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The Grand Championship was on the line, this week. EC3 got his shot. Plus, LAX finally revealed their newest member.

We begin in the super secret underground LAX compound. Konnan announced that their newest member would be here just in time for tonight’s Six Man Tag Team Main Event against the entire El Patron/Dos Caras family.

We got promotional videos of the men involved in our first Super X-Cup match. That brought us to…

Drago vs Xavier Dessmond
Super X-Cup Semi-Finals Match

The Finish:

Drago stunned Xavier with a Draping DDT from the top. He followed that up with a Flapjack and Sit Out Powerbomb. Drago connected with a vicious kick and the Running Flip DDT. Xavier survived and then surprised Drago with a 619 and Final Flash to take it home.

Your Winner: Xavier Desmond
Impact Score: 3.0 out of a possible 5

MacKenzie interviewed Ethan Carter III about his upcoming title match. Ethan did the typical heel promo.

After a promotional piece about Destination X, Mac returned to interview Alberto and his familia. Alberto knew what Konnan and his troops were up to and they were ready.
Trevor Lee vs The Mumbai Cat (wink wink)

Lee tore into Cat, immediately. Cat went sailing across the ring, thanks to a huge Biel. Cat slid out of the ring and took a huge Punt to the face. Suddenly, Cat pulls a Killer Bees kind of thing as a second Cat shows up and did a little Diva Magic Switch thing. Gato Numero Dos (Cat #2) hit a Tornado DDT, Splash and Sonjay Frog Splash to take the win.

Your Winner: Mumbai Cat (was that 1 or 2?)
Impact Ranking: 2.0

Cat pulled off the mask and it is, of course, Sonjay Dutt. Dutt started to challenge Lee but Bruce Prichard came out and had a hissy about all this craziness. Dutt continued and said he wanted a X-Division Ladder Match for the strap at Destination X.Bruce called out the troops to get Sonjay out of there. We didn’t really get an answer but you just know it is going to happen.

King Mo cut a promo where he demanded that Bobby Lashley needed to decide between wrestling and MMA.

Jospeh Park and Grado are talking before their match. Grado just knew that Laurel was totally into him and was going to go after her, in a little while.

Speaking of wonderful girls, I want to send out a very special thanks to my best friend, Sunny Raye. We spent all day Thursday together, including watching tonight’s show. She took me to visit the graves of Dimebag Darrell and Stevie Ray Vaughan. She then surprised me by taking me to somewhere beyond special. I got to say my good-byes to the Von Erich Family as we stood by their graves. Love You, Lil Sister. Thanks for Tourist Day.

E-Li Drake vs Eddie Edwards

Drake came out but Eddie never showed up. We headed to the back, where Kongo Kong stood over a beaten up Edwards.

Your Winner: N/A
Impact Rankins: N/A

Moose vs Ethan Carter III
Grand Championship Match

The Finish:

Ethan took the first fall and Moose came back to even it up. In the final minute of the last round, Moose missed the Game Changer but did block the 1%er. It broke down into complete chaos as time runs out. This is why I absolutely HATE the stupid judge crap.It was a Split Decision.

Your Winner (and NEW Grand Champion): Ethan Carter III
Impact Ranking: 3.0

A new tag team will debut at Destination X.

Grado, Suicide and Braxton Sutter vs K.M. Mario Bokara and Fallah Bahh

This one started off in total chaos. After some dives and Splashes, Grado ended up in serious trouble. Fallah did the Steam Roller. In all the quick chaos, Grado managed to surprise K.M. with a Roll Up.

Your Winners: Grado, Suicide and Braxton Sutter
Impact Ranking: 1.75

Grado called Laurel to come out. She came out with Joseph Park. Grado did the One Knee Thing and got ready to Pop, again. Kongo Kong came out to attack. For some odd reason, Braxton Sutter refused to help Grado. Weird. Laurel stopped Kong from a Top Rope Splash and took him away.

Mac tried to interview Konnan but he was being a jerk to her. Her rambled on about the new era of violence and such. Diamonte almost got into it with MacKenzie.

EC3 joined the announce team for the next match. Oh, please tell me HE isn’t joining LAX. He is about as Latin as I am.

Dos Caras, Alberto El Patron and Hijo de Dos Caras vs LAX
Six Man Tag Team Match

The Finish:

Alberto knocked Santana into the Sullivan Tree of Woe. Alberto connected with the Double Stomp and also took out Homcide with the Enziguri. Ortiz was accidentally sent into the ref. Hijo took out Homicide with a chair. Alberto applied the Cross Armbreaker to Ortiz.

Suddenly, Low Ki ran down and nailed the Warrior’s Way to Alberto. Low Ki had the LAX logo on his jacket. I guess he’s the newest member. Santana took the cheap pin.

Your Winners: LAX
Impact Score: 2.5

Alberto was spitting up blood so he may be out with an “injury”. LAX partied it up as Impact called it a night.


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