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205 Live Recap
Air Canada Center
Toronto, Ontario
Air Date: August 8, 2017

Tonight marks the continuation of the “friendly” rivalry between Rich Swann and TJP. A recap video was put together highlighting their encounters to this point. The opening video played and Corey Graves and Vic Joseph welcomed us to the show. Graves has an interview with Akira Tozawa about his match at SummerSlam later in the show. Both men hype the TJP versus Rich Swann main event.

Tony Nese and Cedric Alexander make their way to the ring for the opening match.

Match 1: Tony Nese vs. Cedric Alexander

Nese opens the match with a pose. Cedric grabs an arm bar and the two men pick up the pace ending when Cedric nailed a dropkick grounding Nese. Alexander took the opportunity to strike a pose of his own. Nese charged Alexander but Cedric sidestepped and Nese hit the floor. Alexander took Nese out flying off the apron.

Back in the ring, Nese took over by straddling Alexander over the ropes. Nese kicks Alexander off the top rope and nailed a gutbuster for a near-fall. Nese continued to work on the midsection of Alexander. He hung Alexander in the “Tree of Woe” and did bicycle kicks against Alexander’s midsection. Alexander fought back briefly with a rollup for a two count. Nese fought back with a running elbow for a near-fall

Nese locked in a body scissors but Alexander fought out of it and nailed Nese with an enziguri to take control. A top-rope clothesline gave Alexander a near-fall. Nese came right back with fine moves of his own. He blocked an Alexander hold attempt by sliding through the legs and hooking a pumphandle Michinoku driver for a near-fall of his own.

Nese felt like he had the match in hand and started trash-talking Alexander which prompted Cedric to slap him across the face. Alexander bounced off the ropes looking for a springboard but Nese blocked it by grabbing Alexander’s waist. Both men exchanged roll-up pin attempts until Nese, on his final attempt, grabbed the tights for the three count.

Winner: Tony Nese

Nese cut a promo on Alexander walking up the ramp. He told Cedric that he now knows the difference between a good athlete and a premiere one. Although, he showed Cedric some respect, he said that, as long as he’s around, Alexander will always be second place.

Brian Kendrick was interviewed backstage. To catch up everyone on his recent feud with Jack Gallagher, a video recap was shown of their match last week that saw Gallagher go crazy and get himself disqualified.

Kendrick said that Gallagher’s behavior is just what hes been saying week after week. Kendrick gave him a chance to compete. Kendrick admitted that Gallagher showed a mean streak but got himself disqualified. Kendrick says all that matters is that he won the match. Kendrick continued saying he was moving on from Gallagher. Gallagher interrupted the interview jumping Kendrick from behind and putting the boots to him until Kendrick ran away.

A live shot of TJP is shown warming up as the show headed to break.

We return to see Noam Dar coming to the ring… His opponent is already there. Dar cut a promo on his opponent and said he knows who he is. He called him by name, Mark Thomas. Dar told him he remembers watching him when he was a little kid and wondered aloud if he was still trying to make it. Dar said he is probably Thomas’ big break and wished him luck.

Match 2: Noam Dar vs. Mark Thomas

Dar went out to try to shake hands but Thomas was upset and what Dar had said about him and attacked him with strikes. Dar took a powder to the floor for a second, got back in the ring and took Thomas’ legs out. Dar attacked him with strikes, caught him with a running European uppercut and a running high kick for the win.

Winner: Noam Dar

The sit-down interview with Akira Tozawa is next as the show headed to break.

Corey Graves was in the ring and Tozawa made his entrance. Graves tried to ask a question but was quickly interrupted by Neville. Neville was highly upset and wants Graves to explain why he is interviewing Tozawa instead of the “King of the Cruiserweights?” Neville entered the ring and continued to talk to Corey, turning his back on Tozawa.

Tozawa took the opportunity and prepared for a showdown. He moved his chair and removed his jacket. As Tozawa rolled up his sleeves, Neville turned around. So, Tozawa asked him how he will feel after Tozawa beats him. Neville tried to jump Tozawa but Akira was ready and ran him from the ring. Neville tried again but only made it to the apron before Tozawa turned him back again.

We see the locker room as Rich Swann is prepared to go to the ring. The main event is next as the show took a commercial break.

The show returned to show TJP and Swann get their entrances.

Match 3: TJP vs. Rich Swann

Early on was a feeling out period. Swann grabbed a headlock. TJP throws him off and the two men trade move, counter-move sequences. Both men continued this sequence until Swann nails a clothesline sending TJP to the floor. Swann flew on TJP on the outside. As the two men made it back to the ring, TJP tried to shake him but Swann maintained a hammerlock. TJP landed an elbow to take control for the first time in the match.

A series of suplexes leads to a two count but TJP maintained control. TJP hooked a bow and arrow but Swann was able to escape and put TJP in a pinning predicament for a two count. TJP landed a springboard forearm. Swann and TJP each tried to land splashes but both missed the target. Swann blocked attempted offense by TJP and charged him in the corner only to eat a foot to the face for his trouble.

TJP is caught by Swann sitting on the second turnbuckle. Swann caught TJP with a head scissors and flipped him to the mat. Swann tried for a double underhook but TJP blocked it and tried to lock in the knee bar. Swann escaped and landed a kick. He tried to end it with a standing moonsault but TJP kicked out at two!

Swann tries for the Phoenix Splash but TJP moved and Swann ate canvas. TJP sets for a detonation kick but Swann but blocked it and rolled through for a rollup and a near-fall. Swann mounted the shoulders of TJP trying perhaps for another rollup. Instead, TJP dumped him head first against the top turnbuckle and hit the detonation kick for the win.

Winner: TJP

After the match TJP gloated to Swann and tried to get Swann to raise his hand. Swann walked away and went to the back. TJP caught him behind the curtain and asked what was the matter. TJP said he was only kidding in the ring and that Swann knows who he is. Swann answered and told him I’m beginning to see who you really are. Swann walks away to end the show for this week.

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