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Jermaine Royster reporting

Tonight on AXSTV we get coverage from last years G1 Climax Tournament where “The Cleaner” Kenny Omega battles Hirooki Goto in the Finals.

Ryogoku Kokugikan

G1 Climax 26 Final Match
Singles Match
Hirooki Goto[Chaos] vs Kenny Omega[Bullet Club]

Omega seems poised as the match begins, he gets on the second rope to celebrate before locking up with Goto. After a tie up both men use counters to block holds from the other and we have a third tie up which Goto wins with a head lock by the ropes, Goto scores with a shoulder block off the ropes but omega comes right back with a running Frankensteiner. Goto is sent to the floor and Omega winds up to hit a suicide dive but Goto comes back in and blasts Omega with a kick dropping the Cleaner. Goto then starts to work the legs of Omega locking on a figure four leg lock. Omega breaks the hold and Goto goes back to work on that leg in the corner, Goto at this point is receiving boos from the crowd as he pounds Omega. Goto doesn’t stop there as he goes off the ropes and lariats Omega over the top rope, Goto slams Omega off the guard rail but Omega counters and hits a moonsault off the guard rail. Omega then picks up Goto and slams him on the edge of the ring apron, Omega picks up Goto again then power bombs him on the same apron. Goto makes it back in the ring but Omega scores with a neck breaker for a two count then slaps on a rear chin lock to Goto. Hirooki gets away and Omega puts the boots to him by the ropes, after a pin attempt Omega wrenches the neck of Goto. Omega then gets Goto in the corner and unloads with huge chops that drop Goto to his knees, Omega sends Goto into the corner but Goto counters with a boot, Goto does the same but Omega counters him also then Omega plants Goto with a running face crusher for a two count. Both men start to trade chops then Omega tries to run the ropes but Goto scores with a big lariat that drops Omega. Goto hits the enziguiri in the corner followed by a belly to back suplex, Goto then hits the top rope elbow drop for a two count. Goto lifts up Omega but Kenny fights back then spits on Goto, Kenny then hits the rolling slam followed but the moonsault for a two count. Kenny blasts Goto with fore arms but Goto fights back up even with Omega chopping him in the chest, Omega then hits the snap german suplex to Goto. Goto goes out of the ring then Omega loads up and hits the Terminator style top rope suicida taking out Goto on the outside. Omega then goes to the top and hits the missile drop kick to Goto’s back, Omega tries the german shopkeeper again but Goto gets away and counters with the Ushigaroshi neck breaker. The crowd at this point seems to be more in favor of Goto after hearing Boo’s, Goto then hits a kick in the corner then Goto puts Omega on the top rope and on his shoulders. Goto then comes off the top ropes hitting the Super Ushigaroshi neck breaker but Omega somehow kicks out at two. Goto then goes for the sleeper hold on Omega and Kenny is fading but counters Goto but Kenny gets countered again and Goto tries a german suplex but Omega lands on his feet and blasts Goto with a V-Trigger knee lift. Omega then hooks Goto fisherman style and drops Goto on his neck a la’ Ushigaroshi. Kenny then hits another V-Trigger by the ropes but Goto counters the One Winged Angel with a sleeper hold. Omega climbs the ropes with Goto still on his back, Omega takes a dive off the top rope with Goto taking the worst of the fall. Both men are down on the mat and the count starts but Omega gets up at nine, but both men again trade fore arms and elbows in the middle of the ring. Omega comes off the ropes hitting a big boot then Omega hits the Last Ride Power bomb for a two count. Omega climbs to the top rope and tries the Phoenix Splash but Goto gets away just in time, Goto then loads up and blasts Omega with a huge kick but Omega get out at two. Goto then head buts Omega twice then scores the the Shouten for a two count. Goto then tries the GTR but Omega counters with a V-Trigger and another snap german suplex for a two count. Omega tries another V-Trigger but Goto catches him and lets off a big lariat again and Omega is down. Goto then lifts up Omega and scores with the Shouten Kai but Omega kicks out at two again. Goto rises up again and gets counted by Omega who hits the brain buster followed by the Styles Clash for a two count. Omega then picks up Goto and scores with the One Winged Angel and Kenny Omega gets the win.

Your Winner: Kenny Omega wins the G1 Climax 26 Tournament, Omega has become the first ever “Gaijin” to ever win the G1 Climax Tournament. After the match is over the entire Bullet Club comes to he ring for the celebration. Bad Luck Fale hoists Omega on his shoulders as the streamers rain down. Omega get the trophy and poses with Bullet Club behind him but when Omega is handed the NJPW flag he drops it the picks up the Bullet Club flag. Kenny then cuts a promo on the crowd talking about how the Bullet Club is for life and isn’t going anywhere. Omega says The Elite is not over either and days like today don’t happen every day so don’t be afraid to reach for the stars. Omega says be careful because someone like him will come and take it because he is the superstar, Omega the shoots on NXT in Orlando then calls out Okada. Omega says since he has never wrestled Okada that seems the way to go but he then says since you guys don’t speak english he will speak another way. Omega then speaks in Japanese telling the crowd what he just said, the crowd applauds in amazement. Omega closes the promo with his signature, “Goodbye & Goodnight…BANG!!”

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