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Jermaine Royster Reporting

Smackdown comes to us live from the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island and tonight is the go home edition as SummerSlam takes place this Sunday night. WWE Champion Jinder Mahal battles John Cena in a epic match as well as Natalya battling Becky Lynch and WWE United States Champion AJ Styles & Shane McMahon. The Singh Brothers open the show as they introduce the reigning WWE Champion Jinder Mahal. Mahal grabs the microphone and brags about today being India’s Independence Day and how he is celebrating, then a band plays in the ring isle. Mahal then has the Indian National Anthem swung as the crowd in New Providence boos. Jinder says this is what he expected and later tonight he will defeat the American hero John Cena tonight. Shinsuke Nakamura then interrupts with a message, Nakamura simply says Sunday Mahal will lose the WWE Title.

Smackdown Womens Division
Singles Match
Becky Lynch vs Natalya

Before the match gets started we see the lights go out and Naomi’s music hits and the Smackdown Womens Champion makes her way to the announcers table. Both women lock up with Lynch scoring a headlock then rolling up Natalya for a two count. Lynch scores with two big euro uppercuts that send Natalya to the outside. Lynch scores with an elbow to Natalya’s face while on the outside then back in the ring Lynch sends Natalya back to the outside. Natalya scores on a cheap shot then celebrates to the crowd, she sends Lynch into the ring and slaps on a headlock then slams Lynch to the mat. Natalya continues to work the neck Lynch then goes with an abdominal stretch. Lynch breaks away then scores with two arm drags to Natalya then a Beck_sploder to Natalya. Lynch goes for the finisher but Natalya counters with the Sharpshooter but Lynch counters with a roll up for a two count. Becky then misses with a leg drop from the top rope and Natalya locks on with the Sharpshooter as Becky has no choice but to tap out.

Your Winner: Natalya

Singles Match
Rusev vs Chad Gable

The match starts with Rusev scoring with strength hitting shots to the midsection but Gable somehow counters with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Rusev goes to the outside as Gable follows, Rusev slams Gable off the steel steps then launches Gable over the announce table causing a disqualification.

Your Winner: Chad Gable

After the bell sounds we see Rusev applying the Accolade to Chad Gable on the announce table as the crowd chants for John Cena. Rusev takes the microphone but as he begins to speak we see Orton appear just as fast and hit the RKO and Rusev is down.

WWE United States Champion AJ Styles makes his way to the ring to publicly apologize to Shane McMahon for accidentally striking Shane last Tuesday. AJ brings Shane to the ring Shane quickly says that AJ has no need to apologize because he signed up for being the special guest referee and this is apart of the job. Styles says the kick was just an accident but Styles then asks that Shane not screw him on Sunday because of this. Shane says he wont and he hopes AJ will respect him as a referee, Shane also says if this happens again then he will put his hands on Styles, Kevin Owens them intervenes. KO asks why AJ is mad the Owens plays up to Shane. Owens then says that if he would strike Shane then it would simply be an accident and that’s all it would be. Shane then chooses not to shake Owen’s hand bit tells him to shake AJ’s hand instead. Both men then start fighting as Owens clobbers Shane with a superkick then Owens seems to be sorry for the blow.

Tag Team Match
The New Day(Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) vs The Uso’s

Kofi starts right away blasting Jimmy with kicks then Woods comes in with a fast double team with a senton and both Uso’s goto the outside as Kofi & Woods hit duel splashes to the outside. Jay Uso then attacks Kofi in the corner, Kingston tries to fight away but Jay strikes him back down. Jay misses a slam and Kofi counters with a back slam then Woods comes in and fights off both Uso’s then attacks Jimmy in the corner. Woods scores then tags in Kofi and he hits a move but Jay breaker the pin. Jimmy gets a back breaker from Kofi but Jimmy attacks Kofi’s left knee. Jay gets the tag and The Uso’s hit the double Superkick and they get the win.

Your Winners: The Uso’s

Smackdown Live Main Event
Singles Match
John Cena vs WWE Champion Jinder Mahal

Mahal raises his hand in a test of strength and Cena obliges but Jinder forces Cena to the ground. Mahal scores with a headlock but Cena counters off the ropes with a headlock of his own. Samir Singh then comes in and scores with a cheap shot to Cena as Mahal throws Cena to the outside. Mahal then scores with a suplex then Cena comes back with elbow shots then signals the 5 Knuckle Shuffle and hits. The Singh Brothers pull Mahal from the ring but Cena gets Mahal back in while the Singh Brothers get tossed by the referee. Cena then scores with the STF to Mahal mid ring but Mahal uses his power and gets to the bottom rope. Cena tries the Attitude Adjustment but Mahal gets away but Cena kicks out of Mahal’s pin attempt at two. Mahal looks for The Colas but Cena powers out of the hold and counters with the Attitude Adjustment for a two count. Cena then lifts Mahal on the top rope and then hits the Super Attitude Adjustment but as the referee counts we see Baron Corbin show and attack Cena with the Money in the Bank briefcase. As Mahal is down we see Corbin cashing in the Money in the Bank Contract and Corbin waits for Mahal to get to his feet. As the referee rings the bell we see Corbin attacking Cena on the ropes and that causes Mahal to quickly roll up Corbin for the win and Mahal escapes the Money in the Bank winner.

Your Winner: Jinder Mahal

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