gail with a Stunner. That allowed Sienna to recover and connect with the AK-47 to retain.

Your Winner: Sienna
Global Impact: 3.0 out of a possible 5

The announce team mentioned that Bruce would be discussing the Unified Title situation, shhortly.

Matt Sydal promised that Bobby Lashley would respect him before the end of the night.

Bruce Prichard came out to discuss the status of the Unified title. Bruce said Alberto El Patron surrendered the title to take time off to deal with his personal issues. Bruce was very cautious in discussing Alberto’s problems. It appeared that Alberto is completely out of GFW/Impact, at least for now. Bruce said he researched all of this and found a little known rule on the books that would allow him to return the title to the previous champion. Bruce called out Bobby Lashley to reclaim his title.

Instead, he got…wait for it…JAMES E. CORNETTE! Corny came out to explain that Anthem (the parent company) had hired him as a special consultant. Bruce got all cranky about Jim being there. Jim said the title would not be just handed to anyone. Bruce complained that Jim had no authority there and called for security to make him leave. Jim then turned the tables on Prichard by explaining that Bruce’s services were no longer needed. Yep, Brother Love got the axe. Security was then asked to escort Mr. Prichard to the back.

Jimmy clarified that Alberto did not surrender the title, he was stripped of it because of recent outside actions. Cornette then unveiled how the Unified Title situation would be handled: a 20-Man Gauntlet Match. That brought out LAX. A well-timed commercial break made us all wait 3 minutes to find out the rest.

Konnan was being very racist as he got up in Corny’s face. He really shouldn’t be allowed to talk that kind of hate. I’m just saying… Anyway, Corny listened to all of Konnan’s baloney and then explained that LAX did not run the show, he did. The decision would stand. He did throw LAX a small bone by putting Low Ki in at position #20. Konnan didn’t trust Corny but Jim said that he didn’t really have a choice.

Desmond Xavier vs Taiji Ishimori
Super X-Cup Finals

The Finish:

Desmond rocked Taiji with a Basement Dropkick to the back of the head. Xavier missed the 450 from the top and was almost pinned after a Shotgun Dropkick to the chest. Ishimori followed that up with a Handspring Enziguri and Springboard Warrior’s Way-like Double Stomp. 1-2-Kick Out! Taiji planted Desmond and almost took the Cup with his own 450 Splash. Xavier managed to recover and finish off Teiji with his Handspring Pele.

Your Winner: Desmond Xavier
Global Impact: 4.0

Desmond helped Taiji to his feet and showed him true respect. Desomnd then talked with JB and let the fans know that the X-Division might not know who Desmond Xavier is but they soon will.

Classy promo and post-match behavior. I like this kid. I think he has a bright future.

Prichard ran into Karen Jarrett, backstage. She fought back laughter as she explained that they would never see Bruce in this building agaain. Security escorted Bruce off into the sunset.

We had another episode of Keeping Grado in the US. This storyline is a bit lame but kind of fun. I keep thinking of the old “As the Stomach Turns” skits from the Carol Burnett Show.

Sonjay Dutt vs Trevor Lee
Ladder Match for the X-Division Title
The Finish:

Caleb Konley rushed down to attack Dutt as he started up the ladder. Caleb was taken out by…PETEY WILLIAMS! Petey made his return and destroyed Caleb with the original Canadian Destroyer. Others may use that move now but no one on the planet does it better than Petey.

Petey urged his friend, Dutt, to go for the gold. Before Dutt could get to the ladder, Lee threw another ladder at Dutt and Sonjay tumbled out of the ring. Lee sat up the ladder and seemed to have this one won but Dutt recovered and Springboarded off the ropes onto the ladder. The two fought at the top and Lee was sent backwards off the ladder. Dutt reclaimed his title and his glory.

Your Winner: Sonjay Dutt
Global Impact: 4.0

Mackenzie interviewed Bobby Lashley. Bobby was sick of Matt Sydal and said he would just have to end him, later tonight.

Dave and Jake Crist (OVE) vs two unnamed locals

This was a chance for the new team with the bizarre name (Ohio Vs Everything) to do an 80s-like Squash. The two unknown kids tried to put up a feeble offense but Jake and Dave just kept hitting Big Boots and Superkicks. It was like the Young Bucks Reborn. The two brothers finished off their foes with Cleveland Rocks (Double Big Boots o’ Doom).

Your Winners: O.V.E.
Global Impact: 1.0

Several wrestlers came in to grumble at Cornette about next week’s Gauntlet. E-Li Drake apparently irritated Corny the most because Drake found himself in the Number One position. Feel the Wrath of the Racket.

The Lashley situation was highlighted. One side wants Bobby to get out of wrestling and return to MMA. Others want him to stay in Impact. He was ready to finish this issue with Matt Sydal and that happened next.

Matt Sydal vs Bobby Lashley
Special Challenge Match

The Finish:

Lashley nearly broke Matt in half with the Dominator but just couldn;t get the three count. Frustration was setting in and Bobby went outside to get a chair. The ref took it away from him. Bobby snatched the chair back and Matt used that momentary break to Spin Kick the chair into Bobby’s face. Matt positioned Bobby and went up top. He flew off into the Sui-Sydal but landed on Bobby’s knees. Bobby set for the Spear but Matt saw him coming. Sydal dodged it and used a simple Roll Up to bring this excellent match to a close.

Your Winner: Matt Sydal
Global Impact: 4.5

The MMA guys wanted to beat up on Matt but Bobby called them off. Bobby showed great respect to his opponent. It was a darn nice way to end the show.


–Jay Shannon

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