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Jermaine Royster reporting

On tonight’s episode of New Japan Pro Wrestling we get B-Block action from the second to last night of the G1 Climax 26 Tournament. To begin we have action from Ryogoku Kokugikan as Katsuyori Shibata battling EVIL & Tetsuya Naito takes on Kenny Omega. .

August 4, 2017

Singles Match
Katsuyori Shibata vs EVIL[Los Ingobernables de Japon]

Evil runs right for Shibata but Katsuyori hits a big boot quickly then slaps on a headlock before blasting Evil with another kick off the ropes. Evil goes to the outside but as Shibata brings him back in Evil catches him with a quick shot knocking Shibata down to the floor. Evil follows and runs Shibata off the steel guardrail then follows up with a chair shot to the injured shoulder of Shibata. Evil doesn’t stop there he puts the chair on that same arm then slams it off the steel post. Shibata shakes it off and comes back in the ring but Evil cuts him off and goes to work on that injured shoulder. Evil pulls back on Shibata arms then puts his foot in Shibata’s back, Shibata sits up as to say bring on more punishment. Evil lets off punches but Shibata doesn’t budge, Shibata rocks Evil with a strike then gives him two running boots in the corner. Shibata runs to the corner and scores with the running drop kick to Evil in the corner. Shibata goes with the Abdominal Stretch but Evil gets away and scores with a back kick, Shibata comes back with a shot then a standing STO. Shibata scores with an overhead suplex for a two count then lights up Evil with a big kick, Evil blocks the second kick but Shibata counters with a sleeper hold. Evil is fading away then counters Shibata with elbows to get away. Evil hits a belly to back suplex to break the hold. Evil hits a lariat off the ropes but Shibata counters with a big boot, Shibata looks to be on the move but Evil grabs Shibata’s injured arm and Evil repeatedly head buts the arm, Evil then scores with a back suplex of his own. Red shoes checks on Shibata but Evil catches Shibata with a big lariat for a two count but Evil isn’t done, he picks up Shibata and scores with standing STO and Shibata is down. Evil covers Shibata and holds on for the three count and the win.

Your Winner: EVIL[Los Ingobernables de Japon]

B-Block Final Match
Singles Match
Kenny Omega[Bullet Club] vs Tetsuya Naito[Los ingobernables de Japon]

Both men stare each other down from their corners and Naito does his normal slow paced walk around the ring, Omega attacks Naito in the corner with kicks but Naito counters Omega coming out off the corner into a stalemate with Naito doing his pose. Omega then spits on Naito with Naito returning the favor then kicking Omega in the mid section. Both men counter each other on the ropes but Naito scores with a kick to Omega’s knees then Naito scores with the spring board drop kick. Naito continues to work the leg of Omega with kicks to that knee then Naito drops the elbow on that same knee. Naito continues to blast away at Omega on the ropes but Kenny somehow counters Naito sending him to floor. As Naito stands up by the guardrail we see Omega try the spring board splash but Naito moves out of the way and Omega is down. Both men fight on the outside by the rail and Omega elbows Naito dropping him then Omega picks up Naito and drops him on the ring apron. Back in the ring we see Omega hooking Naito in a fisherman suplex hold then Omega drops Naito on his neck for a two count. Omega begins to work the neck of Naito after the pin attempt then Omega starts to elbow the shoulders of Naito. Omega lands shots to the back of Naito but Naito still fights back until Omega unleashes a huge chop and that backs up Naito before Omega hits a neck breaker for a two count. Naito fights back with elbows but Omega still unloads with chops to Naito, the last one drops him for a two count. Omega continues to hit elbows to Naito’s neck, Omega then tries a moonsault but Naito counters him with a kick. Naito gets up and begins to strike Omega before hitting a neck breaker of his own. Naito then hits the spring board kick to the chest again but Omega kicks out at two, Omega now fights back with strikes and another big chop. Naito would then counter Omega off the ropes taking out Omega’s knees again, Naito would then slap on the figure four leg lock which Omega breaks when he reaches the bottom rope. Naito again goes for the drop kick in the corner but omega blocks and sends Naito flying through the ropes. Omega follows outside and teases a power bomb on the apron but Omega turns around and power bombs Naito through the announce table behind the barricade. As the crowds goes wild we see Omega climb through the ropes and go back to the top rope. Omega then leaps off the top rope and does a rolling senton over the guardrail and onto naito on the floor. As Naito comes back on the apron we see Omega grabbing Naito and hitting a dragon suplex to Naito on the apron. Omega hits one more dragon suplex to Naito in the ring for a two count, afterwards Omega teases hitting the Styles Clash but Naito counters with a DDT. Omega & Naito trade shots while barley standing in the ring, Naito runs the ropes but Omega counters with a V-Trigger Knee lift then Naito counters Omega with a spring board DDT. Both men rise up and Naito attacks Omega in the corner, Naito puts Omega on the top rope and scores with the hurricanranna but Omega holds on for a roll up for a two count. Naito then hits a bicycle kick followed by a back slam for a two count. Naito teases Destino but omega gets away with chops, Naito tries a german suplex but Omega lands on his feet and scores with a big lariat. Omega on the ropes scores with another V-Trigger but Naito blocks the One Winged Angel and turns that into a Knee bar submission move. Omega tries to get away but Naito brings him back to the center of the ring, Omega lunges again and gets to the bottom rope. Naito scores with a chin breaker and Omega is down on the ropes, Naito tries the move again but Omega hits a knee lift in mid air then scores with a big power bomb for a two count. Omega signals for the V-Trigger again and scores again but Naito counters the One Winged Angel again but this time with his finisher Destino. Naito gets to his feet and picks up Omega and puts him on the top rope once more and Naito scores with a reverse Frankensteiner for a two count, Omega then counters Destino and scores with an inverted Piledriver for a two count. Omega now rises up to his feet, pricks up Naito but cant lift him up then Naito slaps Omega. Both men trade slaps to the face but Naito scores with an enziguiri, Naito then quickly runs the ropes looking for the shoulder tackle but out then Omega counters in mid air hitting the V-Trigger knee again and Naito is rocked. Omega see red and goes for the kill finally hitting the One Winged Angel and Omega covers Naito for the win.

Your Winner: Kenny Omega wins the B-Block and will now face Hirooki Goto in the Finals of the G1 Climax 26 Tournament.

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