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We are well on our way to Destination X. This week, we got to enjoy one of the best six man matches to happen in a long time.

We kicked off the show with the Rewind Video to bring everyone up to speed on what happened, last week.

Roll the Opening Montage!

Sienna was sitting in the ring and she was just seriously not a happy camper. She had both the GFW and Impact titles draped on the ropes and ordered Karen Jarrett to come out and talk with her. Karen made her way out and explained she disliked the champion. Karen introduced the next contender for the dual titles…Gail Kim. Gail told Sienna that she planned to retire the Knockout title when she retired. That stated a huge fight, which Gail came out on top of.
In the back, Grado was stressing out about getting deported. Joseph Park said it was time to neutralize Kongo Kong and get the question popped to Laurel.

Naomichi Marufuji and Phantasma vs Laredo Kid and Garza Jr.

The Finish:

Laredo connected with an Implant DDT. Everyone hit Suicide Dives to set up Naomichi being caught with a Superkick from Garza. Marufuji answrered with his own Superkick and then iced the cake with Sliced Bread #2.

Your Winners: Phantasma and Naomichi Marufuji
Impact Score: 3.0 out of a possible 5

Impact will get a new team, next week. O.V.E. (Ohio Versus Everything). Seriously? And people grumbled about my buddies Luster and Adam being called the Reno Scum?

Kongo Kong vs Grado and Joseph Park
2-on-1 Handicap Match

Grado played the scared rabbit bit and let Park do all the work. Kong just beat the stuffing out of Park until Kongo missed the Cannonball. Grado took the Hot Tag and just went wild on the over-sized Islander. Double Shoulder Block dropped Kong. Kong rebounded with a Double Clothesline. He took out Grado with a Chokeslam and ended Park with the Corner Cannonball that he wanted, seconds earlier.

Your Winner: Kongo Kong
Impact Score: 1.75

Kong continued his destruction of Grado and Park. He placed them on top of each other and headed up top for a Top Rope Splash. Laurel ran down and ordered Kong to stop. He ignored her and she eventualy slapped her. Kong then set to Powerslam the twisted little sister. That brought a lumbering Tyrus from the back. Tyrus got up in Kong’s face but nothing went down. Laurel dragged Kong to the back. Suddenly, I flashed back to Great Khali vs Kane as Worst Match in Wrestling History. These two mountains clashing could top that. Just saying…

MacKenzie talked with Bobby Lashley, Trevor Lee and Low Ki. Typical Heel Interview about how they were going to decimate Matt Sydal, Sonjay Dutt and Alberto El Paton.

We got a video package about the feud between Matt Sydal and Bobby Lashley. That led to a face-to-face between the two, with Dutch as the moderator. Matt knew Bobby would never see him as anything except an X-Division guy because of his smaller size. Matt would just have to prove himself worthy.

Bruce Prichard was shown in a heated discussion with Karen Jarrett. Bruce promised to have a major announcement, next week, that would shake up things.

Streetfight Rules for the Unified Tag Team Titles

The Finish:

Mayweather hit a horrible Powerbomb to send Homicide into the ring steps. Diamonte got involved and Mayweaather ended up handcuffed to the ropes. LAX just annihilated Wlilcox. They set up a table in the corner. Santana used a wild flipping version of Poetry in Motion to send Wilcox through the table.

Your Winners: LAX
Impact Score: 3.0

Alberto El Patron, Matt Sydal and Sonjay Dutt did their Face Counter Promo for the main event.

Taiji Ishinori vs ACH
Super X-Cup Semi-Finals

The Finish:

Taiji nailed a Springboard Double Stomp. ACh escaped a Victory Roll and connected with a Clothesline. ACH was dealing with an injured back. Taiji took advantage and hit a Flying Lung Blower. Taiji followed that up with a Top Rope Splash to set for the 450.

Your Winner: Taiji Ishimori
Impact Score: 2.75

Xavier, the other Super X-Cup finalist, came out to stand with Taiji. They shook hands and were all professional. Nice to see that.

Just before the main event, Low Ki went all Spanish with a nasty promo towards Alberto El Patron

Alberto El Patron, Sonjay Dutt and Matt Sydal vs Bobby Lashley, Trevor Lee and Low Ki
Six Man Tag Team Match

The Finish:

Dutt dropped Lee with a Splash from the top. Bobby then Clotheslined Dutt into the middle of next week. Alberto Clipped Bobby’s legs and hit the Superkick. Lee attaccked and took out Alberto. Dutt went into a Moonsault but Bobby caught him and turned it into a Powerslam. That was awesome. Low Ki brought it to a close with a Warrior’s Way to Dutt.

Your Winners: Bobby Lashley, Low Ki and Trevor Lee
Impact Score: 4.25

That had to be one of the best matches since the Global/Impact merger. Kudos to all six men.


–Jay Shannon

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