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John Osting reporting …

Recap of X-Division Roundtable featuring Trevor Lee, Sonjay Dutt and Low-Ki
This roundtable was particularly interesting because there was a mix of questions about the upcoming Destination X show on August 17th, and various topics around the world of professional wrestling.  All three men did a good job of selling the show as well as giving their honest take on things.
Topic Highlights:
Thoughts on WWE’s 205 Live and how it compares with the X Division.
In my opinion, Low Ki gave the best answer here.  He said the X-Division is a style and not based on size and over the years has done a lot to change wrestling styles worldwide.
Each man was asked how they felt the recent New York shows went and how important is touring for the company.
Each man thought the New York shows went great.  Low-Ki added that live events are extremely important as GFW works to rebuild a brand.
Sonjay was asked about his role on the creative team and what its like balancing a backstage role with being a performer.
Dutt admitted it was difficult but the most important thing for him is being able to separate the two roles.
Who would you like to see added to the roster to spark interest in the division?
Low Ki answered the most important thing to him is the contrast in styles.  Different styles make for great matches.  He mentioned Will Osprey and Ricochet as two men that are not here now that would provide that.

What match has been the turning point for the X-Division in the last 15 years?
Lee and Ki agree the two-out-of three fall match at Slammiversary 2015 was a turning point moment.
Whats next for the X-Division?
Continue to attract high-quality performers that present a style contrast.
Which match is tougher, a ladder match or an Ultimate X match?
All three men answered Ultimate X is tougher.
All three men can’t wait to show what they can do at Destination X.  Dutt, in particular can’t wait to get Lee in the ring and pay Lee back for his behavior over the past few weeks.

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